10/12/1999 JR Runs Away

"At a table at BJ's, Jake grumbled that it was almost time to take Colby back to Chandler Mansion. He said a few disparaging remarks about Adam and was quickly reprimanded by Gillian. Jamie and Brooke entered the restaurant and sat at a nearby table. Brooke nearly toppled over in her chair when she heard Jamie place his order for a double cheeseburger, large fries, large onion rings, and chocolate shake. Jamie claimed that his order was nothing out of the ordinary. Brooke smiled proudly and determined that her son was merely going through another growth spurt. Frantic, Tad and Dixie arrived at the restaurant and asked Jamie if he might know where Junior went. Jamie played it close to the vest, never once hinting that he knew anything about his friend's disappearance. Brooke offered to join the search, but Jamie blurted out that she couldn't join them because they had to go right home after eating. Jake and Gillian were passing by on their way out and learned of Junior's running away. Dixie offered her current explanation for the boy's bolt. Jake was furious and vowed to have a few words with Adam about his constant interference in other people's lives. Gillian lagged behind, giving Jamie a new idea about what to do after dinner. Gillian offered to look after Jamie while everyone else continued to search for Junior. Jamie nodded his head feverishly and said that he'd like to spend time at Wildwind. There were no objections. Jamie, meanwhile, headed over to the counter and asked for his food order to be placed in a doggie bag.

Amanda's sleepover was in full swing at The Dillon home, but Amanda didn't want anyone to do anything until Scott arrived with the camera for fear that he'd miss something. Eventually, Scott did arrive with Hayley and Ryan tagging along. Hayley proudly announced that Erica had sent over some makeup samples for the girls to play with. Upon seeing Ryan, one of Amanda's friends giggled that he might be a stripper. In unison, the other girls screamed, "Eyew." The girls ran upstairs to change into the fashion model garb. Hayley decided that she'd be an announcer for the event. Ryan pulled Scott aside and told him not to miss a scene of Hayley's performance. He figured that they could submit the tape to Liza as an audition tape for the style reporter position. Scott crinkled his forehead and asked Ryan if Hayley wanted to be in television. Ryan nodded his head. "She just doesn't know it yet," he grinned. Janet and Trevor sat at the foot of the steps as the girls paraded by in their latest fashions. Before the show was complete, Brooke stopped by to ask Amanda if Junior might have said anything suspicious to her. Amanda said that Junior seemed fine when she last saw him. Hayley, however, remembered the awkward conversation she and Junior had had at the gallery. She said that Junior had been worried that he was a disappointment to Adam. Janet decided to stay at home with the girls while everyone else joined the search party. The girls wanted to tell ghost stories and Janet was only too willing to join in on the fun. Who better to tell a spooky story than the woman who threw her sister down a well?

At Chandler, Liza lashed out at Adam for having lied to her. Adam claimed that he was motivated by two things---a stringent visitation schedule and Tad Martin's bad influence. Liza didn't let Adam shift the blame. She told him that she knew that he had planned to drop Junior off at Winchester Prep during their vacation. She angrily asked him if he thought that she would not notice that he was not in the car on the trip back to Pine Valley. Liza told Adam that WRCW would be running pictures of Junior every half-hour just in case someone had seen the boy. Adam thanked Liza for her help, but Liza was still furious and wouldn't let Adam give her a hug. Jake arrived at the house with Colby. Adam looked at his wristwatch and grumbled about the lateness of Colby's return. "It's past her bedtime," he grumbled. Jake refused to hand over the baby, saying that "exposure to [Adam] will not be good" for his daughter. Adam angrily ordered Jake to hand over Colby and to get off of his property. Liza stepped towards her husband and told him that he'd better be careful when issuing commands. She announced that she, Jake, and Colby would all be leaving. "I don't want to be around you," she said coldly. "You've broken every single promise [you've] made."

Jamie skulked around the mausoleum at Wildwind with his takeout order from BJ's. Junior poked his head out of some nearby bushes and nearly scared his friend to death. The sun had already set and spooky noises made the crypt even scarier than normal. Jamie told Junior that he hadn't told anyone where he was hiding. The two boys slipped into the crypt. Inside, Junior had the strangest of questions. "Do you know what it smells like in here?" he asked. Jamie shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Dead people?" Junior scrunched up his face and offered the correct answer: onion rings. Jamie handed over the bag of food and said that he'd have to run along before he was missed. Junior curled up in a corner of the mausoleum and prepared for bed. His sleep was haunted by visions of another tyrannical father---one even more evil than his own father: Ray Gardner!

Erica stomped over to the side of her bed and announced that she was going to call for help. There was only one problem. David had removed the phone from the room. He then spared her to task of looking for her cellular phone. That, he explained, had also been taken away to be "disinfected." Erica demanded to know why she was being held against her will. "You walked out on me," David said frigidly. "No one walks out on me." Erica was shocked to learn that leaving town without informing David had prompted such irrational behavior. David also stated that he was returning the favor for when Erica had held him hostage in her basement. Erica argued that those were entirely different circumstances. After all, she was punishing him for something far worse that simply leaving town. David was also not pleased that Erica had plans to go to the opera with another man. Erica didn't understand why he felt this way because that had no real guidelines to their relationship. Erica was about to make mention of the type of relationship that she'd had with Dimitri. Upon hearing that Erica was about to mention Dimitri's name yet again, the doctor hit the roof. "So help me if you say Dimitri's name one more time I am going to bust this chair into a thousand pieces," David fumed. Erica blinked her eyes several times and asked David why he was so angered by Dimitri's name. Apparently, she did not realize that she was constantly bringing up his name. "You're jealous of a man who's dead," she commented. David nodded. "He's your past," he replied. "I'm here. I'm alive. I want more." Erica cocked her head to one side and asked David to clarify what he meant by "more." More, according to David, meant an end to the games that they played, the power trips, and selfishness. He looked deeply into Erica's eyes and said that he knew what she was thinking. "You're wondering 'Why isn't he kissing me?'," David said with a smirk. "You're good," Erica smiled back. David leaned over and he and Erica shared a passionate kiss."

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