10/02/2001 Bianca Brings Frankie Home

"Ryan was upset to find Chris Stamp in his room at the Pine Cone Motel. Chris claimed to be returning the photo of Ryan's parents and Ryan wanted to know why he'd taken it in the first place. Ryan then questioned Chris on the reason he's been hanging around him at all and grabbed Chris by the arms. Gillian and Jesse come in and she said she thought she was meant to bring Ryan and Chris together but that it wasn't working out. Jesse told her to be patient and let it play out. Chris told Ryan to give him a second to explain. He said that the last time he was there Ryan was very upset about his mother's death and he was about to throw the picture away. Ryan told Chris that what he throws away is his business, not Chris's. Chris told him he'd been in the same situation and almost threw everything away and didn't want Ryan to make the same mistake. But Ryan didn't want to hear it and told Chris that the next time he throws something in the trash to just leave it there. He ushered Chris out the door and went to lie down on his bed. Gillian told Jesse that Chris has to be connected to Ryan's parents, she could tell the picture meant something to him. Jesse said she has to let them work it out but Gillian said she's not finished yet. "No one ever is on this side. You have to accept whatever comes next for your sake and Ryan's" Jesse told Gillian. She leaned over a sleeping Ryan and Jesse asked her to tell him what she saw. She said she saw her husband and he's alone. Tears began to flow as she said Ryan used to curl around her and hold her. Jesse asked her if that would ever happen again and she said no because "I'm gone." Jesse told her to tell Ryan what to do and wondered if she wanted Ryan to wait for her. Gillian said Ryan can't wait for her, he'd never be happy if he does and he's not happy now. Jesse said Ryan doesn't want to live without Gillian but she said he has to because there are people who need him and he has dreams that can go on without her. Jesse put his arm around Gillian and said it didn't mean it would be easy, Ryan will never stop missing Gillian. Gillian said she knows that while she's around and Ryan can feel her presence it's harder on him. She realized she must let go and Jesse told her to take her time, he'd go check out his "old stomping grounds" and then come back for her. Jesse left and Gillian sadly watched Ryan sleep. She told him it was time for her to say goodbye. She stroked Ryan's hair and got into his dream with him. In the dream Ryan saw Gillian and said "Princess, we're together!." They held hands and she told him that every moment she had with him was a gift. "I wanted to stay longer but couldn't.." She told Ryan to hold onto the memories and love they shared and to hold onto this moment. They gazed at each other and Ryan took Gillian into his arms. They swayed to heavenly music and then Gillian took both of his hands in hers. They looked at each other with tear filled eyes. She gently touched his face and says what she has to do now is the hardest part, she has to leave him behind. "I love you and always will", she told her husband. Ryan told her he loved her too and Gillian began backing away until just their fingertips touched. Back in the room Ryan was moaning in his sleep and Gillian leaned over and kissed him on the lips. "Goodbye my love, my heart" she told him. Ryan had tears running down his face and Gillian blew him one final kiss. Then she began to slowly fade away. In his sleep Ryan called out for Gillian. Outside his room Chris Stamp paced back and forth. Gillian appeared near him and told him not to leave Ryan "You have to take care of him." Chris was distraught and had tears in his eyes as he said "Dear God, help me!"

In the hospital lounge Tad and Jake discussed Joe's health. Jake told Tad that he didn't give their father a heart attack or any other heart problem. Jake warned Tad not to mention David Hayward to Joe though and went on to tell him that he'd accepted the job with David. Tad was disgusted and said to just drop the subject. Joe walked in as Jake was called away. Tad saw that his father was quite upset and asked if it was his heart. Dr. Joe said no, he was upset because he'd nearly lost a patient earlier. David walked in and said "You're right, you almost did and I have to report it!." Tad turned to look at David with hatred. Joe asked David why he needs to report the incident and David said the patient almost died because of Joe's poor judgment. He started to question Joe's medical ability and Tad jumped to his father's defense. But Joe told Tad this was between himself and David and to stay out of it. David said this situation has to be presented to the formal board of review. Very dejected, Joe said he needed to be alone and left the lounge. Tad told David he was doing this out of revenge and that he wants Joe out of the way so he can take over the hospital. David said it wasn't his fault that Joe was getting old and that maybe it is time for Joe to retire. "And I'm the only one qualified to take his job!." David walked away from a seething Tad. Jake returned and Tad told him about David reporting Joe to the board. Jake said "That won't happen!" and told Tad to stay put and stay calm. He stormed off while Tad tried to maintain his composure. Jesse appeared and said "Tad the cad! You don't look so good!'. David walked in and Tad asked if he'd reported Joe yet. David said it was his duty and that Joe was a great doctor but his time was over and walked out of the lounge. Tad saw a maintenance box sitting near the corner of the room and found a hammer. He picked it up and followed David. Jesse yelled at him "You gonna crack that man's head open? You better think about what you do!" and followed Tad. Meanwhile in the admitting area another doctor handed David a patient's chart. He asked David if he should notify Dr. Joe but David sarcastically said no, let Joe have his nap. David went to the exam room and Tad tried to follow him with the hammer raised. But something unseen stopped Tad and jerked the hammer out of his hands. Tad was knocked to the ground and Jesse appeared. Tad opened his eyes and saw Jesse kneeling by his feet. Jesse looked at his friend and said "Boo!." Tad fainted.

Greenlee came into the hospital looking for Jake. A nurse told her Jake had been called away. Greenlee looked put out but then spied Laura and Leo. She inched her way near them and listened to their conversation. They were talking about their second wedding and Leo wasn't happy. He told Laura they should've discussed it some more before she made plans. She said she thought they'd decided to go ahead with it but Leo said "No, you decided!." Laura was hurt and asked if that meant he didn't want to go through with it. Leo told her he just didn't want her getting worn out and that she should check with her doctor to make sure this won't be too much for her. Laura said she could handle David. Leo caved and asked what date she booked the Valley Inn for. Laura wouldn't tell him, she said she didn't want to jinx it. Leo was not happy about that but gave up arguing with her. He said he needed to find David to fill out some insurance forms. He walked away from Laura and Greenlee heard everything. While Laura waited for Leo to return she called the Valley Inn and asked to talk to someone about booking the dining room for a wedding. Around the corner Greenlee raised her eyebrows at hearing this. While Laura was on the phone and Greenlee was intent on listening to her, Jake walked up. He saw what was going on and busted her at her game. Greenlee tried to pretend she didn't know Laura was there but Jake saw right through her. He said she was stalking Laura and he called a guard over to escort Greenlee out of the building. Greenlee was dragged out while a smiling Jake watched. Laura came into the waiting area and asked to use a hospital phone. She dialed David's office and was told that Leo had left a message for her. She was to meet him at the Tempo office. Laura thanked the person and left the hospital.

Leo was actually walking along the road outside Pine Valley. He looked lost and kept remembering things he and Laura had said concerning the wedding. He got upset and flagged down the first car that came along.

In Bianca's bedroom Erica grabbed Frankie by the arm and tried to drag her out. Bianca stopped her mother and Erica yelled that Frankie had broken into their home. Bianca corrected her and told her that she'd invited Frankie to their house. Erica reminded Bianca of their agreement that Bianca wouldn't bring home "any more strays." Frankie piped in and said she'd had all her shots and just had a flea bath so she was ok. Bianca sent Frankie back into the bathroom to get dressed. Erica lashed out at Bianca, saying Frankie was a grifter and a sleazy con artist. Bianca stuck up for the girl, saying she'd had a very rough life. Erica showed no compassion though and was very angry about the story Frankie gave to Donald Steele. Bianca said "Frankly, if I were in her position I'd have done the same thing.." Erica was dumbfounded. Bianca said Frankie could've been hurt and Erica just went into attack mode at the accident scene. She explained that she had only invited Frankie to their house to get cleaned up and have something to eat, that she wasn't staying with them. Erica said she didn't want to leave Bianca alone with Frankie, she didn't trust her. Bianca asked "Why, because you're afraid she'll rip me off or try to kiss me?" She went on to ask her mother if she really thought she was so desperate that she couldn't resist anyone, "including your accident victim!." Frankie came out of the bathroom and asked if she'd missed a mother-daughter moment or a catfight. Erica flew out of the room and Frankie told Bianca she was impressed with how she got rid of "Mommie Dearest." Bianca asked Frankie to tell her about her past and Frankie clamed up, saying it doesn't matter. She's starting her life over and if it doesn't work out she's "out of here." But Frankie told Bianca that she's getting a strong feeling that Pine Valley is the place for her. She's already enrolled at PVU but has to get her own place and is looking for a job. Bianca was impressed but Frankie took it the wrong way and got very angry and left the house.

At Enchantment Erica was looking at the cover of the Intruder when Greenlee bounded in. She said she was an idiot for the way she reacted to Erica's announcement at SOS, and Erica agreed. Greenlee said she was back on board the campaign but wanted to work with someone who can think "outside the box." She wants Leo and told Erica to make it happen. Erica looked at Greenlee and said "You're giving me orders? You work for me, not the other way around!." Greenlee explained that she wants to work with Leo because he inspires her. Erica said she can arrange it if Greenlee can get rid of a very troublesome problem. She held up the cover of the Intruder with Frankie's picture on it."

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