10/18/2001 Bianca Wants To Spend The Night

"Outside of David's room, David asks Anna to spend the night with him. He realizes he left his keys in his car, and leaves to retrieve them. Chris appears and demands Anna back off. Chris and Anna pump each other for information, but Anna says she doesn't feel like sharing. She threatens to blow Chris's cover. David approaches and asks what is going on. Chris recognizes David and asks if he is that hero who saved a girl's life. He introduces himself as Chris Stamp, bartender at SOS. Chris goes on to explain that he saw Anna at the club, and was trying to meet her, and give her his phone number. Chris leaves. David is suspicious. He tells Anna he saw her and Chris together at the club. He believes there is something else going on. After Anna and David make love, she is lying in his arms. David quietly says he wants to know the truth about what is going on between her and Stamp. He brings up the tracking device Anna planted on him. Anna will only say that he should not trust Chris.

At the Valley Inn, Erica confronts Vanessa about her relationship to Frankie. Erica believes Vanessa is trying to destroy Bianca with Frankie's help. Palmer decides he would also like an explanation. Vanessa storms off. Erica tells Opal she should kick Frankie to the curb. Erica follows Vanessa to the lady's room and wants to have it out. Vanessa defends herself saying she had no idea Frankie was in town. Erica doesn't believe in coincidence. She thinks Frankie has targeted Bianca for a scam. Vanessa counters saying the real reason Erica is upset is because Bianca may be falling in love with Frankie. Erica vehemently denies it. She says Vanessa's niece is only interested in Bianca for her money. Opal and Palmer bicker at each other. Opal believes Peter won't respect his father as long as Palmer is with someone like Vanessa. Vanessa overhears and is not too happy with Opal. She leads Palmer away. Opal vows to get Vanessa out of Palmer and Peter's life.

Bianca wants to continue talking to Frankie, but Frankie says the "scene" is too intense. Bianca tells Frankie she cares about her. Erica arrives and proclaims to Bianca that Frankie is not alone in Pine Valley, she has a secret. Bianca explains Frankie has already told her about Vanessa, then asks Erica to leave them alone. Bianca then turns to Frankie and says they make a good team. Bianca wants to spend the night at Opal's house. Frankie seems uncomfortable, but says it would be okay. Bianca mentions that Erica hasn't approved of any of her female friends since her coming out, mostly because her mother is afraid she'll fall in love.

Leo asks Greenlee why Dr. Macmillan called her Mrs. du Pres. Greenlee explains that her session with the doctor took place when she was engaged to Leo. She was just trying out the name she would use once they were married. Much to Greenlee's surprise, Leo apologizes for being so hard on her. He says it is all his fault for driving Greenlee to the fantasy that she was his wife. Greenlee screams she is not crazy.

Jake comes into the Valley Inn and asks Greenlee what was going down with Leo. Greenlee tells him about impersonating Laura to get evidence proving Laura is crazy. Leo hears this and is furious. He confronts Greenlee.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Macmillan's office, Laura listens to the tape of his session with Greenlee. The psychiatrist comes in and angrily asks who she is and why she is in his office. Laura explains that she needs to make an appointment. She tells him there is someone impersonating her. After showing her ID to prove who she is, Laura tells him Greenlee is trying to break her and Leo up. She says Greenlee is stalking them and asks the doctor if he can help her. He leaves to find his appointment book. Laura slips Greenlee's file into her bag.

Laura goes to the Valley Inn where she overhears Greenlee, Leo, and Jake. She follows Greenlee to the lady's room. They argue over who is the crazy one. Laura says Greenlee is digging her own grave. She goes on to say she is planning Greenlee's demise step by step in her journal. Laura then makes a veiled threat and leaves. Greenlee discovers Laura has left her house keys behind. Laura runs out of the ladies' room to tell Leo that Greenlee is crazy. Leo assures her that he is already on to Greenlee. He tells her that Greenlee impersonated her at the psychiatrist's office. Laura says she feels sorry for Greenlee. Laura reaches into her purse to find the cuckoo from the clock that was destroyed. She tells Leo that Greenlee must have put it there. Meanwhile, Greenlee uses Laura's keys to unlock her front door. She is about to enter the house when she is startled by something.

Erica, distressed over her scene with Bianca, runs into Chris. He offers to drive her home. Erica agrees on one condition, that he stays with her."

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