11/10/2000 David Puts Libidozone In Tad's Drink

"Greenlee led Leo, blindfolded, to a vacant apartment, which happened to be in Ryan's building. He didn't get it, so Greenlee explained that the apartment would be perfect for the couple and their dog, Happy. "Out of all the buildings in Pine Valley, you rented an apartment above Ryan Lavery and you expect me to live in it?" Leo asked.

Greenlee didn't think living above Ryan would be a problem. She no longer had any feelings for him she explained. She and Leo needed some stability. "Isn't that what you want?" she asked.

Greenlee smiled and asked Leo if he really loved her. She admitted that she loved him too. Then why, she asked, couldn't they move in together? Leo said the timing was wrong. He then admitted that he didn't want Greenlee to keep him. He wanted to pay his own way and refused to take money from her. She couldn't believe it. He just didn't want to live with her. Angry, Greenlee stormed out of the apartment.

Ryan made last minute plans for his big announcement at the Valley Inn. Adam happily greeted Liza in the busy room. She asked Adam if his good mood was due to his pending divorce from Arlene. Adam said he hadn't had a chance to talk to Arlene and Liza replied that they had nothing to talk about either. Liza accused Adam of planning their meeting at the Valley Inn, but Adam denied it. He said he was there for the press conference, where Ryan would announce incredibledream.com's gala fundraiser for pregnant teens. Liza wondered why Adam would be interested and he admitted that he had been mentoring Ryan. He then revealed he had been thinking about returning to Chandler Enterprises. Liza explained that neither she, Tad nor the Board of Chandler Enterprises wanted Adam back. Adam didn't see the Board as a problem. Liza suggested that he work as a consultant.

Liza asked Ryan why she had been invited to the press conference. He handed her two tickets to the fundraiser while evading her question. She accepted the invitation, but continued with her questions. Why had Ryan chosen to hold the event on a yacht? Why was Adam working so closely with Ryan? Ryan chalked the two events up to a coincidence, but Liza said she was not fooled. Adam was plotting something. "The only thing I'm giving away is a check, got that?" she told Adam. As Liza marched away Ryan told Adam he would get Liza on the yacht, but the rest was up to Adam. The press conference started.

Ryan announced the gala to the press. Adam pledged that he would buy 10 tables at $5,000 a table.

Jake told Ryan he didn't appreciate being ambushed at the press conference. Ryan explained that he thought the publicity would be good for the project; Jake didn't believe it. Just then, Jake's pager went off. He had to return to the hospital. He kissed Gillian and left. Ryan apologized and Gillian said they should just forget about it. She complimented Ryan for his efforts for unwed teens. Greenlee approached the couple. "How do you do it?" she asked Gillian. "I can't get one man and you've got two dangling. And people call me a predator." Greenlee strutted away leaving the couple staring after her.

Erica walked into the restaurant to meet Bruce the photographer. She wanted to see the pictures of the shoot between Leo and Bianca. Both admitted they were terrible. While the kids were cute, they definitely were not photogenic. Erica blamed Bruce's heavy handed manner for the bad photos.

Tad joined Leslie Coulson at the Valley Inn. She tried to persuade Tad to drop the sexual harassment lawsuit against David Hayward, but Tad refused. Outside the restaurant, David looked on. He was holding a vial of Libidozone.

Leslie said she was on Tad's side. He wasn't hearing it and prepared to leave. "Isn't there anything I can do to change your mind?" She placed her hand over his. "That's not going to work," Tad said, snatching his hand away. David continued to look on smiling. Liza walked up to him and asked why he was lurking around. He said he was looking for a table where he wouldn't be disturbed. Liza accused him of watching Tad. "Why would I do that?" he asked. "Good question," she replied.

She approached Tad's table and asked to speak with him privately. She told him to take the day off and spend time with Dixie. He didn't understand. She continued that Tad should be at home and not with Leslie Colson. "Go home," she urged. Tad asked Liza if she had spoken to Dixie. Liza admitted she had spoken with Dixie the night before. "Do not let an idiot like David Hayward ruin it for you" Liza begged

David snuck up on Leslie and told her to go keep an eye on Tad and Liza. While no one watched, he dropped the Libidozone into Tad's drink.

David sat nearby and watched as Tad picked up the Libidozone-laced drink. When David saw Dixie walk into the restaurant David jumped up from his table and grabbed her. "Dixie, wait!"

"David let go of me." She snatched her arm away. As David tried to excuse his behavior, Tad jumped up from the table and got in his face. "This time we've got witnesses," Tad said. Dixie tried to get Tad out of the restaurant and Tad agreed to leave. David, visibly upset, asked Leslie to keep talking to Tad.

Erica walked up to David and asked if she could speak with him. "I'm at my wit's end," she said as she sat down at the table abandoned by Leslie and Tad. David picked up the laced drink and looked at it. Erica explained that while she thought that Bianca and Leo as the Enchantment couple was a good idea, the photographer said the two had no chemistry. She asked David to look at the pictures. Erica complained of a headache. She continued. Bruce had implied that Bianca had no sex appeal. Erica couldn't believe it. She pulled a pill out of her purse. "What does someone have to do to get a drink of water around here?, she asked. "Oh, good, your soda." She picked up the glass filled with Libidozone and took a huge swig as David looked on disbelievingly.

Outside the restaurant, Tad wondered why Dixie was there. He did not want to discuss dropping the sexual harassment lawsuit. Dixie asked what he would do if she couldn't go through with it. She admitted she was partially responsible for the two kisses between her and David. He said he couldn't help his anger and jumped up. "I can't do this now," he said and left to go to work.

A forlorn Dixie walked back into the restaurant.

Edmund and Dimitri talked in the hospital lounge. Edmund admitted that he still had feelings for Alex and said he would have to leave Pine Valley. Just then Alex walked in "You can't," she said. "That's not the answer." She asked him not to make any hasty decisions, but Edmund admitted that he was miserable, and interfering in the Maricks' lives. She begged him to see things through. She told him he would be uprooting the children and taking them away from Maria's family. He thought it would be the right decision especially since Dimitri now owned Wildwind. "He'll never throw you out," she said. Edmund left, Alex tried to follow, but Dimitri stopped her.

Edmund found his way to the Marick mausoleum where he began talking to Maria. He told her he thought he could survive anything after he survived losing her. He began to cry as he stroked her headstone. He planned to leave Pine Valley even though he knew Maria would not agree with this decision. He cried, "I miss you so much. I would do anything to be with you again." Edmund began to hear Alf speaking. "Why don't you stay here and take what is rightfully yours?" his stepfather taunted. "Dimitri took Maria; now he's taken Alex. And you let him. You're a disgrace, a pitiful excuse for a man." Alf continued. Edmund fought off Alf's hateful words. "Get out of my head; leave me alone." He fell to the floor of the mausoleum and sobbed. Dimitri stood outside and watched and listened."

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