05/17/2002 Ryan Saves Chris

"Hayley told JR at Chandler Mansion that she is there for him when Mateo entered the room and interrupted their conversation. Adam was talking to Mia outside the front door. He told her he couldn't face JR because he has trouble dealing with someone else's pain. Adam told Mia thanks for helping him with Liza and embraced her. Hayley, on her way to get the baby a blanket from the car, opened the front door and discovered Mia and Adam in an embrace. They awarkedly separated and Adam made excuses why he and Mia were holding each other. Adam asked how JR was doing. He believed JR was in shock. Hayley disagreed. He's shut down, she replied.

Liza entered the living room from upstairs. She asked JR how he was doing. JR angrily replied he was handling it. Liza tried to comfort JR. Mateo offered to talk with JR when Adam interrupted them and said he will talk to his son. Adam suggested JR talk to Dr. Zeke McMillan. JR promised he would talk to him later. Liza tried to convince JR to talk to Dr. McMillan soon by telling him she talked to a counselor when her father died and it helped her. JR didn't change his mind. They were interrupted by the front doorbell. When Mia opened the door, she was surprised to see Trey. He told her Adam wanted to see him. Trey commented to Mia she would be interested in hearing what he has to say to Adam. Mia glared at him as Adam approached Trey.

Trey explained to Adam he had stopped by to give Adam advice on declaring Liza incompetent. Adam told Trey he didn't need his services after all. Trey insisted that he could be of service to Adam and to make an appointment later that week. Adam left the room to check his calendar. Liza, frustrated because she though JR hated her, became agitated. Mia quickly grabbed her hands and calmed her by walking her though a relaxation sequence. Hayley, intrigued, watched Mia's control over Liza. Liza commented to Mia, how do you manage it? Hayley muttered to herself, "that's what I'd like to know."

Adam returned to the living room and told Trey he will call him later to set up an appointment. Mia walked Trey to the front door. He turned to Mia and said he wondered what the Chandlers would think if they knew Mia was running a scam. Mia denied she was scamming them as Hayley joined them in the foyer. After Trey left, Hayley asked Mia what is Trey's fascination with the Chandler family. They are interrupted by a woman screaming.

Mateo decided JR needed to come with him and they left Chandler Mansion. Mateo took JR to the gym and told him to put on some gloves to hit the boxing bag. JR at first refused saying he didn't think beating up the bag would help. After Mateo told him that he would not be able to live with anger inside or run away from it. The only solution would be to get rid of it. JR finally began to hit the bag lightly at first and then the anger poured out as he pounded it furiously.

Erica accused Kendall of setting Linden House on fire. Kendall denied she did. Meanwhile Ryan, lying on the floor surrounded by the fire, regained consciousness and tried to wake up Chris, who was lying next to him. He implored Chris to wake up and that he needed him. Ryan shouted for help. Chris opened his eyes and was brought out of the fire. He thanked Ryan for saving his life. Relieved to see him, Erica rushed over to see if he was ok before he was taken to the hospital.

Erica gushed over Bianca. She was so glad Bianca was ok. Kendall watched from a distance, wishing it was she Erica was embracing instead of Bianca. A fireman told Erica the cause of the fire was an accelerant found in Bianca's bedroom.

Jackson, seeing the house fire, found Erica to see if she was ok. Erica blasted Kendall the fire was her fault. Ryan couldn't believe that Erica was accusing Kendall of setting the fire. He asked Kendall for her explanation but before she could respond, a fireman told them to clear the area.

Maggie talked to David Hayward at the hospital. She was angry with him because he signed her up for CPR lessons without telling her. Their conversation was interrupted by a nurse bringing David a letter from Dixie. It was mailed before her death. David stepped aside to privately read the letter. Dixie had written that Tad was coming to Paris to bring her home to Pine Valley. She thanked David for helping her. After reading Dixie's letter, David suddenly told Maggie she can fly solo if she wants to. You don't want me to butt into your life so I will leave you alone. David's attitude caught Maggie by surprise.

Anna called the drug store inquiring where was the delivery of her prescription for birth control pills. She was told it would be delivered immediately. David came into the hotel room and asked Anna if she had seen the real estate listings he had left for her. She had not. David seemed agitated so Anna asked him what was bothering him. He told her he had a run in with Maggie. Anna believed David's agitation was from Dixie's death and that he wanted to take care of everyone's problems. Her analysis set David off in a tirade of denial. He retorted back to Anna, "I'm not grieving for Dixie because you won't let me." They argued changing the subject from Dixie to having children. David tried to assure Anna he sincerely wanted children. She didn't seem to believe him. Their conversation was interrupted by the pharmacy delivery person bringing Anna her birth control pills. David argued further with Anna about her decision to continue taking the birth control pills without discussing it with him.

Bianca went to the hospital to be checked out from smoke inhalation. She was checking out to go home when Maggie saw her and asked how she was doing and wanted to apologize. Bianca retorted, "You don't want my friendship. Have a great life alone." Bianca walked away leaving Maggie stunned. In her mind, Maggie relives her conversation with David and hears again his words about letting her fly solo. She also flashes back to Bianca's remark about not wanting her friendship. She is brought back to reality when someone put a hand on her shoulder. She turned and looked at Trey. They embraced as he consoled her.

At the hospital Chris told Erica Ryan saved his life and he will be forever grateful. Erica thanked Chris for saving Bianca. Kendall talked to Ryan at the hospital. She told him she was glad he was ok and so she can now leave. Ryan stopped her and demanded to know why she was leaving. Did she hate him so much? Kendall told him that if he stayed with her, he could end up dead and she didn't want that because she loved him. Ryan couldn't believe what he had heard. He asked her to repeat what she had said. "I love you," replied Kendall. Ryan stepped closer to Kendall to kiss her. Jackson, accompanied by a police officer, quickly appears and pulled them apart telling Kendall she is under arrest for arson, attempted murder, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief. As the police officer read Kendall her rights, Erica and Chris enter the hallway. Erica shakes her head in amazement."

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