02/03/2003 Cooking Up A Batch of Rioja


Who was going to shoot first? That was the question, as Aidan and Morgan stood next to each other, guns pointed at each other's heads. Aidan attempted to wheel and deal with Morgan. Take the cash, and I won't shoot, he offered. Morgan refused. You killed Julian's wife, and he wants his revenge, Morgan declared. Just then, a sickly Maria appeared. Realizing that Morgan hadn't heard her, Maria grabbed a book and banged it on the floor. The distraction caused Morgan to turn around, giving Aidan the opportunity to whack Morgan over the head with his gun. While Morgan lay crumpled on the ground, Aidan and Maria hugged. Then they burst into action. Aidan dragged the unconscious Morgan across the floor and stuffed her in a closet. Maria ran to the Wildwind safe and grabbed huge wads of cash, and together, they ran out of the house. They stopped when they got to Morgan's car. Aidan demanded to know why Maria was breathing funny. Maria explained that Edmund had been secretly giving her David's memory drug, and that she would never go back there. The only thing I care about is you, Maria exclaimed, and hugged him tight. Aidan explained that he must quickly take Maria to Isabella's, and tried to hotwire Morgan's car. But Maria wasn't having it. She begged to go with him. Aidan refused, explaining that he was going to The Bahamas to kill Julian. Maria nodded in acceptance, and insisted that he needed her. Don't leave me with that psychopath Edmund who used me as a lab rat, she begged. Aidan told Maria that she was a stubborn wench, and reluctantly consented to bringing her along. They got the car started, and took off.

In the meantime, back at Wildwind, Edmund had visitors. It was Chris Stamp on official business, along with a handsome Scotland Yard agent. At first, Edmund was annoyed that Scotland Yard was asking questions again. "Again?" asked the handsome agent. Edmund described the cop who had come by earlier, and the handsome agent immediately recognized this as an imposter. The agent demanded to see Maria, and Edmund ran to get her. After Edmund was gone, Chris turned to the agent, and asked who was this imposter. The agent explained that it sounded like Morgan, Aidan's accomplice in murdering Fiona. Chris seemed puzzled that the agent had never before mentioned Morgan. Just then, Edmund appeared. "Maria's gone", Edmund announced.

Edmund was ordering a full search for Maria when one of his security guards walked in, carrying a gagged Morgan. Edmund immediately recognized her. But if she's Aidan's accomplice, why did Aidan tie her up, Edmund asked. The agent speculated that Aidan must have gotten a bit rough. Edmund turned to Morgan: "Where is my wife?" he demanded. With Aidan, Morgan replied angrily. He's got your gun, your money, and your wife, and they took off.

The cops took Morgan to jail. Chris informed Morgan that she would be shipped back to England, and left the Scotland Yard agent with her alone. "You really think you're going to get away with this?" Morgan shouted. Yes I certainly do, the agent replied. Then Morgan brazenly started to come on to the agent. "I've missed you Julian." Yes, that's right. The agent was really Julian.

Julian proceeded to scold Morgan for messing up his grand plan. Morgan assured Julian that he could still get his revenge. Aidan is on his way to The Bahamas because he thinks Julian is there, Morgan explained. Julian agreed with an evil smile. After Aidan watches Maria die, he's going to beg me to kill him too, Julian predicted.


The Fusion women were in a tizzy because they needed to get more of their hot new lipstick to Lacey's by the next day. So they decided since they didn't HAVE the color, they were going to MAKE the color. So, Simone, Kendall and Mia gathered at Kendall's house, got out a big pot and started throwing in all sorts of random lipstick ingredients.

Greenlee soon entered and was quickly appalled that the women were actually trying to create the Fusion formula themselves. It looks like blood, Greenlee exclaimed, glancing at the red boiling mixture. "Why did I even get involved with you people?" she crudely asked aloud. "Because you have no friends," the girls answered. Greenlee smiled, didn't argue this point, and joined the girls with their lipstick stirring.

Just then, he phone rang, and Kendall screamed, "I'll get it." The Fusion girls cackled at how Kendall could have won the Olympic Gold Medal for that sprint to the phone. The caller was Maxie - from Lacey's. Kendall assured Maxie that their Rioja lipstick would be ready by the next day. After she hung up, the girls interrogated Kendall about who she was HOPING was on the phone. I bet she's waiting for the Aspen mystery man, they said a bit mockingly. Kendall denied this and then ran out of the room. After Kendall returned, Mia stared at her quizzically. She asked Kendall if she ate too much guacamole. Kendall grabbed a mirror and screeched, "Oh my God, my lips are green." The girls panicked and decided to re-sample their mixture. A quick coin toss determined that Simone would be the next guinea pig. Greenlee applied their potion to Simone's lips. While the color looked very pretty, Simone couldn't speak – because her lips had become glued together.

Even more panicked, the Fusion girls began to brainstorm about how to unglue Simone's lips. Kendall suggested turpentine or nail polish remover. Simone grunted in disapproval. Just then, the doorbell rang. It was Boyd who had run over, at Kendall's request. At first he refused to help because of his exclusive contract with Erica. But once Kendall promised him dinner, he melted. He advised Simone to simply apply heat and quickly left, with a quick reminder about Kendall's dinner promise.

Kendall went back to stirring the lipstick potion while Simone began to gossip. She asked Kendall how much she liked Boyd, implying that she would like to get to know the hunk. He saved my lips, Simone reasoned. Kendall got clearly uncomfortable with the conversation, and demanded that Mia try her latest potion. She brushed it on Mia's lip and when they saw that the lipstick didn't stick, the girls started to jump and scream. They loved the new Fusion formula. Greenlee and Mia carried the big pot back to the office, leaving Simone and Kendall to clean up. The doorbell rang and Kendall stared in shock. It was Michael, the Aspen man, with a rose and a smile.

After their kiss, Erica continued to comfort Jackson. He told Erica that she would forever hold a place in his heart. He leaned over to kiss her again, and then they really started reliving "old times." Erica climbed into his lap, and the lights went out.

After the "event" was over, Jack was sitting by the fireplace, in deep thought. Erica entered the room, and they peered at each other awkwardly, as Jack buttoned up his shirt. But .. saved by the bell ! It was Jack's cell phone. It was good news: Lily was out of danger. Erica gave him a hug, and he headed for the hospital to see Lily. Before leaving, he made an attempt to discuss what just happened between them, but Erica stopped him. It was what it was, she said simply, and pushed him away. Jack opened the door, and there was Bianca. Jack gave a quick goodbye and exited.

Bianca observed some awkwardness, but Erica quickly covered up by explaining that Jack was distraught over Lily. Bianca accepted this explanation, and brought up the real reason for her visit. Bianca showed Erica the new Fusion lipstick and expressed her worries about how popular the color was becoming. Erica snatched the lipstick, and examined it closely. Then she started to giggle. "Those devious little wannabe's... This isn't even theirs", she exclaimed, as she started to unravel the label. Erica showed Bianca that this Fusion sample was a fake, that it was really the product of the bankrupt company, "Shanghai Girls." Bianca was relieved, but still concerned that Fusion wanted to take down Erica. "Con-Fusion" won't put a dent in Enchantment, Erica stated confidently.

Mother and daughter then sat on the couch, and Bianca brought up Jackson's quick exit. Bianca told Erica that it seemed like she had caught them "off guard." But Erica deftly brushed off her questions, and Bianca complimented Erica for being such a good friend to Uncle Jack.

After Bianca left, Erica stared at Chris's photograph, and appeared upset. Then she sat by the fireplace and had flashbacks about her and Jack's recent passionate interlude. She stood up abruptly and phoned Maxie. She warned Maxie that there is a "cut-rate company" out there peddling the "Shanghai Girls" stock. Junk like that could ruin your reputation, Erica warned with a smile."

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