08/30/1999 David Suggests That Alex Is Conning Edmund

""I never took a meeting in a mausoleum before," commented David as Edmund escorted him into the crypt. Edmund didn't waste any time in getting the reason for summoning David to Wildwind. He wanted to know more about Alexandra. Of primary concern was Alexandra's claim that she was no longer practicing medicine but somehow had managed to treat Dimitri. In typical David style, David asked Edmund to give him a reason why he should help him out. He then remarked that it might not be wise to discuss things in the mausoleum because Dimitri's "spirit might not like us talking about his bride." Edmund admitted that he doesn't particularly trust David, but he trusted Alex even less. David told Edmund that a group of medical students in San Francisco used to have a nickname for Alex---the Cleopatra of Harley Street. "On the surface, she's cool and aloof but just underneath the surface she exudes a powerful sexuality," explained David. Edmund crooked his head to the side and said that he hadn't noticed. Edmund informed David that he wanted to talk to one of Alex's former patients. "Good luck," responded the doctor. "I doubt you'll find any of them who have survived." Edmund decided to take a different approach. He relayed everything that Alex had told him about Dimitri's illness with the hope that David might be able to find a flaw in her story. Of course David was a cardiologist, but he claimed to be up to speed on many neurological diseases and disorders. There was something, though, that David found peculiar. He knew of no new breakthroughs in treating the ailment that had afflicted Dimitri. Moreover, he said that it was hard to believe that Alexandra had been able to treat Dimitri or that Dimitri's illness had gone into remission. On his way out of the crypt, David sarcastically said that this was a conversation that they could have had in his office. Once David was gone, Edmund picked up his phone and placed an urgent call to Jack. "I need to make arrangements to have Dimitri's boy exhumed," Edmund said intensely.

Hayley awoke in her hospital bed and was surprised to see her father by her side. Adam informed his daughter that she would be allowed to return home later in the day. When asked where "home" was, Adam smiled broadly and informed Hayley that she would be staying at Chandler Mansion. Hayley didn't seem thrilled by the accommodations and looked for excuses to get out of staying with her father. She suggested that Adam ask Liza before offering her an invitation. Again Adam smiled as he told Hayley that it was Liza's idea for her to stay with them. Adam filed out of the room. In the hallway, he reminded the makeshift guard not to let Mateo anywhere near Hayley's room. Across the corridor, Mateo looked on in concern. For the moment he had gone unnoticed, due mostly to the fact that he had donned scrubs to hide his identity. Mateo scurried around the corner where he bumped into Gillian. Gillian was overjoyed that her disguise had worked for Mateo. Mateo, however, was worried that the guard would prevent him from seeing Hayley. Gillian winked and told Matt that she would take care of the problem. Gillian swished over to the guard and asked him for directions to the radiology department. Since the guard was actually a hospital worker, he'd seen Gillian at the hospital before. When questioned why she still hadn't memorized the layout of the hospital, Gillian smiled bashfully and claimed that she was forgetful. The guard gave her directions, but Gillian still wasn't sure that she'd find her way. She offered to get a drink with the young man after hours and the guard agreed to walk her to radiology. That allowed Mateo the opening he needed to sneak into Hayley's room. By this time, though, Hayley was fast asleep. He paced back and forth as he tried to figure out what to say to the woman he loved. "I hope you can hear me," he said softly. "I know you're here because of me. I used Raquel to hurt you." Mateo pledged that he would never do anything to hurt Hayley again. He followed it up with an admission that he still loves Hayley. "You're my life. In my eyes you'll always be my wife," he concluded. He gently placed a pink rose in Hayley's hand and kissed her on the forehead. Before he could leave, Adam returned to the room. Seeing only Mateo's back, Adam mistook him for a doctor. Rather than playing it off, Mateo turned and showed Adam that he was not a doctor. "You creep!" Adam growled. Mateo held up his hands and told Adam that it wouldn't be necessary to call his goons because he was on his way out. Hayley rolled over in bed and the rose Mateo had given her tumbled to the ground. By the time Hayley was fully awake, Mateo was long gone. Hayley rubbed her eyes and called out for Mateo. Adam smiled warmly and told Hayley that she must have been dreaming because Mateo hadn't been there. Adam then discreetly pushed the rose under Hayley's bed with his foot. Liza arrived a short time later with some of Hayley's clothes. She quickly moved to ease any doubts Hayley might have about staying with them. One of Liza's biggest bargaining tools came when she offered to let Hayley move back with Trevor and Janet when the returned from their honeymoon.

One of Alexandra's bags still remained unaccounted for. She placed a phone to a messenger service that had apparently located the bag and vented her frustration about not having her belongings. When a knock sounded on the door, Alex hoped that the driver had finally arrived. When she opened the door, Erica greeted her with a civil hello. There was no need for an invitation inside because Erica squeezed past Alex and invited herself into the lodge. Alex took a deep breath, rolled her eyes, and silently vowed to do her best to be nice to Erica. Erica wasted no time in telling Alex why she'd dropped by. She felt that it was despicable for Alex to not give Maximillian to Bianca. Eric argued that Bianca was like a daughter to Dimitri. She also said that when she last spoke to her daughter she had told her that she was certain that Alex would "do the decent thing" and give Maximillian to her. Alexandra muttered that there was only one thing left for her to do---agree to Erica's request. Alexandra concocted a story about needing to wait until the weather cooled off before moving the horse because it might fall ill. In the meantime, she said that she would continue to ride the horse every day. Erica was taken aback and commented that David had been right about her. Alex's eyes bulged slightly and she demanded to know what David had said about her. Erica blinked several times and told Alex that David had simply remarked that she looked like she might like to ride horses. How could he say anything more, asked Erica? After all, Alex and David had only just met. "I've heard dreadful things about [David]," Alex remarked. Erica was upset by Alex's statement and demanded to know who she'd been talking to. In an effort to get rid of Erica, Alex told Erica that she could take Maximillian immediately. Before she could shoo Erica out the front door, another knock sounded on the door. Thankfully for Alex, this was a welcome visitor. Alex smiled warmly at Gillian and told her that Erica was just leaving. Erica stomped towards the door stopping only momentarily to praise Alex for finally doing the right thing.

Brooke entered her office with her attention focused on the day's mail. When she looked up, she screamed in fright. She hadn't expected to see someone sitting in her office---even if it was someone she knew. "You forgot our lunch date again!" Jack snarled. Brooke felt terribly, but claimed that she didn't remember that they had a date. "I was worried," Jack said about Brooke's non-appearance. "Then I was hungry. Then I was worried and hungry." Brooke puckered her lips and told Jack that she was delayed because she'd been asked to tour an alien spaceship. There was another reason that Jack had stopped by Brooke's office. "I want to move in with you," he blurted out. Brooke was unfazed. Jack followed up his seemingly stunning announcement with a disclaimer. Apparently, there was vacant office space in the building and Jack had stopped by to check it out. He explained that he didn't have enough space at his usual office because Trevor and Belinda are always "underfoot." Edmund arrived at the office and brought Jack and Brooke up to date on his newest findings. Edmund insinuated that the doctors at Seaview has been "paid off" by Alex to cover up something sinister---something like murder. Jack and Brooke were both surprised by Edmund's allegations. Jack reminded his friend that he had nothing to prove that Alex had done anything illegal. Edmund nodded and said that that was the reason he wanted to have his brother's body exhumed. If Dimitri's death was the result of foul play, as next of kin Alex would certainly not agreed to have the body exhumed. Edmund vowed to find a way around the legal technicalities. Brooke, however, remained convinced that Alex was on the up and up. She said that it was not out of the realm of possibility for Dimitri to have fallen in love with his doctor. Edmund still wanted to know why Alex had not permitted an autopsy or open casket funeral. Intent on proving that Alex was up to something sinister, Edmund headed back to Wildwind. Brooke, meanwhile, told Jack that her instincts tell her that Alex is a "decent person."

At SOS, Mateo placed a call to the hospital and, after mistakenly asking for Hayley Santos' room, learned that Hayley had been discharged. He hung up the phone and gently rolled his wedding ring between his fingers.

David returned to his hotel room and rifled through his mail. He was unaware that a scantily clad intruder was lurking in his room. Erica, wearing a black negligee and one of David's shirts, sashayed out of the bathroom and gently purred that she's been waiting for him.

Back at the hunting lodge, Alex told Gillian that she was not just Dimitri's wife, but his doctor as well. Gillian wasn't upset or concerned that Alex might be hiding something. Gillian was curious, but not in the same way as Edmund. Gillian longed to hear a truly romantic tale and asked Alex about how she and Dimitri first met. Alex smiled melancholically and told Gillian, "I tried not to fall in love with him, but he was exactly what I needed." Alex's flashback took her to a dinner date with Dimitri on the day after he'd kissed her for the first time. She warned Dimitri that it was inappropriate for a patient to kiss their doctor. Dimitri wasn't concerned in the least and told Alex that he would kiss her whenever he wanted to! Gillian became very giddy as she listened to the trip down memory lane. Alex said that the one thing that made her relationship with Dimitri was special was that they lived for the moment. "We always had that threat over our heads," she said softly. The next flashback reminded Alex of the first time that she heard Dimitri admit that he was fearful of dying. Dimitri said that he had contemplated flying to Vadzel and ending his life. It was unclear if he was being truthful or being ghoulishly humorous. "You can't," Alex pleaded. "It won't help. Don't you see? You could go to Ethiopia and I'd still stay awake at night worrying about you. I love you." Dimitri took a sobbing Alex into his arms and assured her that things weren't over. In fact, they'd only just begun. Time forwarded and Alex and Dimitri found themselves at the restaurant where they'd had their first date. This time, Alex had good news to share. The results of Dimitri's test had come back negative. Dimitri was stunned. "I had this terrible speech prepared," he chuckled. "You did it!" Alex shook her head and said that she could not take the credit for Dimitri's return to health. "He did it," she said pointing towards the heavens. "I just got lucky... really lucky." Seemingly out of nowhere, Dimitri asked Alexandra to marry him. He said that he'd wanted to ask her for quite some time, but that he was afraid that she'd say yes. Dimitri did not want Alex to agree to marry him while his future was still unclear; he worried that Alex's judgment would be impaired. The next words out of his mouth were a bit of a mystery, adding another shade of mystery to the picture. "I couldn't put you through what you went through with your father," Dimitri said. Overcome by emotion, Alex happily agreed to marry Dimitri

Back in the present, Gillian thanked Alex for sharing her memories with her. Alex smiled and told Gillian that she was "so easy to talk to." Gillian was on her way out as a deliveryman dropped by the lodge with Alex's missing bag. Gillian walked the messenger back to his car. Alex, meanwhile, hurriedly closed the door and turned her attention to the suitcase. Inside the suitcase was black medical bag. She carefully opened the bag and ogled a small vial inside the bag. Edmund peered through the window and watched curiously as Alex clutched the bottle close to her chest."

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