09/08/1999 Marian's Garden Party

"Ye Gods, there are more old bones here than Pine Valley cemetery." - Adam at Marian's Garden Party

"While it was unclear if they did anything between the cabin at Willow Lake and Pine Valley, Scott and Becca stopped by the loft to unwind before they had to return to work. Becca decided to take a shower before heading off to her shift at the Glamorama. While Becca showered, Scott checked the answering machine. For the first time, Scott heard the frantic messages from Marian alerting him to her luncheon at Chandler Mansion. He really wasn't too concerned until he heard a message from his father, Stuart, nervously asking him to stop by the party. Scott worried that something was wrong and called to Becca to tell her that he would be stepping out. Shortly after Scott left, Ryan returned home. He was unaware that he was not alone in the loft. Likewise, Becca didn't know that Scott's roommate had returned. Becca straggled out of the shower wrapped only in a towel. Upon seeing Ryan, Becca flashed her familiar toothy grin. There was an awkward moment of silence before Becca explained why she was plodding around in just a towel; she needed a wrench because the knob on the shower had fallen off and water was flowing everywhere! Ryan quickly found a wrench and he and Becca raced off to fix the shower. Both later returned to the livingroom soaking wet, though it was Becca who ultimately fixed the shower. Becca explained that growing up in a farm had taught her lots of useful things. Ryan, on the other hand, had never had to fix anything---he'd always called a superintendent. "What are you going to do when Y2K happens?" Becca asked with a smile. Ryan shrugged and meekly replied, "Call you, I guess." Becca still wore only a towel. When she sneezed, Ryan suggested that she head to Scott's room and get changed. Becca gritted her teeth and explained that she didn't know the lay of the apartment. Ryan was a bit surprised, but he gave Becca directions anyway. She later returned fully dressed and asked Ryan how he's been doing. Ryan mentioned that he's been busy helping a friend and Becca knew instantly that he was referring to Hayley. She told Ryan that she was sorry that her discussion with Gillian had set such bad things into motion. She felt that if Mateo had never overheard that chat, everyone would still be together. Everyone, of course, being Mateo and Hayley and Ryan and Gillian. Ryan asked Becca not to be upset because she hadn't done anything wrong.

Tad still remained dangling from a tree just above the terrace at Chandler Mansion. Needless to say, his antics elicited a great many comments from the partygoers. Knowing that a ladder would help out greatly, Stuart decided to race off to the gardener's shed. "Stay right there," he instructed Tad. Meanwhile across the terrace, Phoebe informed Marian that having Tad perform "aerial stunts" was not the way to impress Millicent. Perhaps, she suggested, Marian could hire a string quartet. Scott entered the house through the front and immediately bumped into Greenlee. Had he arrived a few seconds earlier, he might have heard her cursing him. Greenlee came around quite quickly and raced towards Scott with open arms. Scott still had no idea why he'd been summoned to the mansion. Greenlee told him that "Marian [was] hosting a brunch to curry favor with the blue-haired bluebloods." Scott appeared a bit peeved that he'd dropped everything for a party. Greenlee smiled wryly and told Scott that he'd arrived just in time for the entertainment. She ordered Scott to get his camera from his car and follow her to the terrace. From his perch in the tree, Tad musing asked if the parachute made him look fat. Liza looked up at him and scolded him for skydiving. "Borrowing the plane doesn't entitle you to jumping privileges," she remarked. The paramedics were the next to arrive on the scene. They took turns making fun of Tad until they recognized his face. Tad smiled half-heartedly and promised to give them autographs of they could help him down. Adam appeared in the doorway and asked why there was an ambulance parked in his driveway. He saw Tad and immediately hit the roof. "What the devil are you doing in my tree?" he snapped. Tad puckered his lips and sassed, "Waiting for the leaves to turn." Adam was unusually upset and demanded that Tad be cut down before the tree was harmed. "You're lucky I didn't land on one of your guests," Tad added. "They're not by guests, thank God," Adam grumbled. "There are more old bones here than [at] Pine Valley cemetery!" Dixie arrived on the scene and raced over to her husband. After learning that he was unharmed, Dixie vented her anger. "Enjoy the view because tomorrow you will die!" she snarled. Tad insisted that this whole scenario was never supposed to have happened. Dixie worked herself into a tizzy and she told Tad that she had to watch him "fall thousand and thousands of miles to the Earth." Her exaggeration aside, it truly was a harrowing ordeal for her. His trusty video camera ready to roll, Scott stepped forward and began filming the scene. Tad was finally freed and a bit sore from his unanticipated free-fall. Winifred, meanwhile, was giving cooking tips to the male paramedic. Tad offered his autograph to the man, but the paramedic had something else in mind: He wanted tickets to see Chef Larry's show. Somewhat embarrassed, Tad agreed to help the man. Marian offered tarts to Millicent and Vanessa, but ignored everyone else. Brooke and Phoebe left and Millicent and Vanessa were not far behind. In private, Vanessa told Millicent that Marian had turned the luncheon into a "three-ring circus." Vanessa was still laughing at Marian as she headed out the front door. Marian, meanwhile, tried to prevent Millicent from leaving. It would do her no good. Millicent saw Adam and immediately started swooning over the multi-millionaire. She smiled widely and told Adam that there was a spot on PHAT's board for him. Adam started to accept his offer until Liza walked up behind him and pinched his arm. Liza tried to remained compose as she told Millicent that she and Adam were too busy with Colby to take on any additional outside duties. Marian stepped forward and tried to nominate Stuart for the spot. Before she could do so, Millicent coldly informed Marian that there were no spots; she was going to create one for Adam. Before leaving, Millicent smiled towards Marian and told her, "You've done it again. I knew you would." It didn't take much thought to realize that this was not a compliment. Marian walked Millicent to the door. Once the door was closed, Marian burst into tears. Back outside, Opal and Tad discussed why he'd decided to jump out of a plane. After he explained that he hadn't planned to jump, Tad told his mother that he wanted Dixie to understand how he felt about her wanting to get pregnant again. Opal wasn't sure that Tad had gone about it the right way. She offered to head over to his house and see if it was safe for him to go home, but Tad was sure that everything would be okay. Just to be on the safe side, he took one of the flower centerpieces as a peace offering. Greenlee told Tad that she'd always thought of Tad and Dixie as an old, boring married couple. This stunt changed her mind. She told Scott that it reminded her of their relationship and how they'd once dove off the Santa Monica pier. Scott nodded his head and recalled that he'd gotten hooked by a fisherman. In fact, he still had a scar by his ear. Greenlee moved in for a closer look and the two had an odd near-kiss moment. Scott shook loose the cobwebs and announced that he had to head to the station to do some editing. Greenlee talked of her "great eye" and offered her assistance. Inside, Liza pulled her mother aside and told her that the party had not been a total disaster. Marian didn't believe it. She warned her mother that she could lose a good friend---Opal---if she continued her shameless attempts to buddy up to Millicent. Marian understood and tried to patch things up with Opal. Understandably, Opal was hurt that Marian had treated her so poorly. "Do not use me as a stepping stone," Opal growled as she stormed past Marian. Marian pleaded with Opal to listen to her explanation, but Opal was too hurt to stick around. Marian again sobbed. Stuart slowly entered the room and apologized for messing things up. Marian told him that he hadn't done anything wrong and asked him to take her home.

Tad returned home and found Dixie seated at the desk tearing open the mail. Presumably everything that was Tad's got shredded. Tad smiled sheepishly and told his wife that he was home. Still clutching the letter opener, Dixie lunged from the chair and remarked, "Not for long!.

At Seaview Hospital, Edmund demanded to see his brother as soon as he entered the lobby. Alexandra asked that Edmund remain patient. This only infuriated him all the more. He looked around the lobby and told Alex that he'd ask someone else to take him to his brother's room. His attempt to make Alex balk failed miserably. No one else in the hospital even knew that Dimitri was there. On top of that, Dimitri was also registered under a false name. Edmund was upset that Alex had allowed him to grieve for his brother all the while knowing that Dimitri was still alive. Alex tried to explain that there were reasons for keeping Dimitri's situation hush-hush, one of which was that the drug that she was using was not FDA approved. Dr. Silbert joined the duo and apologized for keeping them waiting. The doctor tried to explain to Edmund that Dimitri was not the same man he knew. "His responses seem erratic," he explained. Edmund smiled slightly. "That's the Dimitri I know," he grinned. Before filing off to the hospital's annex, Alexandra warned Edmund that no one knew exactly how Dimitri's health would progress. As they entered Dimitri's room, Dimitri was still fast asleep. Edmund was asked to hide behind a curtain so that Dimitri would not see him. Alex sat by Dimitri's bedside and waited for him to stir. On first look, Dimitri looked like his usual self. Slowly, though, it became apparent that he was definitely ill. He was unable to move his mouth normally and once side of his face appeared at least partially paralyzed. His speech slurred, Dimitri asked Alex about "Eddie and Gill." Alex told her husband that Edmund and Gillian were fine. She told them that his "death" had been hard on them and that she thought it was time to tell them the truth. Dimitri became very intense and groaned "no" several times. He placed his hand on Alex's shoulder and griped her shoulder tightly. Alex's face twisted in pain as she tried to convince Dimitri to unhand her. When he refused, Edmund burst from his hiding spot and helped remove Dimitri's vise-like grip. Dimitri's eyes widened and he turned his head in shame. Alex administered a dose of medicine and Dimitri quickly fell asleep. "He doesn't know his own strength when he gets agitated," Alex informed Edmund. She told Edmund that she'd wanted to tell him that Dimitri was in the hospital, but that Dimitri had swore her to total secrecy. Edmund was glad that he finally knew the truth because he could now help Alex care for Edmund. Alex shook her head. She told Edmund that "the best thing [he] could do for [Dimitri] was to walk out that door and never come back." Edmund was dumbfounded. How could Alex ask him to walk away and desert his ailing brother? In yet another stunning confession, Alex broke her vow of silence and told Edmund that Dimitri had once contemplated taking his own life. Edmund couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was sure that this was "a grand final gesture" to evoke sympathy. Alex shook her head and said that she was certain that Dimitri was going to follow through with his wishes. Patients who consider suicide, said Alex, do so in order to "give them back a sense of control" in their lives. Dimitri once again stirred, this time calling out to his brother. Edmund raced to his side with a smile. He told Dimitri how glad he was to see him. Dimitri, however, did not share the same sentiment. "I want you to go," he struggled to say. Edmund shook his head and told Dimitri that he wasn't to leave because he finally had him where he wanted him. Whereas the Dimitri of old would have laughed, the current-day Dimitri only closed his eyes. Over and over, Dimitri called out to Alex and asked her to make Edmund leave. Edmund was totally devastated. Alex took Dimitri's hands and tried to calm him. Edmund looked on, his eyes welling with tears."

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