09/23/1999 Dimitri Escapes

"Adam and Junior are having lunch in the bar at the Valley Inn after having spent the morning at Chandler Enterprises. Junior, all dressed up in a suit and tie like his father's, doesn't seem to have been very impressed. When asked by Adam what the most exciting thing he'd seen at the office was, Junior replies that it was the cool showerheads in his office bathroom. Adam tries to impress upon Junior that one day it will all be his, he'll be in charge of all those people he saw today. Instead of being excited, the thought makes Junior nervous and he asks if they can leave. Adam has to call his secretary, so he has Junior sit at the bar to wait for him. The Cutting Edge is on the TV and a woman sits down next to Junior and gushes about how much she loves Tad Martin and the show. "He's my dad", Junior says proudly. Adam overhears this and is not at all happy.

Adam sits Junior down and asks why he referred to Tad as his father. Junior knows that Tad is his "step"-father, but neither he or Tad like the word. It would clarify your relationship to Tad if you did call him that, Adam suggests, and Junior reluctantly agrees, but is not happy about it. Just then Tad comes in and starts joking around with Junior and teasing him about his tie, which offends Adam. Adam mentions that he plans to take Junior with him to the board meeting tomorrow. Junior plainly doesn't want to go and Tad tells Adam that Junior has soccer practice and plans with his friends and can't go. They send Junior back over to the bar while they argue about the subject. Tad gets to the root of Adam's problem, Adam's annoyed that Jake came over and took Colby to the picnic on short notice, so now he wants to do the same thing with Junior as some sort of retaliation. Adam tells Tad to stop interfering in Adam's raising of his son, but Tad refuses to stay out of Junior's life.

Hayley and Ryan go to the new restaurant in town, BJ's, for lunch. They spot the jukebox and have fun discussing their musical tastes when they were younger. Hayley was more into heavy metal, Ryan liked the blues. They sit down at a table, and who should walk in but Mateo, fresh off the plane from Texas. He orders a cheeseburger to go and doesn't stop to talk to Hayley until he's walking out the door. Hayley excuses herself from the table and she and Mateo talk for a while. She is surprised to learn that Max and Raquel will be staying in Texas. Max is much happier there, Mateo explains, being with Raquel's family has been good for him. Their whole conversation is somewhat uncomfortable and Mateo is obviously not happy that Hayley is there with Ryan. They say goodbye and Hayley goes back to her table. Ryan just wants to let her know that he's not going anywhere. Good, I don't want you to, she tells Ryan, smiling at him.

Belinda and Grace arrive during the middle of Hayley and Mateo's conversation. They say hello and then take their own table, waiting for Adrian to show up. Belinda asks Grace to please not grill Adrian or bring up anything that will make him feel pressured, like marriage or children. Grace thinks that a tough guy like Adrian will be able to stand up to anything she can dish out. Adrian arrives and Belinda introduces them. Grace wastes no time, asking Adrian what his dreams are. When Adrian mentions that he's always wanted to take a motorcycle ride across Australia, Grace points out that his dream doesn't include Belinda. Adrian's pager goes off and he goes to make a call. Grace tells Belinda that Adrian is a great guy, handsome, well-mannered, but there's one problem, he's not "in love" with Belinda the way she loves him.

At the hospital, Alex and Edmund were shocked when they went to Dimitri's room and found him gone. At first they thought maybe Dr. Silbert had sent him for some tests, but the doctor was as shocked as they were to find him missing. He called security, but a search of the hospital and grounds turned up nothing. Edmund and Alex searched Dimitri's room for clues and Edmund finally noticed the belt of Dimitri's robe on the windowsill. Maybe he left because they were pressuring to take him home and he didn't want to go, Alex suggests. They can't figure out where to look until Alex remembers the nightmare she had and has an idea. When we next see them, Edmund and Alex are running up and down a beach, looking for Dimitri. They are about to give up when Alex notices Dimitri's robe on the sand. She holds it close to her while Edmund dives into the water, searching for his brother."

- Soap Central