01/31/2003 Jake Makes A Housecall

"Jack visited Lily, his adopted daughter, in the hospital. He was very worried about her because she has viral pneumonia. Lily wanted her teacher, Mrs. Neff, and to go back to school. She wasn't able to understand she was sick and needed to stay in the hospital. The nurse came in and gave Lily a sedative to quiet down her anxiety and she soon fell asleep. Erica came by Lily's room and saw Jack. She convinced Jack to go with her to get some food and rest.

Erica took Jackson home to her penthouse. She empathized with Jack about his worry over Lily. He talked to her about his fears concerning her health and how unfair her life has been and how hard she has struggled to understand just the basics in life. Jack was worried he will lose Lily. Erica tried to reassure him she will recover from her illness and will grow into a lovely young woman. Jack told Erica he had an apology to make to her concerning his refusal to lie on the stand during Erica's and Travis' custody battle over Bianca. He wanted to punish Erica for dropping him for Travis. He now knows the hell he put Erica through for losing custody of Bianca. He wanted her forgiveness. She assured him she forgave him long ago. They hugged each other. They reminisce about their past relationship and Jack assured her that she would never lose him. They kissed a long, sensual kiss.

At Wildwind, Edmund was telling Maria she is sick because of him when Isabella came running into Maria's bedroom upset to see her ill. She could not understand why Edmund had not called a doctor. He tried to convince Isabella that a doctor couldn't help. She probably has the flu. Maria called out to Edmund and Isabella raced to her bedside. Isabella told Edmund that if he didn't call a doctor she would so Edmund called Jake to come over and look at Maria. Jake arrived at Wildwind and after examining Maria, took a blood sample for the lab. Isabella left to pick up the children at school. Jake returned to the hospital to get the lab blood work done. Edmund quickly called David from his cell phone and left a message that Jake has a blood sample and to do what he has to do now.

Maria woke up thirsty from a brief nap. As Edmund gave her a drink of water he confessed that he gave her something that made her sick. He tried to explain his desperation for finding Maria, his wife, and didn't want to lose her. He lost her once and didn't want to lose her again. Edmund told her about funding David Hayward's research for an antidote to get her memory back and that he slipped a few drops into her drink. He was encouraged because she was getting her memory back and so he gave her a few more drops but they made her sick. Maria's anger welled up in her as Edmund told his confession. She remained silent about her feelings until Edmund left the room. She muttered to herself, as she got out of bed, "You son of a bitch. It'll be a cold day in hell before you see me again."

Kendall, Greenlee and Mia were at PVU taking down their ad posters for Fusion lipstick. They were complaining that Simone was not helping them and wondered where she was.

At the university student lounge one of the students wanted the hot lipstick color that is shown on the posters. Kendall told the student to come back in an hour with all her friends because free samples would be given out. Greenlee gave Kendall a puzzled look and Kendall ran out of the student lounge. Simone and Kendall returned to the lounge with the lipstick samples. As Kendall began the sales pitch for Fusion, Simone joined in as well as Greenlee. They prompted Mia to join them as well. The four Fusion women gladly handed out samples to the gathered crowd of woman students. The samples all given out, the four ladies were pleased with the PR event. Greenlee's cell phone rang. It was Maxie Berlin. She wanted the new hot lip color, Rioja, on Lacey's shelves immediately because Lacey's was being stormed by woman customers demanding the latest hot color. Kendall confessed there was no lip color left in their warehouse. They are out. Greenlee lamented if they don't stock Lacey's shelves with the lip color, they are out of business.

At Wildwind, Aidan used a key to enter through the front door at Wildwind. Morgan was right behind him with a gun. They creped through the living room and Aidan opened the picture frame, revealing the safe. Morgan cautioned him he better get the safe open in 60 seconds. Aidan listened at the safe door as he turned the tumblers. When he finally got it opened, Morgan urged him to give her the hidden treasure. Aidan reached into the safe and suddenly whirled around pointing a pistol at Morgan who also pointed her pistol at Aidan. They were in a face off."

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