12/04/2001 Greenlee Hires Leo

"With just hours before JR's scheduled appearance before a judge for his parole violation, Adam showed up at Dixie's house to work out a strategy for how to handle their son's latest legal trouble. JR appeared indifferent about his potentially difficult legal situation. He snapped that he was sure his father would sleep with another judge to keep him out of jail. "I sabotaged my marriage to save your irresponsible behind," Adam snapped. JR merely rolled his eyes. Dixie was ready to discuss strategy and asked when Barry would be arriving. She was stunned when Adam revealed that his attorney would not be showing up. Dixie assumed that Adam had some sort of shady deal ready to help keep their son out of trouble. Adam tried to explain that he had no such dealing planned, but before he could say a word Dixie announced that she supported any underhanded chicanery that Adam might have planned. Liza appeared in a nearby doorway and Adam turned to greet her. He mentioned to her that JR feels that he is entitled to a "free ride" to get out of trouble. Liza remained silent. Adam handed Dixie the card of a psychiatrist that he said could give their son the help he needs. Adam questioned why they hadn't gotten JR professional help during his first bout with drug use. Dixie took a deep breath and asked to speak to Liza in private. "This whole thing sucks," JR grumbled as he walked out of the room. "I need to call in my marker with you," Dixie said. Dixie worried that if Adam didn't "pull string" JR would end up in jail. Liza was perplexed by Dixie's request to let Adam cheat and scheme. She believed that Dixie was panicking because of her marital problems with Tad. "I sit around and wait for everyone else to do what's right. That's just not working for me any more," Dixie snarled. As the two women talked, Adam blasted his son for lying about his drug use. "It was just a little weed," JR sighed. Adam reminded his son that he was on parole. He then asked what would have happened if JR had still been in bed when whoever murdered Frankie showed up. "Would you have been able to protect yourself?" he asked. JR was quiet. Adam returned to the room and Liza had still refused to cooperate with Dixie. Dixie angrily told Liza that she hopes she never has to go through something similar with Colby. With that, Dixie stomped away.

Fresh from a bitter encounter at Enchantment with Val, Erica's secretary, in which she was told that her help at the company was not needed, Greenlee showed up outside Jake's loft and began pounding on the door. Inside, Jake and Pat had just sat down for some breakfast. Jake carried on as though he didn't hear Greenlee, but Pat wasn't as able to ignore the incessant banging. Dressed in Jake's Stanford t-shirt, Pat walked over to the door and allowed Greenlee inside. Pat agreed to allow Greenlee and Jake to talk, saying that she'd wash up and get dressed. "You just try to save the cosmetics industry before I get back," Pat groaned as she headed off to the bathroom. Greenlee badmouthed Jake's relationship with "Florence Nightingale." Jake noted that Florence Nightingale was a nurse - and Par is a physician. Greenlee claimed to be seeking out a floppy disk that she might have lost during her move to her new apartment. Jake surprised Greenlee be revealing that he had made copies of all of her work and put it on his laptop computer for safe keeping. Greenlee was thankful for Jake's help, but put off when he claimed that he was no longer interested in her. Greenlee claimed that she had only accepted Leo's proposal because Jake hadn't offered her anything better. Jake lectured Greenlee on the dangers of "settling." Greenlee stormed out of the loft and headed back to Enchantment. Later, Pat, fully dressed, was annoyed by Jake's inability to take his mind off of Greenlee. She reached for a glass of milk and dumped it over Jake's head. "Wake up, Jake. You want Greenlee back and you're the only one in this room that doesn't know it."

Leo showed up at Greenlee's old office at Enchantment toting a log, a log that he said he wanted to use to start a fire. He then produced a skimpy red negligee that he envisioned Greenlee wearing in front of that fire. Greenlee suddenly concocted an idea to hire Leo to help her out at Enchantment. Leo promptly reminded her that she didn't have the authority to hire or fire anyone. When Val called to tell Greenlee that a client meeting was about to begin, Greenlee pretended that it was Erica on the other end. She chattered on as Val tried to figure out what she was doing. In the end, Greenlee claimed that Erica had given her permission to hire Leo.

Vanessa dropped by Leo and Laura's condo to demand restitution from Laura for ruining her son's life. Laura was furious by Vanessa's amusement in the television program that had poked fun of her wedding day. "You did look like a drowned rat, didn't you," Vanessa chuckled. Laura accused Vanessa of being a fan of the show, but Vanessa quickly corrected her; she was a contributor - she had sent the wedding video to the television program. Laura threatened to sue Vanessa for slander, but Vanessa was not at all concerned. Cornered, Laura decided to wage another attempt to get Vanessa to back down. Laura tried to appear unshaken by what Vanessa had done. "I am dealing with a woman whose own family pretends not to know her. Her husband won't even write her in his Will. You're the town joke, Vanessa." Vanessa stepped towards Laura until she was just a matter of inches from her face. "Little girl, I am not a joke," Vanessa said with an eerie twinge of rage. "And you have no idea what I am capable of. So if you have any brains left in that addled little head of yours, you never confront me this way again. I am one woman you don't want as an enemy." Laura looked on in stunned silence as Vanessa picked up her coat and walked out of the condo.

At a breakfast meeting at BJ's, Brooke chattered on about an upcoming Tempo article on gun control. Edmund didn't want to talk shop, but Brooke prevented him from talking about what was on his mind: Laura's mental health. As Edmund tried to convince Brooke to have Laura checked out, Leo entered the restaurant and urged Brooke to listen to her colleague. Brooke was furious to learn that Leo had taken Greenlee with him to the condo to clean out his belongings. Later, Brooke reluctantly admitted that her daughter was beginning to unwind. She angrily fought off Edmund's attempts to comfort her. Upon showing up at the condo, Brooke found the place pretty much emptied. Not only had Leo cleared out his things, but Laura's belongings were gone as well."

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