04/13/2001 Leo Confides In Bianca

"Dixie went to visit David at the jail to ask for "her heart back." After arguing their feelings toward one another, David slammed his fist into his cell wall managing to break his hand. Dixie got all concerned and called out for help.

Tad went to see Jake at the hospital. Tad asked Jake if there was room for another body at his new place as he was sick of his mother making him warm milk and cookies and his father walking around with a concerned look on his face all the time. Jake asked Tad what would become of Dixie and suggested to Tad that he was letting David win. Tad assured Jake that he wasn't completely giving Dixie the shaft, that he just needed a little time to deal with the fact that his wife had feelings for David Hayward. As if on cue, David entered the hospital handcuffed with Dixie tailing behind him.

After Jake refused to let Dixie join David in the treatment room, Tad questioned Dixie about how it came to be that she was there when David broke his hand. Tad accused David of breaking his hand on purpose to keep Dixie near him. Tad told her he could never top that kind of theatricals, nor did he want to try to departed. Dixie followed right on his heels.

A nurse wheeled Leslie into the room after Tad and Dixie departed. Leslie heard the nurses gossiping with one another about the fact that David had been brought in with a broken hand. The nurses obviously hated David and wished that the doctor would make his cast too tight before they sent him back to his jail cell. Leslie overheard their conversation as well as the room number that David was being treated in.

Dixie caught up with Tad before he left the hospital. She asked him for some time to work through her feelings for David. Tad didn't really respond one way or the other. Dixie asked after Jaime and how it was going staying with Ruth and Joe. Tad brought her up-to-date on his tentative plan of moving in with Jake (and Greenlee) until he could find a place of his own. He asked Dixie if it would be all right for him to still see JR once in a while. She assured him that he could. They sat down and had a heart-to-heart but it ultimately led to Tad asking her why they are putting off the inevitable...why aren't they thinking about ending things. Dixie tried to tell him how much she still cared, but Tad wasn't in the mood and abruptly departed.

Roger was cornered at the Valley Inn by Greenlee, as Erica and him were leaving for a picnic. Greenlee discovered that her father never bothered to fill Erica in on the fact that she was his daughter. Greenlee was very hurt and Roger only apologized to Erica, not Greenlee. Greenlee was very frustrated and ask her father, "What the hell did I do to you to make you hate me so much?" Roger informed Greenlee that he was not going to make a scene at the Valley Inn. Greenlee informed Erica that she better "watch her purse" and stormed out. Roger again apologized to Erica. Erica went on to badmouth Greenlee and tell him how loathsome she thought she was. Erica also asked Roger if Greenlee was right about him being after her money. Roger denied that it was his purpose with her and led Erica to believe that he was trying to get a better relationship with his daughter and to start a new life. Roger brought up his in-laws and how they constantly reminded him that they were better than he was. Erica shared her own stories and told Roger that she could certainly understand his point.

Leo went to see Bianca at Erica's house and asked if she remembered when he had followed her to that gay bar. He pointed out that Bianca must have really trusted him because she had confided in him about her secret of being gay. Bianca told him that she still trusted him and that she considered him to be one of her best friends. Leo asked Bianca why it was that she liked him, what he had done to make her like him. Bianca explained that he was her lifeline last fall. Leo confided to her that when he and his mother lived in Europe that they scammed people for money for a living and that they had come to the states for a specific purpose which was that Vanessa was going to befriend Erica in the hopes that it would lead to other connections. When that failed he explained, Vanessa brought him in to do the job, as it seemed to be a place for a man. He explained that his mother was really out for Palmer and that Leo was supposed to woo Greenlee Smythe, marry her and clean her out. Leo went on to tell Bianca that he wasn't going to hurt Greenlee or take her money, he was only concerned that she might find out what his original plan had been. He also let on to Bianca that he was afraid of his mother blackmailing him because she was so desperate since Palmer decided to go on vacation without her. Bianca told Leo to confide in Greenlee before his mother got to her first.

Laura interrupted Bianca and Leo's talk with news that she had been accepted at Pine Valley University. Leo departed and announced that he was going to talk with Greenlee. Laura invited Bianca to a letter burning shindig at the boathouse. They were going to burn all the "no" letters and celebrate all the "yes" letters.

Leo met up with Greenlee at the Valley Inn for dinner. When Leo asked Greenlee what was wrong, she clearly did not want to discuss it. Leo asked if it was her father again, and she said it was just the same old thing. Leo tried to broach the subject about what his true plans had been for Greenlee, but Greenlee interrupted him and made a spectacle because she thought that Leo was breaking up with her again, that he had changed his mind. Leo calmed her down and assured her he wasn't breaking up with her. Greenlee then confided in Leo about her run-in with her father and Erica. Greenlee told Leo to go ahead and tell her what it was he was going to tell her before. Leo warned her it was very big and kissed her.

Roger escorted Erica home. Erica told him she thought he was a bit complicated but that she wanted him to call her. Roger agreed to call her tomorrow and departed.

As the party got underway at the boathouse, Bianca chatted with JR who insisted he was doing fine now that Hayward was in jail. When Bianca continued to ask him questions, JR got upset and excused himself to get something to drink. When Bianca asked him what he thought they had to drink, JR retorted with, "'I'm sure they have age appropriate beverages." Meanwhile, Laura was seen buying and taking ecstasy.

Also at the party Heather and Mindy were conspiring with Shannon about planting ecstasy on Bianca. Shannon said that, "Bianca's mom is going to have to pick her up off the floor with a mop when I'm done with her."

Later while the party was in full swing, Laura confronted Bianca and told her how beautiful and wonderful she thought she was and how she had never told her those things enough in the past. Bianca was clearly embarrassed. Laura then told her how much she loved her and hugged her.

David was in his hospital room and the nurse informed him that she had given him stuff for the pain but that she felt they would have to operate. Jake explained his condition to him and went to call the ER to have it setup for surgery. After the others departed, Leslie entered the room. She took some unknown medicine and put it in a syringe and put it into David's IV. When David saw her and what she had done, he began to get weak from the drug that Leslie had given him. Leslie laughed as she looked down on him about how much she was going to enjoy seeing him die."

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