02/26/2003 Trey Confesses

"Anna was rushed to the OR while David ran to put on scrubs. He stopped and told Aidan what was happening then went back into the operating room. As the anesthesiologist started the drugs David barked at him to stop because of Anna's adverse reaction during her first surgery. The doctor said he knew Anna's history and he was going to give her a light dose. He started the drug and Anna got drowsy and told David she felt weird, and then passed out. David grabbed an oxygen mask and Anna came around. Apparently the baby was cutting off Anna's blood supply. Dr. Clater said they had to get the baby out now. Anna asked how the baby was doing and the nurse said the heart rate was dropping. Dr. Clater began the c-section as David talked to Anna, encouraging her to be strong. The baby was born and Dr. Clater held her up so Anna and David could see her. Anna cried with joy and the baby let out a cry of her own. They handed to baby to David, who took her up to a thrilled Anna. A neonatal doctor checked the baby out and said she was in perfect shape for a preemie. She was handed back to her parents and Anna told David they had to call Robyn and tell Aidan. The doctor said it was time for the baby to go to NICU and took her away. David went out to tell Aidan and Maureen about the baby.

While waiting for word from David Aidan and Maureen talked about what they had just been through. Aidan remembered all the people in his life that he had lost. Maureen tried to cheer him up by reminding him that his aunt was giving birth right at that moment. Then she wistfully said she couldn't even remember giving birth to her daughter. She said she wished there was a way to resolve things with Edmund without hurting the kids. Aidan told her she had 2 beautiful kids, a loving husband and lived in a castle and that maybe he should back off. Maureen said it sounded like a fairytale she read, not her real life. She said Maria meant alot to alot of people. She said if it was this hard on her to say goodbye to Edmund she couldn't even imagine how hard it was for him to say goodbye to Maria. Aidan asked what would happen if she got her memory back, would she go back to Edmund? Maureen said she wondered that herself, that she doesn't remember how strong her feelings for Edmund were. Aidan asked where they should go from here and she said it didn't matter as long as they were together. David came out and told them that Anna and the baby were fine and said they could come back tomorrow to visit. He went to call Robyn and Maureen smiled at Aidan. She told him things were looking up, he had a conversation with David and nothing got broken. Aidan grinned and said they should go home. She asked where that was exactly. They went back to the Pine Cone, to Maureen's room. He looked at the shabby room and said Maureen deserved much better. She smiled and said this was where it all began, where he rescued her. Aidan remembered watching her sleep, listening to her sing in the shower. "You gave me hope at a time I needed it most", he told her. Maureen asked about Fiona and Aidan said not to talk about her now. They hugged and Maureen said his heart was racing. He said he had something to tell her and looked into her eyes. "I love you. I've loved you since the first moment" Aidan confessed. They kissed and Aidan wondered what he did to deserve such paradise and wished the moment could last forever. Maureen said it will because "I'll never leave you. I love you." They began to undress each other while kissing passionately.

David returned to Anna and said he spoke with Robyn and Aidan. Anna asked if he was nice to Aidan and he said of course. Anna said she wanted their daughter to have a real family. A nurse came in and asked for the baby's name for the birth certificate. David said they hadn't picked one out yet but Anna said she had a name, if Daddy would agree. She said she'd like to name their child "Leora", for David's brother Leo. David was touched and said he loved it. He told the nurse the baby's official name was Leora Devane Hayward.

Trey posted bail for Reggie and told him to come home with him. Reggie argued that he was the one who'd hit Trey, why would he want him back in the apartment? Jackson walked in and snidely remarked "Isn't this nice, the victim representing the perp?!." He told them that the Reggie's welfare was his business and Trey told him that Reggie was doing well. Jack reminded him that Reggie admitted to attacking him and Reggie started to speak. Trey turned to Reggie and told him not to say a word. Jack remarked that Trey was nothing but an arsonist and he would prove it. Jack said he was placing Reggie elsewhere tomorrow and that he should go get his belongings. Jack walked out of the jail and Trey asked Reggie if he was coming home with him. Reggie followed him out the door. They got to the loft and Trey told Reggie to go get some sleep. Reggie couldn't believe that Trey wasn't kicking him out and Trey said he knew that Reggie was covering for someone. Reggie tried to deny it and said he was a bad guy, why couldn't Trey accept it. Trey told him to tell the truth and Reggie asked what Trey knew about the truth. He flat out asked Trey if he burned down Erica's home. Trey tried to dodge the question and the phone rang. After he got off he was all smiles as he told Reggie that Anna had her baby and that it was time to celebrate. Reggie told him not to duck the question and asked again if he burned down Erica's house. Trey told Reggie he wouldn't make him tell who he was covering for. Reggie said that was because he didn't want to tell the truth about the arson. Trey sat down and said "I did it, and I'll have to live with it for the rest of my life." Reggie was speechless.

The women of Fusion giggled over Greenlee's mystery man as they surveyed the "after party mess." Greenlee wondered how Andrew Miller found out about the emails and Mia confessed that she mentioned it to him. Greenlee asked what possessed her to tell him and Simone said Mia wasn't the best judge of a man's character. The girls dished men in general for a moment and how all they want is sex. Simone said Fusion was selling sex and Greenlee asked "Do you mean we're not any better than those hookers you invited?" Greenlee said Fusion was selling the way they look, not their selves, it was all about "promise." They all told Greenlee to kiss up to Andrew and make nice so he'd put their products on NY shelves but she was appalled. Greenlee asked if they wanted her to prostitute herself for the company. Mia asked what Erica would do if she found some snake trying to scam her. Greenlee said they were in this together and that no one was going to scam them. They all raised glasses of champagne and said "One for all, all for one!" Mia said they should call Andrew and give him a piece of their minds but Simone said they were talking about getting NY shelf space or not. Greenlee smiled deviously and said they were going to put the Andrew Millers of the world on notice and told them she had a plan. A little later she was in her loft and Andrew knocked on the door. She smiled and let him in. He was pleasantly surprised to see her that night instead of at breakfast like they had planned. She said she'd been reading his emails and then read one out loud to him. She said she couldn't wait to talk about NY shelf space and he sneered "You do your part and I'll do mine." Greenlee said she'd hold up her end. She poured them some drinks and he raised a toast and tried to get close enough to kiss her. Greenlee backed away and said she wanted to supervise everything in New York. Andrew slyly suggested she stay in his hotel room in the city and came right out and told her he wanted to make love to her. Greenlee laughed and said that her mother always told her that good girls don't put out. Andrew said if she didn't Fusion wouldn't get any shelf space in New York. He moved in to kiss her but she slipped away and said she was glad they got that detail cleared up. She said loudly "Ladies!" and in walked Mia, Simone and Kendall. They all told him he was busted. Andrew laughed and asked what kind of sick game this was. Kendall played a tape of him demanding sex for shelf space. Greenlee said they would make him an offer "We ruin your career or we ruin your career." He agreed to make sure their product ended up on the shelves in all the major stores. But the women said they wanted more, "We want you to resign so no more women are used like this." Andrew got angry and said they'd regret this and he'd see to it that Fusion was blackballed. Greenlee said she doubted that and he marched out and slammed the door. Simone nervously asked if he was right and that they just killed their company. Greenlee was confident that they would do fine their own way and said they'd sleep with whoever they wanted, because they wanted to, not had to. Mia said she had to go find Jake and Simone made a face. After Mia was gone Kendall questioned Simone and she just chalked it up to being jealous of Mia and Jake. Simone went home and Kendall told Greenlee she was proud of her for how she handled Andrew. She also told Greenlee she was proud of her for even considering dating again. Greenlee asked if Kendall was in love with Michael and she said she thought so. Kendall went home and Greenlee wandered around her loft."

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