10/16/2001 Bianca Tells Frankie She Is Gay

"Tad deceived Dixie by keeping his call with Leslie a secret. Initially, Leslie was angry with Tad for not telling her that he had reconciled with Dixie, but she quickly apologized for her outburst. Leslie then agreed to help Tad, saying that getting revenge on David Hayward would do wonders for her mental health. Jesse remained unsuccessful at getting Tad to halt his mission to take David down, and he implored him to come clean with Dixie. Further, Jesse warned Tad that he was playing with fire by enlisting "crazy" Leslie's help. Dixie overheard Tad discussing David, but he covered by pulling her into a kiss. After Tad and Dixie made love, Tad disappeared to the Valley Inn. Ignoring Jesse's pleas, Tad broke into David's room to steal his bank records.

David and Anna gave in to their mutual passion, making love at the cabin. Afterward, David discovered Anna snooping around his lab. He asked her what it felt like to be sleeping with the enemy, but she just coyly smiled. Anna then spotted a jade figurine, saying that is was one of the Chen Jade 3. David told Anna it was merely a copy, but when she pretended to almost drop it, David freaked. Anna called David on his lie and informed him that she knew it was the real one because she was the one who had stolen it in the past. Anna appeared ready to live a life above the law with David, saying that he had finally met his match. Passions reignited as the two started kissing again.

Hayley returned to the condo, expecting to find Isabella with the baby, but instead she found herself amid a romantic candlelit bubble bath, compliments of Mateo. A surprised Hayley wondered what the occasion was, and Mateo told her it was to show how much he loved her. In the bathtub, Mateo reassured Hayley about her parenting skills, saying that she was an excellent mother. However, their romantic evening was interrupted by the roar of Simone's motorcycle. She came over to deliver a special package that had arrived at SOS for Hayley. Hayley opened the package and found a beautiful diamond bracelet. An ecstatic Hayley thanked Mateo as Simone realized that the gift didn't come from him. Alone, Mateo expressed to Simone his concern that Proteus was pulling him so deep into the ring that he would never be able to get out. Later, Hayley and Mateo cuddled on the sofa as a seemingly envious Simone watched through the window.

Bianca told Opal that Frankie didn't come home last night, and she feared Frankie's permanent departure. Frankie returned, saying that she wasn't about to let Erica win that easily. Opal reprimanded Frankie for not phoning, and Frankie apologized for her inconsideration. Alone, Bianca revealed to Frankie that she was gay, and she hoped that it wasn't going to be a problem for her. On the contrary, Frankie said it made her like Bianca even more. Relieved, Bianca allowed Frankie to practice her manicuring skills on her as Frankie finally began to open up to Bianca. Frankie asked Bianca what it was like growing up with Erica, but Bianca wanted to learn more about Frankie. Upon promising not to leave town, Frankie hugged Bianca to thank her, just as Opal arrived with a horrified Erica."

- Soap Central