09/06/1999 Dimitri Is Missing

""My God!" Edmund gasped in horror. "It's empty. W-w-where's my brother?" Pristine white sheets lined the empty casket. From their condition it seemed unlikely that Dimitri's body---or anything else for that matter---had ever touched them. David tried to calm Edmund down, but there was little that the doctor could do to help Edmund. A tone of mockery coated David's words. Edmund looked at him angrily and accused him of enjoying the spectacle. David wiped the smirk off of his face and apologized to Edmund. David said that it's not every day that someone outsmarts Edmund and called Alexandra's scheme "masterful." Edmund wanted to call the authorities, but David stopped him in his tracks. "What we did here is illegal," reminded David. Edmund gritted his teeth and proclaimed that Alexandra had to be stopped. David refused to agree or disagree; instead saying that Edmund would have to handle matters on his own. Edmund pleaded with David to stick around so that he could tell the police about the poison in Alexandra's medical bag. David put his hands in the air and explained that that was nothing wrong with a doctor toting around poison. Everything seemed so unfair, so illogical to Edmund. Edmund vowed that he would find out what happened to his brother. As David left, he reminded Edmund of his promise not to mention his involvement. Alone in the mausoleum, Edmund promised his brother that he would find out what had happened to him. "Alex is going to pay!"

Scott and Becca's kiss grew more passionate. Suddenly, Becca pulled away and told Scott that she could not continue. "I didn't mean to push so hard," said Scott apologetically. In response, Becca told Scott that the blame was hers because she'd led him on. "I'm not Greenlee, Scott," Becca added. Scott was caught off guard by the remark. He listened as Becca offered some clarification. She said that she'd figured out that Scott and Greenlee had been involved sexually back in California. "It was casual," Scott replied. "We hung out." Becca, however, said that she could not make love to a man that she did not love. "You're... a virgin," Scott said almost mysteriously. Becca nodded and implied that Scott would not be satisfied with her because she was not "experienced like Greenlee." Scott chuckled slightly and said that Greenlee was hardly the perfect woman. The most titillating conversation they'd had, said Scott, was about pizza crust. "You're smart, funny, and great with a watergun," Scott said tenderly. Becca was amazed that Scott was not put off by her personal decision to remain celibate. Then, in jest, Scott asked Becca if she'd allow him to sleep in the cabin with her or if he'd have to sleep outside with the rest of the wild animals.

On the terrace at Chandler Mansion, Marian placed a phone call to the florist to verify that her order would arrive in the morning. Stuart sneaked up behind her and gave her a peck on the cheek. Stuart didn't understand why Marian was getting herself worked into a tizzy for the brunch. "It's just the PHAT ladies," Stuart mumbled. Marian explained that she was hosting the party to show off her new husband. Still Stuart didn't seem all that keen on the idea. Stuart explained that he didn't know all that much about preservation, but Marian assured him that he'd be wonderful. She asked Stuart to mention that the cupola at the courthouse was a wonderful candidate for preservation during the meeting. Stuart had to get a pencil and paper to jot down some notes about what he was supposed to say.

At the hunting lodge, Alexandra once again reflected on her maiden flight to Pine Valley. Alex had been nervous that the news that she and Dimitri were married would not be well received. Dimitri assured her that she was being overly nervous. Alex only really feared one person---Erica. Dimitri gave his new bride a hug and told her that he was certain that Erica would love her... over time. Things couldn't have been more jubilant---but then disaster struck. Dimitri began breathing heavily and his heartbeat became erratic. Alexandra reached for her medical bag. Dimitri put up his hand and told her not to bother because they were supposed to be on their honeymoon. Alexandra paid him no mind and drew a vial and syringe from her bag. Alex's reminiscing was interrupted by a knock on the door. Outside, a distracted Gillian asked if Alex needed some company. Alex stepped aside and told Gillian that she was "always welcome" at the lodge. Gillian told Alex that she and Dimitri used to have late-night discussions because they were both "night birds." Alex said that she, too, liked to stay up and offered to start a tradition of their own by staying up late and talking---or even gossiping. Even though they'd just met, Alex knew that something was bothering Gillian. Gillian nodded her head and said that she and Ryan had just gotten into a huge argument. This argument, though, was different because it was "so final." Alex softly told Gillian that if she and Ryan were truly meant to be, Ryan would find his way back to her. Alex's mind drifted off once again. This time she recalled a conversation she'd had with Dimitri soon after he learned that he was suffering the effects of a fatal disease. Dimitri had written farewell letters to his loved ones and even the staff at Wildwind and Vadzel. These letters were to be delivered only after his death. But no one, he instructed, was to know about his illness until he took his last breath. Alex returned to the present and told Gillian that she had "made a promise to someone [she] loved very much." Now, though, she wanted to break that promise. Gillian shook her head and told Alex that breaking a promise to a loved one is the worst thing that can be done. She pointed to her broken wedding vows as an example. Alexandra excused herself to answer the phone. The news on the other end of the line must have been shocking judging by Alex's reaction.

Footsteps in the hallway made Erica think that David was returning to his room. The footsteps continued down the hallway and Erica soon realized that David wasn't coming home any time soon. "You may have patience, but I don't," said Erica cleverly. Erica took a deep breath and checked her hair in the mirror. Still no sign of David. She tried to occupy her mind by reading a magazine, but reading wasn't what she wanted to be doing. Underneath the magazines, Erica found a pink envelope addressed to David. Jealousy set in and she immediately wondered what other woman might be interested in the doctor. Erica pulled out the letter and must have felt foolish immediately. The letter was one from Bianca thanking David for the riding gloves he'd given her. Erica became tired of waiting and headed into the bathroom to change. Upon her exit, she called the dining room to see if Palmer and Vanessa had left. When she learned that the pair was still there, she asked "How many courses are they eating?" David returned, but Erica insisted that she was on her way out. She told David that she'd called the hospital and learned that he was not working. David explained that he had been working, the "graveyard shift" in fact. His work, he said, took him somewhere other than the hospital. He stepped behind Erica and gently kissed her neck. Erica let down her guard and surrendered to her passions. David hoisted her into the air and laid her on the bed.

"Where is he?" growled Edmund as he stormed into the hunting lodge. Slowly, Gillian poked her head up from behind an oversized chair and asked Edmund why he was yelling. Edmund composed himself and asked Gillian if she knew where he could find Alex. Gillian shook her head and said that Alex had left and that she must have fallen asleep while waiting for her to return. Edmund instructed Gillian to go to the main house, but Gillian wanted to stick around. Again Edmund told Gillian to run along, this time with a twinge of anger in his voice. Gillian gave her cousin a hug and said that she'd see him in the morning. Before leaving, Gillian asked Edmund to be nice to Alex because "she loved Dimitri very much."

In the morning, Marian twittered about the terrace making sure that everything was in order. Brooke dropped by to offer Marian some assistance. Since this was her first luncheon, she knew that it could be a terribly daunting task. Marian thanked Brooke for her help and repeatedly blabbed hoe much the luncheon meant to Stuart. In her fervor, however, Marian frequently mixed up her pronouns---misplacing a "me" or an "I" when she was supposedly talking about Stuart! Stuart arrived reciting his prepared lines. The shirt that he was wearing upset Marian and she asked Stuart to go back home and change. At Marian's request, Brooke dashed off to the kitchen to check on the caterers. Marian placed another call to Scott to remind him about the party. She once again got the answering machine and left a message. Meanwhile, Marian got on the phone to cancel an ice sculpture that she'd ordered. As she fumbled around for the number, Greenlee and Millicent arrived. The first words out of Greenlee's mouth asked if Scott had arrived yet. Marian smiled and said that Scott should be along any minute. They picked apart everything that they could from the meal to the floral arrangements. Marian tried to distance herself from the preparations by saying that Adam had picked out everything. Brooke returned to the terrace and rolled her eyes and Marian continued her shameless efforts to endear herself to Millicent.

Becca fell asleep in Scott's arms. When she woke she felt somewhat embarrassed. Miraculously, Scott's cellular phone started working again and he was able to place a call to a towing service. The pair could easily have returned to town and went about their business, but Scott had another idea. He asked Becca if she'd like to spend the day with him. Becca smiled broadly and said that she'd love to.

Erica woke beside David in bed and carefully tried to roll out of bed. David, who looked like he was sleeping, suddenly reached out and grabbed her. "Where do you think you're going?" he asked with a smile. David got out of bed and phoned room service. Erica quietly shook her head and told David that she didn't want anything. David hung up the phone and asked her why she was turning down breakfast. Erica explained that she had a brunch to attend and that afterwards she was headed out of town on business. "You're leaving me again?" David asked with some sign of concern.

Edmund fell asleep in the very spot where he'd sat down the night before---on the sofa. Alex returned to the lodge and gently rested her hand on Edmund's shoulder. He immediately awoke and latched on to her arm. "Where the hell is he?" he snapped. "Where is Dimitri's body." Alex shifted nervously and reminded Edmund that Dimitri's body with in the crypt. Edmund shook his head and angrily told Alex that he'd opened the casket. "What have you done," Alex gasped quietly. "This is not going to be easy." Edmund ranted and raved about how he knew that Alex could not be trusted. "What kind of monster are you?" Edmund snarled. He told Alex that he'd found the vial of poison in her medical bag. Needless to say, Alex was not at all happy that Edmund had been poking around in her bag. "He loved you and you murdered him!" Alex returned the angry glare. "I did not murder your brother," she yelled. "He's not dead." Alexandra stopped momentarily and breathed a sigh of relief. "Dimitri's alive.""

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