02/21/2003 Simone Goes To Jail (Again)

"At Fusion, the ladies were getting ready for their launch party. Simone was expected to deliver the dresses and had not shown up yet. She was being escorted to a jail cell by a police officer who had arrested her for trying to pick him up. She was dressed in a white, low-cut, short dress with a boa stole. Simone tried to explain that she needed to get to Fusion's party. The officer didn't care, and the other ladies of the evening in the jail cell with Simone teased her about being arrested.

Simone demanded her one phone call that was permitted and, after dialing a number, shouted into the phone, "Kenny I need you." Kenny, her attorney, soon showed up at the jail. The other girls drooled over his good looks and commented he was scrawny for a pimp. Simone wanted him to get the dresses to Greenlee. He left to phone Greenlee.

Simone asked her cellmates if her dress made her look like a prostitute. "Card-carrying and dues-paying," they replied. Simone talked to the ladies about makeup and Fusion's party. Kenny returned with Simone's release as well as her cellmates'. Kenny and Simone left to go to Fusion. The cellmates decided they were going to the party at Fusion, as well, unknown to Simone.

Helping to set up for the party at Fusion, Joni saw Laurie thank Carlos for helping her with a box. Laurie commented that she wasn't after Carlos or Jamie, and if Jamie was looking around, Joni needed to look at herself to find out why. Joni tried to put down Laurie by saying she had once thought she was her best friend; she stalked off.

Luis went up in the elevator to Fusion. He demand Reggie turn over the keys to Trey's apartment, or he would shoot the "hot doc" at the clinic. Reggie passed him the keys, and Luis left. Carlos noticed Luis had stopped by and asked Reggie if everything was okay. Reggie told him to forget what he had seen.

Chris popped into Erica's office at Enchantment and wondered why Jack was there. He was wondering if Lily was sick again and commented that Erica looked like she had just been caught shoplifting. Erica mumbled a justification for her behavior, and Jack became impatient. He told Erica to just tell Chris the truth.

Chris asked Jack to fill him in. Erica interrupted and told a cover story that she and Jack had been discussing Bianca's trust fund. Chris wasn't buying it. Chris told Erica that she and Jack shared some special meaning and that they should just go with their feelings. Chris said he was fed up and left the room

Erica whirled around to face Jack and asked him, "How dare you?" She vented her frustration and anger. "You are not going to steamroll over my life," she said. She accused Jack of baiting Chris and taunting her. Erica demanded to know why Jack wouldn't tell Chris that he was blackmailing her to go out with him. Jack said he was not going to forget what had gone on between them.

Erica denied their lovemaking had had any deep meaning to her. She didn't want to ruin her future with Chris. Jack again told her to tell Chris the truth. Erica retorted that she hated Jack. Jack demanded she be honest with herself. She finally gave in and admitted she loved him.

Jack looked directly into Erica's eyes and demanded to know if she really was sure making love to him had been the biggest mistake of her life. "I'm sure," she angrily replied. Jack told Erica to tell Chris about their liaison and her feelings for Jack. Erica refused. She changed the subject and said it was time to go to dinner.

Lysistrata, the marriage therapist, was stretched out in a hammock. She asked for a push. Adam stood up, a little too eager to oblige, and Liza stepped in front of him and gently pushed the hammock swing. Lysistrata asked how the sex scarf experiment had gone, and Adam, embarrassed, refused to discuss his sex life. Liza said it had been the best sex she had ever had.

Adam was disgusted that a scarf prop had been turned into a game connected with sex. When only one person of the couple remembered a sexual experience more fondly than the other, there was a problem, noted Lysistrata. She asked Adam if he could guess why he hadn't like it. Adam suggested they table the discussion, and Liza interrupted and said they weren't holding a board meeting. Liza demanded Adam talk to the woman, or she was cutting him off.

Lysistrata continued to question Adam. She asked if he missed the innocent days in childhood when people could just exist and enjoy experiences as they happened and didn't know who they would grow up to be. Adam replied he didn't know because that was no resemblance to his childhood. He had worked hard during his childhood because he had known exactly what he had wanted and what it would take to get there, especially after his father had died. The therapist told Adam he took control of things. Adam replied he knew what could happen when he lost control.

Lysistrata further questioned, "Even if the person you control is the woman you love?" Adam responded, "I let her tie my hands, didn't I?" The therapist concluded he hadn't been comfortable because he hadn't had control. Adam commented it had never occurred to him that he controlled everything. Lysistrata sounded a gong and exclaimed, "Breakthrough!"

At Pine Valley Hospital, David was checking the baby's heart rate, and it was pronounced normal. Anna lamented she would have to stay in bed for the duration of the pregnancy but realized it was important for the baby's health. David left room and saw Aidan and Maureen approaching Anna's room. Aidan asked David if he should thank him or put his head through a wall. Aidan asked how the baby was doing, and David told him she was well.

Aidan went into Anna's room. Anna was napping and awoke seeing him sitting by her bed. She was pleased to see him and that he was all right. She wondered how Maureen was, and Aidan said she was okay. Anna asked Aidan if he and David could get along with each other and to give David a break. Aidan said no because of what David had done to Maria. Anna wanted to know what that had been.

While Aidan was visiting Anna, David talked to Maria. He explained that Edmund had stolen the serum, and he'd had nothing to do with it. He wanted Maria not to tell Anna about the serum until after the baby was born. Maria promised David she wouldn't tell Anna, but she wasn't sure if Aidan would refrain from telling Anna about the serum. David suddenly panicked and raced into Anna's room.

Anna looked at David, startled. David covered and said he was worried she wasn't getting rest. Anna wanted to talk to Maureen alone. Maureen confirmed things were stronger between her and Aidan. Anna asked about Edmund. Edmund was not part of her future except for the kids, Maureen said. Suddenly, Anna gasped in pain. Maureen quickly ran out to the hospital hallway and got David to help Anna. It was the baby. Anna was going into labor."

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