10/13/1999 Jake Takes Colby

""Give me one good reason why I shouldn't break your arm like I did to your brother, Tad," Ray Gardner sneered as he hovered over Junior. Junior scurried away and proudly proclaimed that Adam Chandler was his father. The protestation failed to make Ray back down. Junior called out for someone to help him, but his cries only fueled Ray's fire. "You sound like a girl," he said tauntingly. As he moved inched closer to the boy, Junior suddenly woke from his nightmare. There would be no comfort in the awakening. Footsteps and rustling leaves outside the mausoleum sent Junior into another wave of panic.

The boy's father, meanwhile, swigged a drink of brandy in the warmth of the posh Chandler Mansion. Adam, however, was haunted by sounds of his own. "You are not and will not ever be Colby's father," echoed Liza's words. Tad arrived and demanded that Adam tell him everything that he'd said to Junior before the boy ran off. Adam repeatedly insisted that he'd done nothing to make Junior want to flee. "My son loves me," he stated firmly. "He's also terrified of you," Tad added. Tad continued pressing Adam for details, but Adam still refused to answer. "I will not be interrogated like a common criminal," he snapped. Adam opened the front door and ordered Tad to leave his property. Tad shook his head in disbelief and said that he would leave. Under his breath he muttered how disappointed he was in Adam; his son was missing and he was too worried about his own ego to even help. Adam raced over to his phone and placed an urgent call to one of his friends in Congress.

At Wildwind, Jamie and Gillian returned to the parlor after reading a bedtime story to Maddie. Gillian noticed a chill in the air and headed off to ask Stella to turn up the heat. While she was gone, Jamie grabbed a blanket and slowly made his way towards the door. Gillian returned before he could get too far and promised the boy that things would be getting warmer soon. They sat in front of the fireplace for a while before going to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. Back in the parlor, Jamie claimed that he could not drink the hot chocolate without marshmallows. Gillian cocked her head to one side and asked Jamie what he was going to do with the marshmallows. "What are you from another planet?" Jamie quipped. Gillian agreed to go to the kitchen and look for marshmallows. Soon after she left, Jamie grabbed the blanket and hot chocolate and made his way back towards the door. He was just about to turn the doorknob when Gillian returned. She asked Jamie what he was doing. Worried that the princess might be on to him, Jamie claimed that he'd heard some strange noises and wanted to see if a raccoon or squirrel was outside.

Brooke and Trevor met up with Dixie at BJ's. Dixie decided that a big pot of coffee would help keep them warm and alert. While Dixie stepped away to find a waitress, Trevor commented that he found it strange that Dixie was able to think about coffee. After all, her son was missing. Dixie returned to the table, still optimistic that Junior would be found soon. She thought about how she would punish Junior, another move that caused Trevor some concern. Becca phoned Dixie, but the news was not good. Junior still hadn't returned home---and no one had reported seeing the boy. Tad showed up with Adam following just a few steps behind. Adam announced that he was taking over the search. Tad and Trevor voiced their opposition, but Dixie thought that Adam's connections might prove valuable. Gillian phoned in to report Jamie's strange behavior. Tad determined that Jamie might know where Junior had gone. Brooke, Dixie, and Tad headed off to Wildwind to question Jamie. Adam wanted to follow along, but his presence wasn't wanted. Trevor grabbed Adam by the arm and twisted it behind his back. Adam grimaced in pain and pleaded with Trevor to let him go. "That's my son out there. If I caused this I want to fix it," Adam said softly. Trevor reluctantly agreed to unhand Adam, but only after making him promise that he'd be "a good boy."

At The Valley Inn, Opal entered the dining room while rummaging through her purse. She wasn't looking where she was going and crashed into the back of another patron---Palmer of all people! Neither knew whom they'd collided with. Both dropped to the floor and started picking up the spilled contents of the purse. Palmer finally looked up. "Oh, it's you," he groaned. "Graceful as ever." Palmer took joy in seeing that Opal was dining alone. Opal told him that someone would be joining her, but Palmer didn't seem to believe her. He smirked as he told her that Vanessa would be joining him and that she should feel free to leave if it troubles her to see them together. "You and Vanessa could swing naked from the chandelier," Opal retorted. Vanessa strolled in and Opal headed off to her table. Vanessa decided that champagne was in order---and it wasn't just because she'd parked the car herself. She said that "everyday is a celebration" because she's married to Palmer. Across the room, Jack joined Opal to discuss some of the legalities of selling products over the Internet. Opal, however, didn't hear a word he was saying. For some reason, she was transfixed on Palmer. Oddly, Palmer was staring right back at her. Palmer returned his attention to his new bride for a few moments, asking her how Bunny was doing. Vanessa said that her friend was doing wonderfully and thanked Palmer for asking about her. Palmer told Vanessa that she was right when she talked about the private nature of the Swiss clinic. "It's so discreet that they don't even exist!" he squawked. Vanessa fidgeted nervously as Palmer informed her that he'd tried sending flowers to Bunny only to find out that the clinic did not exist. Vanessa's eyes darted and forth. She said that she might have mixed up the name by accident. Opal was enjoying every minute. She knew that trouble was brewing because the "tick" in Palmer's cheek had surfaced. "Don't insult me by keeping secrets from me," Palmer grumbled. Vanessa said that she would never think of keeping secrets. She told Palmer that he was entirely too tense and invited him upstairs for a sensual massage. Palmer shook his head and refused to budge. Palmer returned his glance back to Opal's table. Opal wanted to seize the opportunity to stick it to her ex-husband. She grabbed jack by the back of the head and pulled him towards her. She then giggled giddily to make it look like she and Jack were engaging in some stimulating conversation. She then went one step further by asking Jack to walk her to the door. She whirled and twirled around the attorney and even somehow managed to get him to "dip" her. Jack was irked by Opal's shenanigans, but he didn't want to make her look bad by walking out on her. As the couple strolled past Palmer and Vanessa's table, the look of shock on the Cortlandts faces was absolutely hilarious. Vanessa blinked her eyes several times and said that the only way Opal could get a many like Jack was to flaunt her money. Palmer asked his wife why she hadn't gone back to the room yet. Seeing that she obviously wasn't wanted, Vanessa rose from her chair and walked away. Palmer picked his cell phone and called his private investigator for a report. The investigator had managed to track down Vanessa's mystery man, but he'd someone given him the slip. Later, Vanessa returned to a darkened dining room and placed a secretive call to the man known only as "Leo." She learned of the private eye that Palmer had hired and warned Leo that they might not be able to talk for a little while. "Je t'aime," she said with a kiss. She hung up the phone and turned around to walk away. She screamed in fright when she saw Palmer standing but a few feet away.

In the lobby, Jake offered to reserve a room for Liza. "Myrtle's [boarding house] is not befitting of the former Mrs. Adam Chandler," Jake smiled. Liza looked at him with a puzzled look and asked him to explain himself. "You are leaving him, aren't you?" Jake asked. Liza sighed and explained that she wasn't ready to walk out on Adam. "Adam was just being Adam," she replied. Jake announced that he might have to re-evaluate the arrangements he and Liza had made concerning Colby. Liza hoped that Jake wasn't planning a custody fight. Jake bowed his head and admitted that a court battle wasn't in their future. He did, however, want to find a way to keep Adam as far away from Colby as possible. Liza was somewhat peeved that Jake didn't think that she could handle Adam. Jake asked Liza if he could have Colby for the night. This, he said, would hammer home a point with Adam. This would be the first time that Colby was away from Liza for the night, so Liza was understandably anxious. Nevertheless, she agreed.

At Wildwind, Dixie, Tad, and Brooke sat down with Jamie and again asked him if he knew where Junior had gone. Brooke and Tad tried to convince their son that sometimes breaking a promise to a friend is actually a good thing. Dixie assured Jamie that neither he nor Junior would get into trouble. Adam appeared in the doorway and Jamie clammed up. Adam vowed that he would not scold Junior or send him away---under the condition that Jamie spill the beans. Jamie confessed that his friend was hiding in the mausoleum. Everyone scampered off to the crypt. Brooke warned Adam that he should stay at the house because Junior might bolt again if he saw him. Adam refused to believe that that was possible and disregarded Brooke's warning. Jamie had told the truth---but when everyone descended upon the mausoleum Junior was already gone. Tad hugged Dixie tightly and told her that they would not lose Junior. And once Junior was back safe and sound, Tad vowed to make Adam pay.

Adam returned to Chandler Mansion and once again tried to call his friend, the Senator. Adam was hung up on when he referred to the person on the phone as "an idiot." He slammed his cellular phone against the table before collapsing on the sofa. He buried his head in his hands and sobbed openly unaware that Liza had returned home."

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