09/06/2001 Jake Suggests Anna Stay Overnight

"David is sitting in the Pine Valley Hospital ER waiting room, watching as Jake and Anna argue over her pending hospital release. Anna tells Jake she doesn't want to stay overnight in observation to whine about her problems to some shrink. Jake reminds her that she has suffered a trauma and that it is too soon to travel. As Anna disagrees, David steps in, and facing Anna, offers to sign her release papers so she can travel tonight. Jake bodily spins David toward him and asks him what the hell he thinks he's doing. "Taking over this patient's case, Dr. Martin. You got a problem with that?" Anna watches their interaction as she nervously bites her fingernails.

Laura stomps through the halls of Enchantment and knocks on Greenlee's door. "Busy" quips Greenlee "breaking my computer." Laura enters anyway as Greenlee looks up, amused to see her there. "I have something for you" says Laura. Greenlee comments how sweet it was for Laura to bring her a present. Laura produces an earring, demanding to know if it is Greenlee's. She accuses Greenlee of leaving the earring behind last night as she was trying to seduce Leo outside their condo in her nightgown. Greenlee teasingly asks Laura if she owns an eye spy telescope or if she obtained her info from Leo. Laura continues, ignoring Greenlee's questions, and informs Greenlee that they need to lay down some ground rules, that Greenlee doesn't own Laura and she doesn't have Leo!

A flower toting Mateo enters Hayley's hospital room to find his wife standing, holding their son, with Arlene standing right behind her. Hayley looks very uneasy. Mateo, looking furious, asks Arlene what she's doing here. "It's okay, it's okay" says Hayley. "It's okay?" asks Mateo incredulously. Arlene informs him that she came to see the baby. Mateo grabs Arlene by the arm and threatens to throw her out the window headfirst if she doesn't leave. Again, Hayley tells Mateo "It's okay." Mateo reminds Hayley that Arlene isn't supposed to be here, that she's not going to weasel her way in to their life again. Arlene reminds Mateo that she is Hayley's mother and that Hayley needs her mother. "Mateo" pleads Hayley "please don't make her go." Hayley admits that she was just as surprised as Mateo to see Arlene. She explains that she awoke to find Arlene standing over the baby. Arlene just wanted to see the baby and bring him a present. Mateo can't believe Hayley bought that story. Mateo informs Arlene that since she has seen the baby she can go. Arlene whines that she feels that she'll never see them again and Mateo confirms that. Arlene pleads to kiss the baby. "Goodbye little man, be good, let your parents love you," she says softly. Adam enters the room, amazed to see Arlene. "What is she doing here? Get her out of here! How did she get near the baby?" he asks. Mateo tells Adam that it's done -- he has it covered, as he grabs Arlene and drags her toward the door. Arlene stops long enough to congratulate Adam, informing him that they "done good." Mateo drags her out the door. The baby starts to cry and Adam accuses Hayley of being on the verge of tears. "Don't tell me that horror show actually got to you," he says.

Back at Enchantment, Greenlee questions Laura's ground rules. She informs Laura that she hates rules, as she prances from behind her desk to face Laura. Laura states that Greenlee WILL follow these rules. Greenlee mockingly says that she can't believe how strong and brave Laura is. Laura reminds her that she has someone else's heart beating in her chest and Greenlee has no idea about strength like that. "I am transplant woman hear me roar" says Greenlee. Laura tells her to shut up, that she is never to come to her house again and she is never to be where Leo is, never. Greenlee says she didn't know they were living in the fascist state of Pine Valley where her moves are restricted. Again, Laura tells her that she had no right coming to her condo at midnight to talk to Leo. Greenlee denies purposely coming to the condo - she was out for a drive and ended up on Laura's street. Laura doesn't believe that she didn't just find Leo in their courtyard. He was there, just like Mount Everest, retorts Greenlee. Laura accuses Greenlee of being a brat, and Greenlee agrees. Laura can't believe Greenlee likes this quality about herself, but Greenlee assures her that she likes who she is. She asks if Laura likes who she is and Laura assures her that she knows who she is and what is hers. Greenlee muse about Laura's possessiveness and wonders how Leo tolerates it, since he is such a free spirit. "It must get crowed in your bedroom with you, Leo and your colossal expectations." Laura tells Greenlee that she has no idea what goes on in their bedroom. "Quiet, convalescent sex. Boring!" replies Greenlee. Laura accuses Greenlee of being sick, but Greenlee disputes that - saying that she wonders why she can't keep the opposite sex away if she has so many negative qualities. Laura reminds her that she came to tell her to stay away from Leo, that she loves him, they are married and Greenlee doesn't belong in their orbit. She will fight for her husband. Greenlee tells Laura that she wants everything so neat and tidy - that real love isn't neat and tidy, but pretend love is. "You suck!" says Laura. Laura again tells Greenlee that she won't get away with this, that Greenlee will have to walk over her to get to Leo and Greenlee has no idea how hard she will fight for him.

Jake accuses David of being way out of line. David asks him to explain and Jake reminds him that he doesn't have privileges at Pine Valley Hospital; he can't go throwing his weight around. "This is good" laughs David. "You actually haven't heard, have you?" Jake has no idea what he is talking about and David can't wait to tell him that the board overturned his father's decision; he is back on staff with full attending and operating privileges. Jake doesn't believe him and David reminds him that he was exonerated in a court of law, that Pine Valley Hospital was interfering in his right to work and his attorney gently reminded the board of that. Anna continues to nervously watch their interaction. David informs Jake that Joe's personal vendetta against him has been dropped - legally and fairly. Jake mutters some obscenities under his breath and David continues - accusing Joe of thinking that he is God and that Jake and Tad sit at his right hand. Jake informs him that no one will want to work with him. Anna interrupts, stating that if Dr. Hayward is on staff and is willing to discharge her, she'd like to follow-up on that. Jake again states that Dr. Hayward doesn't have privileges and he is personally going to throw him out. Tad and Dixie arrive and inform Jake that for once in his miserable life, David is telling the truth. Tad tells Jake that he witnessed the board's vote. David gloats that he's here to stay and Dixie admonishes him, telling him it's bad enough as it is. Edmund and Brooke arrive and ask Anna what's going on. "War of the Roses," she replies. Jake tells Edmund that he wants Anna to stay overnight and asks Edmund to convince Anna. Anna says that Dr. Hayward is willing to sign her out and Edmund tells Anna he'd trust Jake. Anna reminds Edmund that she hasn't followed doctor's orders for years and she isn't going to start now. She wants to see Robin and tell her that Robert is dead. Anna continues that Robert would support her decision and she doesn't need anyone else's ideas about her.

Mateo leads Arlene to the hospital patio. She accuses him of leading her around like a dog. He asks her if she sits up at night thinking of ways to destroy her children's lives. "You have no idea what I think about or what I've lost," says Arlene. Mateo accuses her of wanting to destroy the happiest moment of her daughter's life because she knows Hayley is susceptible to even her now. Arlene tells Mateo that their son is her grandchild and that Hayley wants her mother. Mateo retorts that his wife and child are off limits, that Arlene is the worst person for the job of mother. He hates this part of her -- her victim act and demands that she just leave his wife and child alone. Adam is in the hospital room with Hayley, looking at a stuffed animal that Arlene brought for the baby. He asks Hayley if she had is checked. She assures her father that her mother is not a baby killer. She is a person, she has feelings says Hayley. Adam disagrees. Hayley admits that she was happy to see Arlene, that she wanted her mom to be there to see her baby. "Then you remembered that your mom makes Joan Crawford look like June Cleaver" says Adam. Hayley tearfully admits that she wants her mother to be someone who she can go to for advice on baby care, but she realizes her mother is Arlene. Adam hugs Hayley, telling her he is so sorry. "She's poison," says. "She wants what you have. She's psychotic. Remember how much she hurt all of us. Hayley admits she thought Mateo would kill her. Adams tells Hayley to let Mateo send Arlene packing and he leaves to help Mateo.

On the patio, Arlene tells Mateo she can't believe how cruel he is, that she is still hurting from her miscarriage. She says that Hayley has everything she is supposed to have. Mateo says that he thinks Arlene's miscarriage was nature's way of relieving her of affecting another soul. Again he tells her never to come near his wife or child. Adam arrives in time to second Mateo's emotion. Mateo asks Adam to get his jet so they can fly Arlene back to where she came from. Adam says he will have his pilot drop her off over the Bermuda triangle. Mateo leads Arlene out of the hospital as Adam says he will call his pilot to have the plane ready.

Greenlee asks Laura if they transplanted a backbone when she got her new ticker. Laura calls her a condescending B and Greenlee advises her not to say the word - it's not allowed in her workplace. Laura tells Greenlee that she can't stand that Laura has Leo. Again Laura warns Greenlee to stay away from Leo, that Greenlee needs to grow up, that she is stupid and pathetic. Greenlee counters that at least she has a life. Laura says that she has the love of her life who comes home to her every night. HA-HA laughs Greenlee - that Leo has a job provided by Brooke to keep his leash nice and tight; soon Laura will see that Leo loves Leo. Laura accuses Greenlee of still wanting Leo. "If I wanted him, he'd be mine," asserts Greenlee. Laura asks Greenlee if she needs proof that Leo loves Laura. That, says Greenlee, "Would be the 9th wonder of the world." Don't come near Leo, Laura repeats with increased vehemence.

Tad warns David not to be too smug, that this fight isn't over, that Joe was right - life is long. David retorts that Joe has been wrong about a lot of things lately. He then turns to Anna and tells her to sign herself out. He leaves, pausing directly in front of Dixie for a few seconds. Jake complains that he doesn't want to work here if David is here. JR calls Tad on his cell phone to say he is okay, and Dixie takes the phone. Edmund disagrees with Anna leaving the hospital, but she insists on seeing Robin, that she doesn't care about what anyone thinks and that this isn't about Edmund, it's about her. He disagrees, saying that this isn't just about Robin. She finally agrees, stating that she can't be someone she's not. Brooke advises Edmund to listen to Anna.

Mateo escorts Arlene onto the Chandler jet, shoving her into her seat. He advises the flight attendant to tell the pilot to fly her 2000 miles away or more. As he buckles her in, she asks Mateo to tell Hayley she loves her and he refuses. She calls him an awful, vindictive man who doesn't deserve what he has. He replies that he earned what he has and asks her what she has earned in her miserable life. He storms off the plane.

Brooke excuses herself so Anna and Edmund can talk. Anna tells Edmund that her leaving is not about him - that she is finally in touch with herself and she like herself now. Edmund apologizes to her stating he didn't want to plug her into a slot in his life. Anna says she loves his kids. But, Edmund says you didn't want to raise them. Sorry, says Anna. She thanks him for everything and they agree to be friends. He tells her to call on him anytime. She kisses his cheek and walks away. Brooke walks over to Edmund and states, "Nothing like a good dumping from a potential girlfriend to make ya feel groovy." They leave together.

Dixie is on the phone with JR. Seems he has some stomach flu and was in the infirmary. Tad and Jake are discussing a way to reverse the decision of the board. Tad leaves to go find Joe and Dixie offers to fill Jake in on the board meeting. David arrives to talk to Jake about a grant he has received to do research and offers Jake the position, but informs him that he must work closely with David. "How does that grab you?" David says to a dumbfounded Jake. Tad finds Joe on the patio drinking coffee and blasts him. How can he drink coffee after the way they treated him in the board meeting. Joe tells Tad that he had to move on, that this isn't Tad's concern. Tad asserts that it is his concern and that they treated his dad like a doormat.

Greenlee accuses Laura of being lame for threatening her, and again Laura tells her to stay away from Leo. At this point there is a buzz and Greenlee answers saying "right on time - send him in." Laura tells her not to take a meeting because she isn't through with her. Greenlee informs her that it is a frightening coincidence that her husband is here to see her.

Back aboard Adam's private jet, Arlene pulls a photo of Mateo and Hayley's baby from her pocket. With her other hand she reveals a tuff of the baby's hair. Looking longingly at the photo, Arlene tells Baby Santos that "Momma" will be back for him soon."

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