08/24/1999 David & Alex Ask About Each Other

"Ryan met Hayley at the mall to talk because of their agreement only to see each other in public places. Hayley looks terrible and Ryan tells her so. She tells him about Raquel sleeping with Mateo. How can you be sure that Raquel was telling you the truth, he asks. She wasn't so sure, until Mateo came to her and wanted to talk things out and get back together. She thinks he only did that because he slept with Raquel and now considers them "even." Mateo shows up at the mall and wants to talk to Hayley alone. Ryan refuses to leave and Hayley says she doesn't want to talk to him, she knows that he slept with Raquel. As Ryan and Mateo argue, since Mateo thinks it was Ryan that told Hayley this lie, Hayley slowly moves away from them and when Mateo turns to talk to her again, she has disappeared.

At Tad and Dixie's house, Becca and Scott waited for them to arrive home from the hospital. Scott had agreed not to tape their arrival. Dixie looked weak when she and Tad got there, and she quickly headed upstairs to get in bed. Becca made some tea and brought it up to her, while Tad talked to Scott about the video he had shot so far. Scott was willing to scrap their whole part in the project if that's what Dixie and Tad wanted, but Tad told him to wait a while and he would go through the tapes with Scott and say what he could use. Tad went back upstairs to Dixie, who was still devastated by their loss of Bess, yet hopeful at the same time because they could still have a baby together. Tad asked Dixie not to rush anything, they had plenty of time to talk about the idea of having another baby in the future. Dixie softly told Tad that when they do have another child, it can never be named Bess.

Alex ran into David Hayward at the hospital and he recognized her as "Dr. Alexandra Devane." They had apparently met at a conference and Alex reluctantly admits she remembers him, too. She doesn't have a very high opinion of him either, her main concern as a doctor was trying to help people, unlike David, who's main goal was trying to help himself. They are interrupted by Edmund, who asks what Alex is doing there. Alex, hiding the book she stole from the hospital library under her shawl, makes up a lie that she had come back to look for a lost bracelet and Dr. Hayward was just giving her directions since she had lost her way. David doesn't contradict her and Alex allows Edmund to take her back to Wildwind. David goes back to his office and calls a friend trying to find out more information about Alex. When Edmund and Alex arrive at Wildwind, they sit on the couch and have a conversation about David Hayward and how he broke up Ryan and Gillian's relationship. Alex says she likes Gillian, and her unusual grasp of the English language. Edmund, unable to resist a chance to dig, asks Alex if she speaks any foreign languages. She recognizes his digging and calls him on it, she really wishes he would stop interrogating her. He heads upstairs to see Maddie and just after he leaves, David Hayward bursts through the front door, ignoring the protests of the maid and demands to speak to Alex."

- Soap Central