06/20/2001 Leo & Laura's Wedding

"In Laura's hospital room, the Justice of the Peace began the wedding ceremony. Brooke gave Laura away and kissed Leo as she walked back to her place. The JP told the bride and groom that "Love is given by family and friends, and we learn to love by being loved." All of a sudden Laura said, "Stop! I can't do this!" The room full of guests were stunned and Brooke ran to Laura's side. She asked if Laura was feeling worse but Laura told her mother she just needed to speak to Leo alone. The guests filed out into the waiting area.

Outside Laura's room, Bianca told Brooke that Laura was probably just a little nervous. She said Leo was the best thing that ever happened to Laura and that "he loves her almost as much as..." but stopped there. Brooke finished the sentence for her saying "almost as much as you do?" and gently touched Bianca's arm. Brooke went over to speak to the Justice of the Peace and Erica ran up to Bianca. She was very upset and cried out "Thank God you're ok!" This baffled Bianca but Erica explained that there was a shooting at Wildwind and someone fitting Bianca's description had been wounded and brought to the hospital. Erica had been afraid that Bianca was riding at Wildwind and had been the one shot. Bianca explained that Dimitri had asked her not to ride at the estate. Then Erica looked over at Brooke and said "When I look at Brooke, who's facing losing a second daughter, well, I just couldn't bear it!." Erica asked who was with Brooke and Bianca explained it was a justice of the peace and that Laura and Leo were getting married.

In her hospital room, Laura was a bit out of breath. Leo grabbed the oxygen mask and held it over Laura's face and told her to breathe. She took a few deep breaths but still looked bad. Leo tried to joke that he had the pre-marriage jitters too but then wondered if he did something to make her change her mind. She denied that and told Leo "I love you so much it hurts. That's why I can't marry you." Leo was confused and Laura tried to explain that it wasn't fair to Leo, that she couldn't give him what a wife should give her husband: a future, children, growing old together. Leo told her that all he needs is love and that he'd take it for as long as it lasts. He went on to say that Laura loves so completely and he wants to feel that love and he doesn't care if it's for 5 years or 5 minutes. This touched Laura and she declared the wedding back on. Leo ran to the hallway and told everyone to come back in the room. Bianca asked Erica to join them but she declined and stayed outside in the hallway. Laura apologized for the delay and said she wanted to say something to Leo. She told him that when she was little she thought happiness belonged to other people but that she finally grew into her own happiness. She told Leo that she found happiness because of him and that what ever else happens, she has this moment. "I love you Leo, more than words can say" Laura softly said. Leo spoke up and said he had gotten good at disguises but that Laura saw straight through them, she saw "My heart and soul, and saw the good in me." He told her that he loved her for her courage and everything that she is and wants to be. The JP took over and started the wedding again. Erica stood outside and listened to the wedding vows and Greenlee walked up. She too stood there and listened, and couldn't believe what she was heard. Erica walked away. David handed the JP the wedding rings and Greenlee heard Leo say "I Leo, take thee Laura to be my wife. With this ring I pledge my love and fidelity." Greenlee peered through the window as Leo slipped the ring on Laura's finger. Laura repeated the same words and place the ring on Leo's finger. The JP declared them husband and wife and when Leo kissed Laura, Bianca watched with pain. Everyone else crowded around to congratulate the newlyweds and Greenlee stood outside, barely containing her tears. Erica returned and told Greenlee she was too late to ruin Leo's wedding. Greenlee pretended not to know he'd just gotten married but then said she wished them well. As Vanessa opened Laura's hospital room door Greenlee ran off.

Inside the room, David offered a toast to the bride and groom. Brooke welcomed Leo to the family and asked him to promise he'd take very good care of "my little girl." Leo promised and David said it was getting late; they should all let the couple start their honeymoon. Brooke kissed Laura and Leo and went outside to the waiting area and sat down. She was obviously upset and Erica sat next to her and said "This was not the wedding you had planned for your daughter, was it?" Brooke told her that nothing was like she'd planned for Laura. She had dreamt of Laura's wedding, of her being carried over the threshold, of picking out new furniture, burning her first dinner, holding a baby, filling scrapbooks with memories. Brooke started to cry so she got up and told Erica she was going to the chapel.

Laura got back into her hospital bed and Leo asked what they should do for a honeymoon. Laura got out her sugar packet collection, with pictures of destinations in the USA. They thought the Grand Canyon would be good and Leo crawled into bed next to Laura. Zora walked in and said it was time for Mrs. DuPres medicine. She put it in Laura's and Laura admitted to being rather tired. Zora said she'd be right outside and left the room. Laura and Leo cuddled in bed and she told her new husband that he made magical things happen. Leo told her that the magic's just begun. Laura said she had everything she ever wanted right there.

Greenlee stormed into the loft and in a crying fit of rage trashed everything she could get her hands on. Vanessa walked in the open door and watched, speechless, as Greenlee destroyed the place. Greenlee finally saw Vanessa and ordered her out of the apartment. Vanessa shut the door and told her that they both want Leo's happiness. Greenlee reminded Vanessa that Leo just married Laura. Vanessa told Greenlee that Leo still loves her and that this marriage is a marriage of convenience. She told Greenlee that Leo only married Laura out of pity and that when Laura dies he'll inherit a tidy sum. And then he could come court Greenlee! Greenlee was disgusted by this and demanded that Vanessa leave. She slammed the door behind Vanessa and began to pick up the mess she'd made. But she kept hearing Vanessa's voice telling her that Leo still loved her and that he only married Laura to "fulfill a dying girl's last wish." Greenlee walked over to the mirror and said to herself "Laura's rich, Leo marries Laura, Laura dies, Leo's rich. What's wrong with this picture?"

Gillian was in a hospital bed in a different area of the hospital. She was hooked up to many machines to keep her body alive. Outside her room Alex and Dr. Joe discussed her condition, saying that letting her go was the only option. Joe said at least she wasn't in any pain but Alex said that wasn't enough. Joe reminded her that the doctors had done everything they could for Gillian. Alex got a page and found a phone. Anna and Edmund had just returned and they'd heard about Gillian. Anna asked if she'd be ok but Alex had to tell her that it was all over, Gillian had no brain activity. Anna cried out and said she was coming to the hospital but Alex told her not to.

Jake found Ryan in the chapel and Ryan wanted to know if Gillian was calling for him. He asked if she'd be ok after rehab but Jake just said he wished he had better news. Ryan wondered if they'd still be able to go on their honeymoon and then begged Jake to tell him Gillian would be ok. Jake said, "I'm sorry, she won't be." Ryan couldn't bear this news and went ballistic on Jake. He accused Jake of trying to get back at him because Gillian had chosen Ryan over Jake. Jake denied this, saying he was a doctor and wouldn't lie about a patient, "Gillian won't recover." Ryan kept denying this and said it was time for Jake to face reality; Gillian would never look at him the way she does at Ryan and she'd never say, "I love you" to Jake. Jake tried to gently tell Ryan that Gillian was on life support and that machines were keeping her alive. "The Gillian you knew isn't here, she's gone." Ryan told Jake to go to hell and ran out of the chapel.

Dimitri and Alex talked with Joe and he told them Gillian hadn't signed a living will but she had signed a donor card. But he said the hospital couldn't do anything until Ryan gave his consent. Ryan walked up and told Joe to run more tests but Joe told him they've done everything they could, she's gone. Dimitri tried to tell Ryan the same thing but Ryan couldn't listen. He said she couldn't be gone because he'd feel it if she was. Ryan went into Gillian's room and talked to her about their life and love. He then laid his head on her stomach and sobbed, begging her to come back to him. Ryan told her that he thanked God for her and their future together. Outside the room Dimitri, Alex, Jake and Joe watched Ryan in his torment. Dimitri sadly said he had to go call their relatives in Hungary and tell them the horrible news. After he left Alex said they had to help Ryan get through this. Erica walked up behind them and overheard. Jake told Joe they have to approach Ryan about testing Gillian as a heart donor for Laura. Alex said Ryan needed time to mourn the woman he loves. Erica left as Joe, Jake and Alex walked into Gillian's room. Ryan looked up and told them to forget about the tests, "Gillian's still with me, she's still alive." The three of them looked at each other with unbearable sadness.

In the turret, Anna told Edmund that Charlotte did this to Gillian. Edmund said the shooter was in custody and they could go question her. Anna said Ilene won't live long, Charlotte will see to that. Anna looked at Edmund who was bravely containing his grief. "I know how much Gillian meant to you and you're remaining strong, like nothing can bring you down.." Edmund sat next to Anna and told her he's staying strong because he doesn't want his children to think that bad guys win. He felt he owed that much to Gillian. They took each other's hands for comfort.

In the hospital chapel, Brooke pleaded with God to send a miracle to save Laura. As she cried on her knees Erica walked in. Brooke turned to see who it was and told Erica she couldn't deal with her right now. Erica haughtily said, "Well, you'd better deal with me! I found a heart for Laura.""

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