09/28/1999 Erica & David Go To NYC

"Erica and David enjoy NYC and a trip to Coney Island. Just as she begins to relax about the possibility of their affair becoming public knowledge, they run into Joan Rivers, followed by a sleazy tabloid photographer. They ditch NYC and head back to the Valley Inn where Erica is shocked when David unexpectedly brings up Dimitri. Unaware that her ex was recently still alive, Erica lashes out at David and presses him to define their relationship. He admits that 'what happens in that bed is the closest I've ever come to a religious conversion,' but won't admit he loves her. A frustrated Erica throws her shoe at him and the door as David leaves. Meanwhile Edmund has to put Maximilian down after the horse shatters is leg during a ride with Alex."
- David & Erica AMC