09/20/1999 Erica Hides From Vanessa

"Vanessa barged into David's room since he had left the door unlocked. She almost caught Erica, but she dived under the bed just in time. After mentioning that Erica had dinner with Palmer, Vanessa goes on to insult Erica's business sense and claimed that Enchantment was mismanaged. Under the bed, Erica was furious, but managed to keep silent. Vanessa gave David a nice pair of cufflinks, which he recognized as a bribe to get him to be more accepting of her marriage to Palmer. He threw the box with the cufflinks back at her in response, then had to quickly move to pick it up off the floor before she could bend down and find Erica. David quickly hustled his mother out the door. Rather than being upset, Erica was excited by the intrigue and suggested they use code names from one of her father's movies to help be sure they weren't caught in the future.

Adam returned to his house, smiling and proud of what he had accomplished. He was not so happy, however to find out from Liza that Jake was upstairs putting Colby to bed. When Jake came downstairs, he told Adam in no uncertain terms that he would have nothing to do with making decisions about Colby's life in the further. Needless, to say, this didn't sit well with Adam and the two began to fight. Liza came downstairs and broke it up. After Jake left, Adam told her what Jake had said. Liza sided with Jake, she's not going to let Adam manipulate and control her daughter. Adam lay down on the couch and fell asleep and had a nightmare that Jake and Liza completely shut him out of Colby's life.

The doctor came out to tell Alex and Edmund that the treatment had improved Dimitri's condition, he's out of the coma and aware of his surroundings. Alex and Edmund rush to his room. Dimitri still had difficulty talking, but he's more coherent than before. He asks to speak to Edmund alone and when Alex leaves, Dimitri makes a point of asking Edmund to take care of her. Trying to be positive, Edmund says that Dimitri will recover enough soon to take care of her himself. Dimitri is insistent, Edmund must take care of Alex, along with Gillian and Eugenia and Maddie, too. He also encourages Edmund to get on with his life, Maria wouldn't want him to be living like this. With tears in his eyes, Edmund leaves and Alex returns. Dimitri asks Alex the same thing, to take care of Edmund. It's almost as if he's saying goodbye to them.

Hayley and Mateo have gone to the boathouse to talk about their relationship and where they are going to go from here. Their main problem is that they no longer trust each other and they have to find out why that happened before they can go forward. Mateo's biggest problem is Hayley's relationship with Ryan. Hayley admits that she does have feelings for Ryan, he's been a good friend and is an attractive man, but she has never broken her vows to Mateo. On the other hand, the biggest difficulty for Hayley is the fact that she sees Mateo as the cruel person who taunted her with a glass of vodka instead of the man she used to love. They agree that they're going to have to work on forgiving each other and Hayley leaves to go home to Trevor and Janet's house."

- Soap Central