10/12/2001 Erica Offers Frankie Money

"At SOS, Bianca expressed to Erica her desire to get past the tension between them. Erica agreed, as she blamed Frankie for the current rift in their relationship. Frankie interrupted to ask Erica if she was ready to kiss and makeup. Bianca suggested that the two of them call a truce. Disgusted, Erica asked for a moment alone with Frankie. After Bianca and Opal reluctantly stepped away, Frankie assumed Erica was going to offer her money to leave town, and Erica said that could be arranged. Upon refusing Erica's bribe, Frankie surmised that Erica's real fear was that Frankie was after Bianca. Frankie taunted Erica, and Erica warned her that she would do anything to protect her child. Further, Erica assured Frankie that she would learn her story, and then bring her down. After Frankie left, Bianca blasted Erica for attempting to control her life and choose her friends. Alone, Opal cautioned Erica not to alienate Bianca. Chris, who overheard the entire exchange, comforted an emotional Erica. Erica pleaded with Chris to help her stop Frankie from destroying her daughter's life.

Dressed in sexy attire, Anna arrived at David's romantically set room. Anna revealed to David that she had a tough day because Gabriel had left to live with Alex and Dimitri. David coyly commented that Anna wanted to live alone in order to do the "spy thing." Anna continued to use seduction to find out information about David, and a suspicious David asked if Anna thought he was the bad guy she was trying to nail. Anna asked David if "Proteus" meant anything to him, but David avoided association other than through literature. The two moved to the bed as they kissed passionately. When David stepped away, Anna answered his phone. Upon his hasty return, David grabbed the phone and freaked out. Frustrated by his behavior, Anna rushed out in a huff. From the hallway, Anna spied as Roger arrived to do business with David.

At the park, a disguised Roger shoved cash in Mateo's pocket as he laid unconscious from the hit to his head. Upon regaining consciousness, Mateo grabbed the broken bottle and cut Roger before he escaped into the night. Simone arrived upon the scene, and questioned Mateo as to who he thought was responsible for the attack. Mateo suggested that Chris orchestrated the exchange of drugs for cash. Mateo warned Simone that her presence might call attention to them because it would look suspicious if his waitress was tailing him. Simone then suggested that they pretend to be having an affair, but Mateo was wary of jeopardizing his marriage.

Caught off guard, Leo quickly grabbed Greenlee and the letter, and dragged her into a room away from Laura. Leo ripped the letter to shreds, and he berated Greenlee for attempting to shatter Laura with the contents. Greenlee implored Leo to leave Laura before the real Leo died inside of him. Laura interrupted to say that she knew about the letter and Leo's doubts about their marriage, but she intended to go back to being the woman Leo married. Greenlee said she wasn't trying to win back Leo for herself — she just didn't want him with a crazy person like Laura. Leo told Greenlee that they all needed to move on. Greenlee ran into Jake, after learning that Leo intended to remain with Laura, and Greenlee jokingly asked for shock therapy in order to erase her memories of Leo. Meanwhile, Laura incorrectly pieced together some of the words from the remains of Leo's letter, which revealed "I am leaving you for Greenlee." Laura then vowed that Leo would never want Greenlee... after she was done with her."

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