04/16/2001 Leo Loves Greenlee

"Wanting to give David a piece of his mind, Tad stormed down a hospital corridor to the room where David slept. Before he could barge into the room, Jake stepped in Tad's path and asked that he turn around and go home. An angry Tad said that he wanted to "tear out" David's heart the same way Dixie had torn out his. Joe wandered by and told Tad and Jake that the injuries to David's hand were quite extensive. Tad asked his dad if David, a skilled surgeon, would ever be able to operate again. He might, Joe replied, but he'd never again operate at Pine Valley Hospital. Inside David's room at the hospital, David begged Leslie to stop his tainted drip. "I don't think so," Leslie replied coldly. She told David that she wasn't sure how to turn off the drip and, while still toying with David, "accidentally" turned a knob so that the solution would drip ever faster. David warned Leslie that she's regret killing him, but Leslie saw no chance that her conscience would get the best of her. "What are you going to do?" she sneered. "Haunt me?" Leslie peered into David's eyes and told him that she wanted to see him beg for his life the same way she'd begged for hers before he allowed her to fall from the Chandler Building. Leslie became annoyed that David hadn't yet died. She looked around the room frantically for something that would speed along David's demise. She reached for a scalpel and held it to a vein in David' neck, stumbling for the word "jugular." For one reason or another, Leslie decided to put down the knife and use something that would cause less mess - a pillow. Leslie picked up the pillow and -- with what can best be described as a pathetic attempt - placed the pillow over David's face. Tad walked into the room and asked Leslie what she was doing. Leslie turned around in shock and calmly explained to David that she was trying to do what they both wanted. That, of course, being to kill David. Tad tried to reason with Leslie, but it did little good. Leslie explained that by killing David, she was insuring that he would never come between Tad and Dixie again. Tad shook his head, took a deep breath, and charged Leslie. Tad wrapped his arms around the woman and called out for his dad and brother. Joe and Jake entered the room and helped escort Leslie to another area of the hospital. After everyone had left the room, David weakly called out for someone to help him. He looked over at the that continued to drip a tainted solution into his body.

Greenlee took Leo back to the loft she shares with Jake for some time alone. Leo asked Greenlee when she plans to move to her own place. Her response of sometime in her "next lifetime" didn't exactly bowl Leo over. Leo admitted that he'd never stopped loving Greenlee; he was merely troubled greatly by her behavior. For her confession, Greenlee said that she thought her actions had pushed Leo out of her life for good. Sheepishly, Greenlee admitted that she might have gone "a little too far" by pushing Laura overboard and blackmailing Bianca. Greenlee excused herself to slip into something a little more comfortable. As she was changing, Leo was haunted by Bianca's admonition to him about telling Greenlee the truth about his original plan to marry her for her money. Later, Jake returned to a darkened loft. He switched on the lights and found a scantily clad Greenlee straddled atop Leo on the sofa. The pair quickly jumped to their feet and apologized for the spectacle. Greenlee tried to talk Leo into going to the yacht or The Valley Inn, but Leo decided that it would be best if he hit the road. After Leo left, Greenlee sat down with Jake to discuss her renewed relationship with Leo. She proudly boasted that she and Leo were once again an item, but explained that they were taking things slow. With a wry smile, Jake asked Greenlee if she and Leo had been "taking things slow" when he walked in on them.

As the party raged on at the boathouse, an overly giddy Laura continued to tell Bianca how much she meant to her. "Do you even know how cool you are?" Laura asked. It was clear to Bianca that Laura was high. Meanwhile, Heather snapped photos of Laura hugging Bianca and promised to post the photos on every wall at school. With JR by his side, Marcus strolled up to the trio of cheerleaders and asked if one of them could spot him $20. None of the girls offered to make the loan. JR, however, reached into his pocket and pulled out $40 for the school's top jock. Heather also hit up JR for some money, presumably for more "X." Back near the water, Bianca told Laura that she was going to go home because she didn't like the idea of people doing drugs. Laura pleaded with Bianca to stick around. She even asked her pal to try Ecstasy; Laura's rationale was that Bianca couldn't say the drugs are bad if she'd never tried them. Bianca explained that she's in recovery and doesn't want to jeopardize her health. Laura cocked her head to the side and noted that Bianca's "problem" was with food - not drugs. Still, Bianca declined Laura's offer. Bianca headed on her way home after unsuccessfully trying to talk Laura into going with her. Shortly after Bianca left, Laura began to suffer some adverse effects of the Ecstasy she'd taken. Her vision blurred, Laura dropped to her knees and grimaced in pain. Sweeney, the boy who'd sold her the Ecstasy, passed by and Laura asked him about the X she'd been given. Sweeney appeared indifferent to Laura's adverse reaction and continued on his way.

Dixie dropped by Chandler Mansion to see her son, but Liza informed her that JR wasn't around. Dixie told Liza that Tad had brought up the subject of divorce. Liza said that she was sorry for the problems that Dixie and Tad were having and again urged Dixie to cut her ties to David. Frazzled by her problems, Dixie accused Liza of wanting to keep JR from her. Liza, of course, denied the allegations and insisted that JR wanted to stay at the mansion because Dixie and Tad's problems were tearing him up inside. She added that she would not try to "steal" JR because it would also mean that she'd be hurting Tad, someone she considered a very good friend. Dixie bowed her head and admitted that she'd overreacted. Liza assured Dixie that Tad loved her - even if he wasn't saying so. Dixie didn't believe that Tad or any man has ever really loved her. "I'm like a one woman rescue mission," Dixie stated. She claimed that she often wanted to be more like Liza, a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Surprisingly, Liza admitted that she often is envious of Dixie because she has - or had - the perfect life. Dixie asked Liza how she'd managed to get past the feelings of love she'd had for Tad. In a startling admission, Liza said that she has never stopped loving Tad and imagined that a part of her would always be in love with Tad. That, however, does not mean that Liza is not "madly" in love with Adam. Dixie said that a part of her still loves David, but added that she isn't sure that she and David will ever be able to be friends in the same way that Liza and Tad are friends. Junior returned to the mansion and claimed that the reason his mother hadn't been able to reach him was because he'd been at the library. Dixie tried to talk to JR about Tad, but JR angrily told that he didn't care what she had to say. Claiming that he had studying to do, JR breezed past his mother and raced up to his room.

Leo showed up at Erica's house to talk to Bianca. Erica had already gone to bed, so the pair had some private time to talk. Bianca was not in the best of moods. She told Leo about her concern for Laura and her drug use. Leo told Bianca that he hadn't yet told Greenlee the truth about his plan to scam her. Seemingly wanting to talk himself into doing so, Leo swore that he'd eventually tell Greenlee the truth.

Back at the hospital, Joe informed Tad that Leslie had been locked in a secure room elsewhere in the hospital. Tad seemed relieved, but both appeared a bit saddened by Leslie's downfall from a top-notch lawyer to her current state. Joe went in to check on David and found him lying lifelessly in bed. Joe tried to rouse him by gently nudging him, but it did not good. Joe realized that David teetered on the brink of death. He called a "code" and assembled a team to try to resuscitate David. Tad watched from the doorway as Joe used paddles in an attempt to "jump start" David's heart."

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