02/24/2003 Simone Finds Jake

As Greenlee added some final touches to her lipstick, she symbolically removed her diamond necklace. She stared at it and whispered aloud to Leo that she had to let him go. Her sad moment was interrupted by Kendall and Mia's loud entrance into the ladies room. They happily chatted about Greenlee's secret admirer possibly showing up tonight. Greenlee then reminded the girls that Fusion would only succeed if Andrew placed Fusion on New York's retail map. She reiterated that it was up to Mia to "curl Andrew's toes." Mia worried about Jake's reaction to her spending so much time with Andrew, but the women didn't want to hear it. They told Mia to forget Jake tonight so they could conquer the world. The women stood up and admired their look. They were all wearing very sexy white shimmery mini-dresses, each dress with a unique style. They strutted confidently towards the party area. But their good moods quickly turned to panic when they saw the room was completely empty. Just then Bianca and Boyd walked in. Bianca immediately began mocking the fact that "the party of the decade" had zero guests. Kendall marched over to Bianca and accused her of sabotaging their party, and made some remarks to Boyd about Bianca being gay. Liza, who had just walked in with Adam, told the girls to calm down. Sure enough, more guests arrived, and soon the party was hopping.

Kendall approached Boyd and apologized for her rude comments earlier. Boyd suggested that Bianca was the one who deserved the apology. Reluctantly, Kendall attempted to apologize to Bianca, blaming her comments on opening night jitters. But Bianca rolled her eyes and asked Kendall what her excuse was for all the other times. Just then, Lena walked in. Kendall told the "Enchantment spies" to have fun, and hurried back towards the dance floor. She met with the Fusion babes where Greenlee stood at the podium. Greenlee gave a quick speech about Fusion's climb to the top. Then the four women yelled in unison "Let's party!" With confetti flying, the guests started cheering and dancing.

Kendall returned to Boyd and asked him why he was ignoring her. Boyd said he figured she would be partying with Michael. Kendall explained that Michael couldn't make it. Boyd wondered if that was the reason he was invited. No way, Kendall declared. I invited you because you unstuck Mia's lips, and because you're my friend, she said smiling. Boyd wasn't quite buying it and blasted Michael for being a no-show. Kendall got defensive and stalked away. She ran into Palmer who complimented her for Fusion's success. Kendall began to thank Palmer for all his help when Boyd asked Kendall to dance. Kendall indignantly told him no, but Boyd ignored her and playfully pulled her away. But instead of heading to the dance floor, he took her to the roof. This time Boyd apologized for his comments about Michael. A shivering Kendall accepted his apology and begged to go back inside to the warm party. But Boyd wouldn't let her leave. He told Kendall how gutsy and great she was, and that Michael seemed too good to be true. You deserve better, he said gently. Kendall assured Boyd that she could take care of herself. Boyd told Kendall she still owed him a dance. They began dancing very close and Kendall admitted that if Michael weren't around, Boyd might have a chance. They danced even closer and Boyd caressed her cheek. Unbeknownst to them, Michael had shown up at the party, and was quietly watching them dance.

Simone arrived late because of her little pit stop in jail. With lawyer Kenny at her side, she rushed over to Greenlee and complimented her dress. "Don't even try to suck up. Just start mingling," Greenlee commanded. "And stay legal" she added! Simone explained that Kenny wasn't her guest, but her legal guardian until her court appearance tomorrow. Simone then asked why her real guest Carlos was working security for the party. Greenlee explained that Carlos volunteered and pushed Simone away to greet the other guests. After a while, Kenny began searching for Simone. He finally found her and brought over 2 drinks for them. She gave Kenny a peck on the cheek, grabbed the 2 drinks and ran over to Carlos. Giggling profusely, she handed Carlos one of the drinks and began dancing with him.

On the other side of the room, in walked the hookers from Simone's jail cell. Greenlee gave them party favors and ordered them to leave. But the ladies of the evening said they were Simone's friends, and pushed Greenlee aside. Greenlee interrupted Simone's dance, and told her about the prostitute problem. Just then the hookers screamed excitedly at the sight of Simone and Kenny, and ran over. Simone screamed along with them, not knowing what else to do.

Jake entered the party with Tad right behind him. Jake immediately spotted Mia and was impressed with how great she looked. She gave Jake a big hug, but then got dragged away by Greenlee. Just as Mia ran off to greet Andrew, in walked Allison, and she went straight for Jake. Jake walked away and quietly observed Andrew hold Mia's hands. Andrew told Mia he was anxious to learn about the woman behind the smile. Jake got really annoyed, but before he could react, Allison ran over to him with drinks in hand. "You look thirsty," Allison said coyly, and they both started drinking.

Jake grew angrier as he watched Mia giggle with Andrew. Allison asked Jake to dance, but Jake said no, claiming he had two left feet. "It's not your feet I'm interested in," Allison said flirtatiously. Tad overheard, and declared that his feet were like lethal weapons. Before she knew it, Tad was twirling Allison around the dance floor, while Jake laughed at Tad's antics. But quickly his smile turned to a frown when he caught sight of Mia. He downed another drink, and stalked over to Mia and Andre where he demanded to speak to Mia alone. Andrew immediately recognized Jake from the Fusion poster. Andrew complimented the poster because Jake and Mia looked so "real." "It is real," Jake snarled. Mia gave a quick cover story and pulled Jake away. She quickly explained to Jake that Greenlee wanted Andrew to think she was unattached. "But, I'm your fiancé," Jake shouted. Mia got frustrated at Jake's lack of understanding, and told hm they'd discuss this later. She walked away, and Jake headed straight for another drink.

At this point, Allison was too out of breath to dance anymore. Tad found Jake and saw that he was drunk. Tad begged Jake to stop drinking and to just ask Mia to dance. Just have some fun, Tad suggested. Jake grumbled that he'd make his own fun, and stumbled towards Allison. Tad tried to stop him, but Jake wouldn't listen. Allison saw Jake and smiled coyly.

In the meantime, Mia was busy schmoozing Andrew when the subject of Greenelee came up. Mia mentioned the romantic emails that Greenlee was receiving and Andrew quietly said he was glad she got them. "YOU'RE GREENLEE'S MYSTERY MAN!" she shouted. Mia excitedly ran over to Greenlee and revealed that Andrew was "the one." Greenlee looked disappointed, but let the girls convince her to approach Andrew.

Now that she was free of Andrew, Mia began to search for Jake.

In the meantime, Simone was stumbling around a bit tipsy, searching for Carlos. Simone found a closet and giggled when she heard a noise. Thinking Carlos was inside, she flung open the door. She gasped loudly when she saw Jake and Allison, practically naked, inside the closet. Simone stared openmouthed, as they all heard Mia's voice calling Jake's name.

Trey was getting ready for his date with Janelle when the phone rang. It was Reggie, who was already at the Fusion party. Trey told Reggie he couldn't really talk because he was expecting Janelle any minute. Reggie got very nervous, but Trey hung up abruptly when the doorbell rang. Janelle came in, all decked out in a black glittery dress.

Standing outside Trey's apartment was Luis. He was dangling Trey's stolen keys, impatiently waiting to burglarize Trey's apartment.

At the same time, Reggie was frantically trying to call back Trey, but couldn't get through. Carlos walked over to Reggie and asked him what was wrong. Reggie angrily refused to explain and ran out. He went to Trey's apartment and found the place in complete disarray. Suddenly he heard a gunshot. Reggie ducked in fear, and Luis emerged. Luis explained that he thought it was Reggie's "white daddy." He told Reggie that Trey had some "sweet equipment" and he better help him, or else.

In the meantime, Trey and Janelle never made it to the party because Trey forgot his wallet. As they stood at the door, they heard noises from inside. Luis cocked his gun and threatened to kill Janelle and Trey, if he got caught. Trey assumed the noise was Reggie and entered. Reggie, who was hidden in the corner, whacked Trey on the back of his head. Janelle, who was still standing outside heard the thump, and nervously called Trey's name, while Reggie hid in the corner.

JR walked into the party and immediately ran into Laurie. She asked what he was doing there. I miss you, he answered simply. They agreed to forget about the Harvard controversy and headed for the dance floor. Joni saw them dancing and glared angrily. Joni spotted Jamie and marveled that Laurie and JR were obviously back together. "They're just dancing," Jamie responded, visibly annoyed at Joni. "I guess you never spilled that you and Laurie made out," Joni concluded. Jamie told her it was just one kiss, and to get over it. He stalked away in disgust, and Joni walked over to JR, who was standing alone at this point. She asked JR if he and Laurie were back together. "I hope so," JR answered. She then told JR that was pretty cool of him, being that Laurie had just kissed his brother Jamie.


Therapist Lysistrata spotted Tad dancing wildly, and was drawn to him. Adam warned her that if she tangled with Tad, she'd need her own therapist. She approached Tad anyway, and asked him to dance. She started dancing even more strangely than Tad, explaining that her movements were sensual. Tad made an excuse and quickly ran away.

Bianca figured out that Lena was spying for Erica. She laughed and bonded with Lena a bit. When Lena complimented Bianca's figure, Bianca gave Lena a second glance and seemed to wonder if Lena was coming onto her.

Henry and Maggie arrived together, but Maggie voted to avoid talking to Bianca.

Opal was wearing a very sexy backless dress. Little Petey saw her from behind, and not realizing it was mom, asked if her if she'd like to audition for his surfer chick movie. Palmer made a similar mistake and was shocked at Opal's young look. He told Opal she was too old for that dress. Just then, a young gorgeous hunk told Opal she was hot, and asked her to dance."

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