09/22/1999 Edmund Prepares Dimitri's Room

"Alone at her parents' ranch, Raquel smiled as she found a yo-yo in Max's pants. A knock sounded on the door and Raquel thought that her son had come home to retrieve his toy. When she opened the door, however, she didn't find Max staring back at her. She pulled back slightly upon seeing Mateo. "I don't want any more trouble," she said softly. "I did what you asked." Mateo was invited inside where he told his ex-wife that he and Hayley had had a chance to talk. While nothing had really come of the discussion, Mateo still thought of it as progress. "We talked honestly for the first time in months," he explained. Raquel wondered if Mateo and Hayley were back together, but she didn't seem terribly disappointed to learn that things were still touch and go between them. Mateo then addressed the reason he'd made the trek to Texas: he wanted to talk about Max. Raquel's eyes widened and her pulse began to race. She almost trembled as she reminded Mateo that he had promised her that he wouldn't try to take Max from her. Mateo nodded and assured her that he had no intention of taking Max. What he did want, though, as to make sure that Max was enrolled in school. Raquel turned her head bashfully and confessed that she'd already enrolled Max in school---but in Texas not Williamsport as previously planned. Raquel decided that Texas was the best place for her and Max. There were no reminders of their failed life. Raquel said that she did not like the person she'd become in Pine Valley. Mateo told Raquel that he would gladly take Max for a few weeks if she wanted some space. Raquel shook her head. As happy as she was in Texas, she did not want to stay there without her son. Mateo apologized for acting "like a jerk." While Raquel did not excuse his behavior, she credited him for being a "loving, generous" father. Max suddenly burst through the door and immediately raced into his father's arms. Max proudly showed several lines on the wall that measured the height of various members of his family. The boy asked her father to add his line to the wall. For what it's worth, at five-foot-ten Mateo was taller than anyone else. Max chirped merrily about his friends, chores, and school; he was a totally different person than Mateo was used to seeing. As Max ran off to get a school project to show his father, Mateo understood why Raquel wanted to stay put. "He loves it here," Raquel pleaded. She revealed that Max had learned how to milk a cow and even a few words of Spanish thanks to his abuela. Mateo knew that it would be cruel to tear Max away from a stable environment. When he told Raquel that he would not oppose her decision to stay in Texas, she was nearly moved to tears. Max returned and was told that he and his mother would be staying at the ranch. He was equally pleased with the idea and with the promise that he could still travel to Pine Valley to visit his father.

Hayley paced around the grounds at the boathouse reflecting on the conversation she'd had with Mateo the night before. She sat down on the ground unaware that Ryan was just a few feet away. When Hayley saw him standing beside her, she jokingly asked him if he was following her. Ryan sat next to Hayley and told her that Janet had given him some pointers on where he might find her. He explained that he hadn't called her because he wasn't sure how her discussion with Mateo had gone. He admitted that he'd called Chandler Mansion to check up on her, but when he was told that she wasn't there he wondered if she'd spent the night with Mateo. When he used the term "kissed and made up," Hayley quickly clarified that she and Mateo had not done any kissing. Hayley told Ryan that she and Mateo had both apologized for their lack of trust in the other. She stopped short of saying that she and Mateo were once again a couple. "I wish I could say that I'm sorry to hear that," Ryan replied. He called their relationship one that was "beyond friendship." With a serious expression on his face, he told Hayley that he wanted to forget about their promise to be seen only in public. In short, he wanted much more than a dinner in a public place. He waited for Hayley to slap him or order him to leave. Instead, she reached out and gentle rubbed his hand. Things didn't get too heated because Hayley pulled away. Ryan knew why. "You still fell like you're married to Mateo," he said softly. Hayley nodded her head. Hayley said that she wasn't ready to dive into another relationship especially when she wasn't sure if her head was on straight. Ryan understood and didn't pressure her. They turned their attention to skipping rocks on the lake. Hayley was amazed at Ryan's ability to make the rock skip seven or eight times. She also learned another of Ryan's secret talents: he was a "hardcore" skateboarder. Hayley smiled, something that she hadn't done in many recent weeks. The pair then decided to head off together for some chili fries.

At Wildwind, Edmund went over plans to spruce of Dimitri's room. Stella was overjoyed that Dimitri was going to be coming home and agreed to place pictures of his loved ones all around the room. Eugenia> and Gillian scurried into the parlor and were elated when Edmund informed them that Dimitri would be coming home later that day. Alexandra observed silently from the foyer for several moments before announcing her presence. "I'm sorry, that won't be possible," she informed them. Alexandra explained that while Dimitri had made some progress, it was too soon to start planning his homecoming. She also reminded them that there was no assurance that Dimitri would ever get better. Jake had been upstairs checking the medical equipment that Edmund had ordered for Dimitri's room. He entered the room and informed Edmund that everything appeared to be in order. Edmund then pressured the doctor for his thoughts on Dimitri's recovery. Jake refused to get involved, saying that Alex was Dimitri's attending physician. Alexandra asked to speak to Edmund in private. The stepped into the foyer and closed the doors to the parlor behind them. There, Edmund blasted Alex for wanting Dimitri to stay locked up in a cold, isolated hospital room. Alex explained that that was not the case. She, too, wanted Dimitri to come home, but not at the expense of his recovery. "Stop pressuring me," Alex growled. She accused Edmund of disregarding Dimitri's wishes. She warned him that she would ask Dr. Silbert to end his visiting privileges if he did not honor her wishes. Edmund was enraged by Alex's ultimatum. He argued that being at home helped patients heal better. Alex didn't argue the point. Instead, she explained that moving Dimitri in his fragile state could harm him. "We don't let [our loved ones] die alone," Edmund snapped. "What do you do? Put them on display?" Alex retorted. She said that Dimitri needed to use all of his strength for his recovery. Being at Wildwind under the watchful eyes of her family members would divert some of that strength. She said that Dimitri would surely try to put on an act so that Edmund, Gillian, and Eugenia would think that he was healthier than he really was. Edmund agreed that his brother would do that and agreed to let Dimitri stay in the hospital until he was further along in his recovery. Alex and Edmund both decided to travel to Seaview to check on Dimitri.

Back in the parlor, Gillian thanked Jake for stopping by and checking on Dimitri's room. He apologized for not being able to give them the news that they wanted to hear. "I didn't like what you said, but I like the way you said it," Eugenia smiled. After praising Jake's diplomacy, Eugenia watched Gillian and Jake interact. When Jake left, Eugenia gently pressed Gillian for information about her relationship with the handsome doctor. Gillian rolled her eyes and scolded her grandmother for wanting to play matchmaker. Eugenia said that she was just observing that her granddaughter and Jake had wonderful chemistry. She then made an extremely cryptic remark about how Gillian will really need someone like Jake soon.

At Seaview, Dr. Silbert informed Alexandra that Dimitri had slept peacefully through the night---something had not done in some time. Alex walked down the hall to check on Dimitri while Edmund lagged behind. She stopped, looked over her shoulder, and asked Edmund if he wanted to go with her. Edmund smiled broadly and chased down the hall after her. Edmund commented that he was sure that Dimitri was feeling much better. They opened the door to Dimitri's room and walked inside. Inside, though, there was no sign of Dimitri."

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