01/07/2000 Mateo Plans To Propose

"For one reason or another, Mateo had gotten an early start at the club. He asked Tina to take inventory and write down everything that needed to be reordered. Tina noticed that Mateo was in an unusually good mood. "Are you high on something," she asked with a smile. "Just life," Mateo replied. Content with the answer, Tina headed off to start her work. Adrian walked into the office and apologized for being late. He asked Mateo to put him to work, but Mateo said that everything was under control. And what still had to be done was something that only he could do. That intrigued Adrian and he asked Mateo if he'd like to share what it was that he was up to. Mateo reached into his pocket and produced a small ring box. Inside the box was a huge diamond ring. Mateo proudly announced that he planned to ask Hayley to marry him. He followed that up by boasting that he was absolutely certain that Hayley would accept his proposal. Adrian was surprised by how fast the relationship was developing. The last Adrian had heard, Mateo and Hayley had only shared a dance. "What about slow and easy?" he asked. "We're back where we're supposed to be," Mateo responded. Adrian didn't want to be a wet blanket, but he couldn't help but think that one dance would not wash away all their problems. "We've been postponing our lives for everyone else," Mateo stated. He explained that if they sit back and wait for everyone else's lives to fall into order, they might never have a life of their own. Mateo's talk convinced Adrian that all was right with the world. There was still one obstacle on the road to happiness --- Hayley still had to say yes. Mateo said that the next time he saw Hayley he planned to pop the question. Mateo put the ring into his pocket and headed out to find Hayley. Later, Tina returned to the room and she and Adrian cozied up to each other as they tried to figure out some of the scrawlings Tina had made on the inventory checklist.

Before entering the house, Trevor bent over to pick up the morning paper. Fortunately for him, it allowed Hayley to catch up to him. Hayley told her uncle that she needed to talk to him --- in private. Trevor nodded his head and told his niece that they could go somewhere and he'd buy her a chocolate pudding.

They ended up at The Valley Inn, but by then Hayley was no longer in the mood to eat. "You were on Cloud Nine," Trevor remarked when asking what was troubling Hayley. Hayley admitted that kissing Mateo was something magical. "It was like my soul was ready to sprout wings," she smiled. After returning home from the ball, though, something happened to change Hayley's mind. During the few minutes of sleep she'd managed to get, Hayley was haunted by images of "the mother from hell." Trevor's brow crinkled as he asked Hayley how Arlene played into her dream. Hayley called her mother's presence in her dream a "reality check." Somehow, Arlene had managed to convince Hayley that her happiness with Mateo would only be short-lived. One way or another, Hayley would follow her mother's footsteps and "screw up" somehow. Trevor shook his head and told Hayley that screwing up was her mother's bag. "The only thing your mother could predict was her next hangover," Trevor grumbled. Trevor reminded Hayley that her split with Mateo was not solely her fault; both she and Mateo had made mistakes. The twelve-step program, he told Hayley, tells one to "let go of what wasn't working." Using that as a guide, Trevor was certain that Mateo and Hayley could once again find happiness. All they had to do was to avoid making the same mistakes again. "When I close my eyes, I see Mateo crushed," Hayley said sadly. She wondered how he could ever forgive her for accusing him of walking away from Ryan and then not correcting him when he assumed that she and Ryan were sleeping together. Trevor countered by pointing out that Mateo had "shoved" vodka in her face. Hayley nodded and confessed that she's not sure if she'll ever be able to forgive Mateo for that. This wasn't the reaction Trevor had anticipated. He quickly moved to try to make Hayley see that she still loved Mateo in spite of their fallouts. Hayley shook her head and said that she was beginning to believe that her mother was right. She stood up from the table and raced away. Trevor was about to chase after her, but he got sidetracked by an incoming call on his cellular phone. The call was from a very anxious Mateo who told Trevor that he had a "big question" for Hayley. Trevor warned Mateo that now was not the time to ask Hayley anything. After stating that Hayley needs "down time," Trevor hung up and chased after his niece.

At BJ's, Becca sat with Ryan and talked about what was a "new experience" for her. Ryan assured her that it was no big deal because he does it with all his friends. Becca nervously explained that she's worried that Scott will walk in on them. Ryan nodded understandingly and told her that they'd have to come up with a good cover story to prevent being caught. Becca hugged Ryan to show her thanks. Greenlee and Leo happened upon the pair and Greenlee immediately went on the rampage. Greenlee asked Leo why it seems that every man throws himself at Becca. Leo urged Greenlee not to make judgments about Becca. "Don't judge a heifer by the twitch of her tail," he said with a smile. Greenlee was intent to storm over to the table and toss out a barrage of insults at Becca. Leo, however, voiced reason and asked Greenlee to give him the chance win their bet. "Becca would never fall for you," Greenlee sneered. "You're too pagan." Leo was convinced that he could win Becca's heart if given the chance. Greenlee was anxious to see how Leo planned to defrost "the Ice Queen." The pair joined Ryan and Becca at their table. Greenlee immediately asked what the two were talking about. Becca swore them to secrecy before explaining that Ryan was helping her plan a surprise party for Scott to celebrate his getting into film school. Greenlee rolled her eyes. "Will there be square-dancing and hog calling?" she asked sarcastically. Becca was quick to fire back with an insult. "You might have a future in skin flicks if you're not already overexposed," she snapped. Leo and Ryan bit their lips to keep from laughing. Greenlee asked Becca if they've ever made films about people like her. She mused that the tale would presumably be about a "hick" who went off to war, was killed, and left behind a gaggle of kids. Becca suddenly became very quiet and asked Greenlee to drop the subject. Greenlee pressed on until Ryan told her that Becca's brother had been killed in Desert Storm. Greenlee didn't seem to mind her faux pas. In fact, it only provided more fuel to the fire. "I had no idea," she said insincerely. "Did the backwoods boys have a special platoon?" Ryan grabbed Greenlee by the arm and pulled her away. Across the room he blasted her for her insensitivity. Greenlee insisted that Becca deserved what she'd gotten because she shamelessly flirts with any man near her. "Miss Hayseed can't wait to jump your bones," Greenlee snorted. Ryan had about all he could take for one day. As he stormed away, he told Greenlee that he likes to believe that there are still good people in the world --- and that Becca is one of them. Greenlee chased after Ryan and apologized for upsetting him. She stopped short, though, of saying that she'd apologize to Becca. She licked her lips and asked Ryan if he was grumpy because they hadn't gotten a chance to make love recently. Ryan smiled and he and Greenlee headed back to his apartment arm-in-arm. Back at the table, Leo told Becca that he was sorry for the way Greenlee had treated her. Becca puckered her lips and told Leo that she knew he was lying. She thought that he and Greenlee were an item and was surprised to learn that they were just keeping up appearances. Leo told Becca that he'd like her to take him on as her "pupil" and teach him how to be nicer. Becca burst into laughter and told Leo that he was "full of it." Nevertheless, she didn't make effort to walk away.

Hayley took her troubles to the beach. She sat down in the sand and stared out at the ocean. In the background, Mateo looked on with a smile.

Needless to say, Sophie was furious that she didn't get the chance to bop Trevor with the crowbar. Janet breathed a sigh of relief, but that served only to infuriate Sophie all the more. Sophie knew that it would be only a matter of time before Trevor and Amanda returned home. Anger was beginning to turn Sophie into an even more dangerous woman. She asked Janet if Amanda was like her --- good at math. She presented Janet was a story problem. "Daddy and daughter walk through a door. All things being equal --- crowbar, velocity, windshear, skull density --- who'll crack first when I lower the boom?" Janet struggled to free herself, but it did no good. Sophie stopped momentarily and mulled the idea of getting in some practice on Janet. Sophie smashed the crowbar against a vase. Sophie ripped the tape from Janet's mouth and gave her one last chance to plead for her life. Janet promised to get Sophie one million dollars, but Sophie didn't buy it. She asked Janet how she planned to get one million dollars when she had a hard time getting fifty thousand dollars. "What are you going to win big with Regis?" Sophie mused. "And when you get stumped on a question are you gonna call up your old cellmate, Sophie?" Janet nervously stated that she could talk to Adam Chandler about getting more money. Janet again tried to appeal to the bond that she and Sophie shared. Janet said that she remembered how hard it was to get used to life on the outside. Suddenly, Mirror Janet's evil cackle sounded out. Janet turned and angrily told the voice to shut up. "Who are you talking to?" Sophie asked. "Are you still talking to that whacked out inner-self?" Janet shook her head and stated that her doctors had given her a clean bill of health. Sophie reluctantly gave Janet twenty-four hours to come up with the extra cash. She wanted her money in small bills. If any aspect of her demands were not met, she told Janet that her loved ones would get it. Sophie headed to the door and quietly left. Janet scurried to clean up the mess that Sophie had made. As she did, Mirror Janet made an encore appearance. The reflection laughed at Janet's misguided belief that Adam would give her money. "If Sophie kills me, what happens to you?" Janet asked. Mirror Janet was silent for a few moments. She told Janet not to worry about her --- it was Trevor and Amanda that were in trouble. "Leave me alone!" Janet screamed. She turned and raced out of the house. Trevor slowly walked into the room in stunned disbelief. "Who the hell is she talking to?" he asked."

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