02/28/2003 Mia Lashes Out

"Chris was waiting for Erica in her office at Enchantment. She came in and greeted him. He was very quiet. Erica rambled on about Kendall spoiling her lunch. Chris remained silent. Intrigued, Erica wanted to know what was wrong.

Chris remarked how Michael Cambias is the new man in Kendall's life and that it was strange he was Erica's lunch date. Erica asked if he was watching her. Chris had hired someone else to do it for him Erica became enraged. Chris said he hired a bodyguard to protect her. You aren't worried about me you wanted to know about Michael Cambias. She shouted at Chris. Chris justified his action but telling Erica that she has scratched and clawed her way to the top and he was afraid for her safety. Erica said she uses the promise of sex to get what she wants but she is always in control she knows when to stop. Chris said that she isn't alone any more and he wants to protect her. Erica said she got along fine before him and she'll be fine long after him. Chris looked shocked and demanded what was that supposed to mean. Erica quickly replied that maybe we need to rethink our marriage. Chris was stunned. He asked her to calm down and rethink what she just said. Erica said she knew exactly what she is saying. Chris said he loved her and why would she feel threatened about the marriage. Erica said that they live in different universes. Chris wanted to know why she wants to find anything wrong to blow up their engagement. Jackson popped in and interrupted them. "Call me," Chris said, "and let me know why you want to keep from marrying me" as he stormed out the door.

Erica cautioned Jackson to not say a word as Jack sat down with a smirk on his face since he had been telling previously Erica that she was sabotaging her marriage and she had denied it. "So tell me, Erica, why are you trying not to marry Chris," he said. Erica's anxiety level rose higher as she tried to explain to Jack that Chris had someone watching her and that it was a bodyguard. Jack said she couldn't blame him for not being jealous. Erica changed her focus and asked Jack for his advice. How could she get Chris to see he has gone too far this time. "You walk away from him and walk over to me. How's that for advice?" Jack asked Erica. She looked at him puzzled. She stepped up the volume of the conversation. She thought all men where the same and he should leave. Jack said he was leaving for now but he would return to bring her something that will help her decide what to do about Chris.

Erica paced around her office and finally sat down as Opal came through the door exclaiming Chris was tearing out of the parking lot in a furry and Jackson was bolting past her outside Erica's office. "Guess you need a friend," she told Erica. Where is she remarked Erica and I don't see one. Erica showed her the newspaper article and photo about Opal enjoying Fusion's party. Erica and Opal had a verbal knock down fight over Erica playing Queen and treating her like her subject. Opal explained how she had a fabulous time dancing with guys with tight buns. Erica explained she had betrayed her by going to Fusion's party. Opal came back with Erica was not the thirteen colonies and she was not Benedict Arnold so get over it. Now are you going to tell me whom you are really mad at?

Mia saw Simone at Jake's office and wondered where Jake was. Simone handed her a letter Jake had written to Mia. "I loved you but something inside of me wouldn't allow me to be happy. I couldn't handle it, so I destroyed what we had. I was unfaithful to you so I left. No one is to blame but me. I want you t start over and find the happiness you deserve." Signed Jake. Tears flowed down Mia's face. She asked Simone what did she do wrong. Jake had an affair Simone explained. Mia was realized Simone knew about it. Alison came into the office looking for Jake. Alison was told Jake left. Alison asked if he left her anything. Mia realized it was Alison Jake was having the affair with and slapped Alison's face. Simone told Alison she better leave. After Alison left, Simone started to apologize to Mia and Mia slapped her face. Mia argued with Simone about why she didn't tell her about Jake's affair. Simone tried to justify her reasons for not telling her. Mia suddenly ran out the door with Simone right behind her. Mia felt it was Greenlee's fault Jake had the affair and left her.

Joni came over to Fusion. Greenlee needed help with her computer that the high school said Joni was good and sent her over to help. Greenlee wanted to know who is sending her email and wanted Joni to hack into her computer to find out. Shocked, Joni refused as it was totally wrong. Liza interrupted them and asked what has going on. Greenlee explained how she wanted Joni to help her with the computer and that Joni didn't want to. Liza explained Joni must have good reasons to feel the way she does. Joni looked surprised and asked Liza what did she mean. I used to be like you Liza explained. You have the answers for everything and you hide behind what's right and wrong and you use the truth to get what you want. I'm sure you had your reasons for telling JR that his brother kissed Laurie. What did you get out of telling JR? Joni tried to justify her reasons. JR has a lot going for him. Someone will always buy his happiness and JR doesn't need my help to be miserable. Liza assured Joni that JR wasn't going to turn to her. Joni replied, "Like you know." Liza answered back that people don't like back stabbers, Joni. Liza then walked away.

Joni told Greenlee she couldn't help her with the computer and left Fusion. Liza cautioned Greenlee that may be the emailer isn't ready to meet her yet and maybe she isn't ready to meet him. She told Greenlee to let it play out. Greenlee agreed. But when Liza went to make copies of a report, Greenlee called on the phone to get another computer person to come over and help her. Suddenly Mia burst into the office and shouting at Greenlee it was all her fault, she slapped Greenlee's face. Greenlee was shocked. It's your fault Jake had that affair. You're jealous I had someone to go home to. Mia explained about Jake's leaving. The Fusion ladies gathered around, hugged Mia and she apologized for slapping Simone and Greenlee. Liza promised we don't know how and when but we will get through it.

Kendall was having a drink at the bar Valley Inn. Aidan poured her a drink. Wanted to know what was going on with Erica. Kendall explained how she saw Erica having lunch with Michael and she flipped out and had a jealousy attack. Aidan talked how jealousy is difficult. He is afraid Maureen will regain her memory and go back to Edmund. Kendal said that she knows the Maureen really loves him. Kendall admitted that in her heart she knows Michael still loves her. She was hoping Erica would see her in a new light and accept her. Instead she admitted she vented her frustration at Michael. Aidan advised her to call Michael and apologize. Kendall picked up the bar phone and left a message for Michael to call her.

Maria came over to Wildwind and told Edmund that Isabella had told her that Maria was abandoning her husband and children. She asked Edmund is that what she is really doing, abandoning them. Edmund explained that Isabella wanted everything to be as it was before Maria was in the plane crash. Maria was sorry she didn't feel what it was like to be the children's mother. Edmund explained that now she is not the Maria she once was and of course she isn't going to remember. You aren't the woman I love and the children love so we have to let you go and you need to let us go. Maria said she couldn't give up the children and Edmund reminded her he has given her unlimited visitation. He cautioned her not to be hard on herself and to feel guilty. He told her we have to get on with our lives. She is stuck between Maria and Maureen so he wanted her to be Maureen. The phone rang and when Edmund went to answer it, Maddie came into the room. "You're here, you're really here. Daddy told me who you were. I know you're not my mommy," she exclaimed. Maureen apologized she wasn't the mommy she remembered. Maddie wanted to know if it was true she may not get her real mommy back ever and that Maureen will be her friend. Maureen promised she would come and visit her and love her very much. Maureen promised that some day she hopes she'll remember being their mommy and will come back. Maureen gave Maddie a hug and Maddie left the room.

Jack met with Aidan in the DA's office and had a job offer for Aidan. He had heard what Aidan had done in the Bahamas and was impressed with his skills. You will answer only to me and be under the radar of this office. It could be dangerous but also very satisfying Jack said. Aidan wanted to know more. Jack showed Aidan a picture. Jack told him, "I want you to help me put him behind bars for the rest of his life.""

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