09/16/1999 Adam Makes The Switch

"Raquel and Max are enjoying their stay in their new abode. Max goes outside for a ride and soon after he leaves, there's a knock at the door. Thinking Max forgot something, Raquel opens the door, then tries to close it again quickly when she sees Mateo standing on the other side. Mateo, however, pushes his way into the house and orders her to pack, she's going back to Pine Valley with him to tell Hayley that they never slept together. Raquel refuses and tries to brush past him, but Mateo grabs her arm and threatens her. "Either you pack and come back with me today, or I'm going to court and have you declared an unfit mother," he snarls. Raquel doesn't believe him at first, but he isn't kidding. Make your decision, he tells her and heads outside to see Max. Frustrated, she pushes everything off a nearby table in anger, but she doesn't really have much choice.

At Adam's house, Liza storms in, still angry at Adam's behavior regarding Colby's stem cells. She's sick and tired of his controlling behavior when it comes to his children. Upon seeing Hayley sitting in the living room, still looking terrible, she throws open the doors to the patio and yells for Mateo to come in if he's out there. Hayley looks at Liza as if she's lost her mind, what are you doing, she asks. Liza says that it's time for Hayley to go free, rather than be a prisoner in Adam's house. But Adam's not forcing me to stay here, Hayley protests, he's only doing what I asked him to do. Since Mateo's gone she feels like half of herself is missing and she's not ready to face the world. It's time for you to get out and learn to stand on your own, Liza insists, she can't always be dependent on a man. Go out to the mall and do some shopping, Liza suggests as a first step toward getting her life back. She finally talks Hayley into it and she agrees to go.

At the mall, Ryan and Scott are out shopping for a vacuum since Scott apparently broke the one that they had. They stop for some pizza and discuss the women in their lives. Scott wonders what Gillian called about the night before, she seemed very excited about something, but Ryan can't tell him because Gillian hung up before he picked up the phone. Why don't you call her back, Scott suggests, but Ryan doesn't seem too enthusiastic about the idea. Next the subject of Becca comes up, Ryan mentions that he came home the other day and found her in just a towel and helped her fix the shower. Scott seems a little jealous, but Ryan assures him that although Becca is beautiful, Scott has nothing to worry about. Ryan has enough trouble with the woman in his life right now. That, of course, brings up the subject of Hayley. Ryan admits he has feelings for her, but has tried to stay away because he thinks that's best for Hayley right now. They do understand each other well, though, especially since they come from families with alcoholics.

Hayley, looking about a thousand times better than she has the past few days, arrives just at that moment and hears her name mentioned. Scott leaves quickly to give them a chance to talk. I haven't seen you in the last few days, Hayley mentions to Ryan. He explains that's because Mateo came to the loft and told him that it would be best for Hayley if Ryan stayed away from her. This angers Hayley, since when does Mateo have the right to dictate who she can and can't see. So you do want to see me, Ryan asks. Of course I do, she replies, you're my best friend and I need all the friends I can get right now. Scott returns, with a vacuum cleaner, to let Ryan know he found one and that he's leaving now. As Ryan and Hayley head off to do some more shopping, Raquel suddenly appears and calls Hayley's name. Hayley, whose back is to Raquel, stops for a moment and doesn't turn, as if she can't believe whose voice it is she's hearing. She finally turns to face Raquel and Raquel asks to talk to Hayley, alone.

Meanwhile, at the Chandler mansion, Liza is still furious about Adam's behavior. She remembers the whole scene at the hospital in detail, and can't believe how manipulative he was, he was the "old Adam" again. The doorbell rings and it is Jake returning Colby. He talks to her about his feelings about Adam's behavior and makes it clear that he won't let Adam make all the decisions for Colby in the future. Liza agrees with him, Adam was out of control earlier. Later, Mateo calls and asks Liza where Hayley is. She purposely lets it slip that Hayley is at the mall, even though she knows it will make Adam furious.

Earlier, at the hospital, Jake and Colby run into Gillian on the sun porch and she asks Jake if there's any news about help for Dimitri. He fills her in on the fact that they are testing Colby's stem cells and they might be tried in an experimental treatment to help Dimitri. Gillian is overjoyed, she hugs and kisses Colby and calls her a "precious angel." There's no guarantee that this will work, Jake tries to warn her, but Gillian refuses to give up hope that everything will be OK.

Down at the lab, David is thoroughly enjoying the fact that he caught Adam trying to tamper with the computer. Don't even bother, David tells him, the system is far too complicated for Adam to understand, even if he did have the password. The lab technician returns and Adam watches with great interest as he uses a card to access the stem cells stored in another room and puts them in a container to be brought to the lab. David, however, notices Adam's interest and forces him to leave the lab with him. Outside in the hall, David tells him that he is a doctor and as such will not let Adam tamper with the chances for a possible cure for Dimitri. He also takes great enjoyment from letting Adam know that he was the one that set the whole thing in motion, planting the idea in Edmund's head about using Colby's stem cells. Unfortunately, David is paged and has to leave for surgery, leaving Adam free to interfere again.

Adam pulls the fire alarm on the wall and when the lab technician leaves, Adam enters the lab. He takes Colby's stem cells out of the bag, uses the card to enter the freezer and returns with what are presumably someone else's stem cells and puts them in the bag. He almost gets away cleanly, but just as he's zippering up the bag the lab tech returns and asks what he's doing. After making up some ridiculous story about being worried the bag might fall off the desk due to vibrations from the fire alarm, Adam suggests he could take the sample to lab to get the DNA testing done himself. The lab tech refuses, but believes Adam's story that David Hayward is somehow involved with the testing and puts David's name in the computer as the person who ordered the test to be rushed. Adam finally leaves, his mission accomplished. "No one out-maneuvers Adam Chandler," he says proudly to himself."

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