05/21/2002 Brooke & Edmund Postpone Their Wedding

"Tad and Brooke return from Zurich and arrive at Brooke's house. Brooke offers to get Tad something. He would rather sit on the couch for a while. Edmund comes down from upstairs and hugs Brooke. Then, he tells Tad that he's sorry about Dixie. Tad excuses himself and goes into the den. Brooke tries to go after him, but Edmund stops her. He feels that Tad needs his space since they've been together since going to Switzerland. An upset Brooke says that Tad doesn't need his space--he needs her. She heads out the room to find Tad.

David sleeps in a chair in his cabin and is awaken by Anna's footsteps. Anna tells him that she was calling him all night, but he didn't answer the phone. He says that he knew, but didn't answer and asks what that tells her. She says it told her what she already knew--that he was rude and inconsiderate. He had nothing to say to her. Anna demands that he say something, otherwise their so-called marriage will not work. David asks her to just leave him alone because he doesn't like to talk about those things. She refuses to leave him alone when he's at war with the world. She asks what their chances are in the future if he can't communicate with her. David asks what he's supposed to do when she can't or feel that he loves her. Anna suggests that he be honest with her. David laughs and comments that she's one to talk about honesty since she's been lying recently. Anna says that the birth control situation wasn't that much of a big deal. David says that now she knows why he wouldn't answer her calls last night. Anna says that he's showing an enormous display of ego. She asks if he expected her to immediately say yes to his suggestion to have a baby and stop taking the pills. David just wanted to agree to a decision together. She mentions that she agreed to consider the baby option. He asks if she expected him to wait until she deemed it appropriate to have a baby. She says that she has a dream job to consider that she wouldn't have imagined having a year ago. He reminds her that she also has a husband she wouldn't have dreamed of having a year ago. She asks what kind of husband is he since he talks to her like he's her boss. David insists to Anna that he's trying to be a husband and share his feelings with her. However, she hasn't listened to his feelings, like his desire to have a family and is willing to change his entire life for her. Anna jokes about his comments, and David gets on the defensive. Anna says that he's either shutting her out or giving her words out of a greeting card that sound fake. David says she just laughed about his honest feelings about starting a family with her. Anna says that there are things that they are good at with each other, but talking to one another isn't one of them. David agrees and goes on by saying he has no idea what he's doing. She mentions that they both blame each other for their troubles. David asks what do they do now. Anna isn't sure. David thinks she knows the answer, but doesn't want to say it. He says it for her and asks if she wants a divorce.

In her room at the Valley Inn, Erica sleeps in bed after a night of passion with Chris. Mr. Stamp comes out of the bathroom fresh from the shower. He lays in bed and whispers to Ms. Kane, "Just when I thought you couldn't get more beautiful." Erica wakes up with a smile on her face and says that he's never seen him fresh out of the shower and thinks its sexy. The couple kisses. Erica says she can hardly remember what happened last night. Chris almost gets offended until she tells him that she meant the fire at her house, not their nightcap. Last night, she thought she have lost everything, including him. Chris says she must've given him too many reasons to stick around. Erica says that she has never felt so alive. Chris asks what can he do about that. The couple kisses again. Soon, there's a knock at the door. Chris opens it up to find Ryan there. He asks his dad if he came at a bad time. Stamp says he did and asks him to come back. Ryan says he can't and walks into the room. Erica covers herself up as Ryan asks if she has any injuries that might've came overnight. She assures Lavery that she's fine, but he needs to leave. He promises that he won't take long and asks Chris if he knows about Kendall's arrest. Chris says that he does. Ryan calls him dad and asks him to help with Kendall. Chris says that he'll do anything to help him--but he won't help Kendall. Erica agrees to leave father and son alone to talk while she takes a shower. Ryan says that Kendall really needs his help and that he's hired a lawyer for her. Chris feels he's wasting his time. Ryan reminds him that he once said all Ms. Hart needed was someone to believe in her and be on her side. Chris says the damage is too great. Ryan says that he visited her last night and told him she didn't do it. Stamp can't believe that Ryan bought her story after she pulled a gun on Erica and sicced the tabloids on Bianca. He says that he's seen Kendall lie to Erica, but he won't let her do it to his son. Ryan says she isn't lying to him. Chris suggests that he look at the situation objectively. Lavery says that he's no better, since he's following Erica's orders and taking her opinions. Chris asks his son to leave. Ryan refuses to leave until he finishes with what he has to say. After all, he saved him from a fire just last night. Chris comments that he didn't expect payback for that this soon. Just then, Erica bursts back in and tells Ryan that she won't let him use emotional blackmail against Chris after he saved him from a bullet. Chris tells Erica to calm down. Ryan apologizes, but asks Erica to consider that she may be wrong about Kendall and asks if he's willing to let her rot in jail for a crime she may not have committed. Erica says that Kendall confessed. Ryan asks what she means by that. Erica says that she heard Kendall say the fire was all her fault when she thought he and Chris were going to die. Ryan doesn't think that alone is an admission of guilt for setting the blaze. He says that Kendall was freaking out at the time and that she did try to save Bianca. Erica corrects him and says that Kendall would never save either her sister or her own mother. Ryan reminds her that Kendall stopped her from going upstairs during the blaze. Erica insists Kendall's motive was to stop her from saving Bianca, not helping her. Ms. Kane is convinced that Kendall is guilty of setting the fire. Ryan says that she's twisting Kendall's words around. Chris says that Kendall is playing him for a fool and that he needs to cut his losses and move on. Lavery thinks that it may be about time for someone to actually help Kendall. Chris tries to stop Ryan from going to see Kendall, but is unsuccessful. Erica thinks that he'll come around and that he won't lose Ryan again. She has him promise not to lose her again. They hug and Chris tells her that he's lucky that he's got her.

In her jail cell, Kendall lays on her bed looking across the bars. The guard tells her she has a visitor. Trey comes in her cell and Ms. Hart asks what he's doing there. Kenyon says that Ryan retained his services. He says that she's facing a multitude of charges including attempted murder and arson that could land her 10 to 20 years in prison. He suggests that she plead guilty, but an irate Kendall says that she's innocent and refuses to plead guilty for a crime she didn't commit. She refuses to spend another minute in jail for a crime she didn't commit. Trey opens his briefcase and takes out his pad. He tells her that her situation is not just going to go away. Kendall assures the attorney that she's not stupid and is talking about bail at her arraignment today. Trey says that bail may be out of the picture since she's considered a flight risk due to her lack of legitimate ties to Pine Valley. Even if they can get a judge to grant bail, the amount will be astronomical. Kendall asks him to let her worry about getting the money, and he just find a way to get her set up for bail. Trey says that the only person she knows that could afford to bail her out is her mother, but since it's her house that she's being accused of torching, that probably won't fly. Kendall once again proclaims her innocence. Kenyon says the evidence places her at the crime scene at the time the fire started. Kendall doesn't care and says that she had nothing to do with the fire. When he says that her fingerprints were all over Bianca's room, she says that she was in the house another time. Trey mentions Erica's statement says she had never been allowed upstairs. Kendall admits that she did go upstairs to Bianca's room once, uninvited. Trey asks for details and Kendall recalls breaking in a while back when everyone was out of town. She was looking to see what mattered to Erica and Bianca. She noticed that there was no inkling of her existence in their house. Trey says that considering she was born out of rape, that's understandable. A fed up Kendall is tired of hearing that she was conceived out of rape, and says that wasn't her fault. Trey says that it isn't Erica's fault, either and that it's no excuse to hate her. Kendall says that she has only given Erica what she gave her--complete indifference. Trey asks if that was why she broke into her mother's house. Ms. Hart says that she went to see what she knew she'd find, which was a fortress Erica built for her and real daughter Bianca, leaving her shut out. Trey says that's why she burned the house down. She says that she didn't. Trey says that all that she has spilled to him would get her convicted due to motive. He suggests that he get her to plead guilty and get a lesser sentence. Kendall still refuses to plead guilty and says that she touched things of Erica's and Bianca's simply to see what it would be like to have Bianca's life. Trey says that she can tell the jury that, but Erica will manipulate the jury to seeing things her way and have her convicted. Kendall says that all the evidence they have on her are the fingerprints. Trey reveals to her that they also spotted a lighter found in some ashes at the house that is identical to hers.

Brooke returns into the living room and asks Edmund if she sounded nasty earlier, because she wasn't trying to be. Edmund says it was just jet lag. Brooke comments that she's glad he was there for Jamie so she wouldn't have to worry about him. She asks if he spoke while she and Tad were away. He says no, but he does seem to be doing better. He's more worried about her. Brooke insists that she's a rock. Edmund points out that she's doing what she always does--taking other people's pain and ignoring her own feelings. Brooke says that Tad isn't "other people." She asks him if he's forgotten what it feels like to lose a wife. An upset Edmund turns away from her and she realizes that she went too far. Brooke apologizes. Edmund tells her that he hasn't forgotten what it feels like to lose a wife. He says it's like falling down a deep dark pit of hopelessness and sadness. Edmund says Tad will be going through the same thing for a long time and doesn't want him to drag her along with him. He feels bad for Tad, but says that Dixie's death is his problem, not hers. Brooke doesn't want Edmund to worry about her and says that because of Jamie, she and Tad will have a connection for the rest of their lives. Brooke looks down on the table and sees a few fancy boxes. She sees that the invitations have arrived. Edmund asks Brooke if she still wants to get married. Brooke says that Dixie's death didn't just happen to Tad, it happened to all of them. They are all family. Edmund tells her that he still wants to marry her and asks if she wants to marry him. Brooke asks him if he thinks they can mail the invitations now and ignore what just happened to Dixie. Edmund says no. Brooke can't see them getting married in a month after the recent turn of events. Tad comes in and urges Brooke not to cancel her wedding because of him. He feels that Dixie would want to see the two of them happy. Brooke insists that it's not a cancellation, just a postponement. They can move back the date to later in the summer. Tad asks if they're sure they want to change the date. Edmund says that they are sure. Tad thanks them, because he wants to be able to enjoy their wedding. Just then, Jamie comes in the room and calls out "Dad."

Kendall can't believe they have a lighter that matches her own. Trey says that it's a little messed up from the fire, but it still looks like hers. Kendall proclaims that her lighter has been in her purse, and is still in good condition. Trey says that he has already looked in her personal belongings and didn't see a lighter there. Kendall says that she's being set up. Trey says that she isn't making it easier for herself with her comments. Ms. Hart asks why would she leave the lighter behind and make herself look guilty if she did start the fire. Trey says that Jackson also hates her, and loves her mother. Kendall says that may be true, but Jack's honest. Kenyon says that Montgomery has a special incentive with this case--giving Erica the wish of having Kendall disappear. Just then, Ryan arrives to visit Kendall. Trey leaves and urges Kendall to think about her options. Ryan holds Kendall's hand and asks if Trey is helping. Kendall says that everything Trey said was right. She then tells Ryan that she is innocent. Ryan tells her that he believes her and promises to get her out of jail as soon as possible. Ryan mentions that his bike is fixed, so they can now travel cross-country together. Kendall says that she can't go. He promises to wait for her to get out of jail before leaving. He asks her what places she would want to go. She mentions Graceland and the Grand Canyon and asks if that's boring. He says that with her, it could never be boring and that they can make love in all the places they travel to. Kendall tells him that she has never wanted anything so bad as to travel with him. Ryan vows to make it happen for them by taking it slow. Kendall isn't sure it will happen. Ryan urges her to believe it will happen.

Erica and Chris return to bed and Erica tells Chris that she needs to finish her shower. After Erica steps out, Chris makes a call to Anna and asks if she heard about the fire at Erica's. He tells her that Kendall was arrested for the crime. She asks if Erica's okay. He says that there were no fatalities, but the house is a total loss. Anna tells him that she'll be at the station shortly. After Anna hangs up with Chris, David asks what happened. Anna tells him about the fire at Erica's and says that she needs to get to the station. David stops her and asks her to answer his question about the divorce. She says that he mentioned it. He asks if she wanted him to mention getting a divorce so she could agree to it. Anna says that they need to discuss this situation later when she has the time and patience to discuss it. David tells Anna that he doesn't want a divorce. Neither does she. David asks what she wants from him and wonders if she just wants to laugh in his face when he's upset and sad. Anna apologizes for laughing earlier and admits that his idea of a house with a weeping willow would be nice. David sees that she doesn't think he's not on the level with his family concept, but vows to do everything to prove that he's sincere about the idea. Anna asks what he needs from her. David comments that he wasn't to flattered by her earlier comment about him not being a husband to her. Anna apologizes. David says he wants to be her husband, and it isn't a con. He feels that she thinks that he's still in love with Dixie or her spirit and doesn't know what he has to do to make their marriage work. Anna insists that all she needs is him. David asks what does that mean. She wants him to trust her and turn to her when he needs someone. Anna says that if he wants a family, the issue needs to be a conversation, not an order. She also says that he can't just walk out on him and leave for the night. David thinks she should go to work. Anna wants him to take her words seriously. He tells her that she's alluring. Anna says that he's the most frustrating man she knows and doesn't know why she loves him so much. David thinks that may mean they'll have an interesting life together. David and Anna go to the bed and he tells his wife that they can wait for her at work. Anna agrees and the newlyweds begin to make love.

Tad tells Jamie that Dixie loved him like he was her own son. Jamie hugs his father. Tad explains to Jamie that out of respect for them, Brooke and Edmund moved back their wedding date. However, they are still getting married. Tad asks if he understands. Jamie remains silent. Brooke says that she's going to fix breakfast and takes Jamie with her into the kitchen. Tad apologizes to Edmund for making he and Brooke push back their wedding date. Edmund says that he and Brooke are on agreement on the decision and that they have the rest of their lives to spend together. Tad comments to Edmund that he managed to survive after Maria died and asks how do you move on and get over something as tragic as losing your wife. Edmund tells him that you don't. Tad knows he has to hold it together for Jamie and J.R.'s sake. Edmund says that the feeling will always be in his heart and the feeling of loss will never go away. Tad admits that in a way, he doesn't want it to go away because it would mean letting go of her. Edmund says that Dixie is a part of him and will never go away. Tad says she was the best part of him and that they were having a baby together before she died. Edmund tells Tad that he's sorry he lost Dixie and his baby. Tad reveals that he found out Dixie was planning on naming the baby after his late grandmother Kate. Tad begins to cry and Edmund puts his hand on his shoulder. Brooke walks in on the tender moment.

Kendall thinks the talk about going out of town is premature. She mentions all the evidence they have against her and the fact that her own lawyer wants her to plead guilty. She tells him that he's her only friend in the world. Ryan asks Kendall to lean on him. Kendall says that she's scared. The couple embrace each other on opposite sides of the bars.

Meanwhile, Trey comes to the boathouse at Willow Lake alone. He takes a lighter out of his pocket and flicks it. Then he throws the lighter into the lake.

Erica and Chris have breakfast together and Ms. Kane comments that there's nothing about him that she doesn't like. He tells her that he'll remember that when they lock horns again. Erica goes to call Bianca from her cell phone in the other room. As Chris gets up and grabs his badge, he has a flash and comes to a realization. The Proteus files were in Erica's house when it caught in fire. The files are destroyed!

Still at the boathouse, Trey grabs a hold of one of Proteus's files out of the box he has stolen and says to himself that he has a lot of reading to do if he's going to find Proteus's money."

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