08/19/1999 Raquelle Tells Hayley She Slept With Mateo

""I hate to break it to you, but there are no happy endings," Mateo mumbled. Gillian turned her head slightly to the side and, under her breath, commented that Mateo reminded her of a mule her family owned back in Budapest. Mateo's reason for not being able to run back to Hayley remained an issue of trust. He said that it was entirely possible that Hayley and Ryan have been cavorting for months. After a momentary pause, he asked Gillian if she believed that Hayley would take him back if he slept with Raquel. Gillian cocked her head to one sign and simply replied that Hayley had already forgiven Mateo's indiscretions. Mateo did not need to be reminded that he'd lied to Hayley about having been married before. In his mind, though, that was a far lesser crime than having an affair. Gillian wondered if Mateo had told Hayley lately that he cared for her. Just the night before, he'd sent mixed messages to Hayley by dancing with Raquel. "Raquel means nothing to me and Hayley knows that," Mateo snapped. From behind the pillar where she'd sought out an eavesdropping post, Raquel's face fell. She may have known that Mateo no longer had romantic feelings for her, but hearing him blurt it out so coldly still hurt her. Devastated, Raquel scurried away. Gillian argued that Hayley did not know how Mateo really felt. After all, he'd just gotten back from a trip to Texas with Raquel. Mateo explained that he needed to go to Texas to make sure that Raquel's parents treated Max properly. Gillian threw her hands into the air and told Mateo that she was tired of hearing his excuses. Hypothetically, Mateo asked what he should do if he did still love Hayley. Gillian's response was quick and concise. She told Mateo to find Hayley and work out their problems---before he loses her forever.

A day or two ahead of schedule, Adam returned to Pine Valley from his trip to London. Liza was surprised to see him, but overjoyed nevertheless. Adam explained that he'd tired of garden parties and chitchat with royalty. So an early return seemed like the perfect idea. "There's only one queen in my life and only one princess," he beamed happily. Adam disappeared for a moment to fetch a present that he'd picked up for Colby. Liza's mouth gaped as Adam presented an authentic English baby buggy. There was a little something tucked inside for Liza, too: an emerald necklace. The next thing on Adam's mind was spending time with Colby. He was infuriated when Jake suddenly appeared on the landing carrying Colby. Liza explained that she'd already given Jake permission to spend time with Colby. After all, Adam wasn't supposed to be back for another day. Adam insisted that since he was now home he should get to spend time with---he had to bit his tongue to keep from using the word "daughter." Liza begged the two men not to get into a fight. Jake promised to only keep Colby for a few hours and Adam reluctantly ceded control. After Jake and the baby were gone, Liza thanked Adam for backing down. The couple cuddled on the sofa as Adam brought up the idea of taking a return trip to Britain. Liza closed her eyes for a moment and told Adam of a lifelong dream to live in a thatched-roof house in the English countryside. Adam plucked a set of photographs from his pocket and proclaimed, "Good. I bought it." Liza looked at her husband bewilderedly and asked him what he was talking about. Adam explained that during a drive through Kent, he spotted a beautiful cottage with the most glorious rose garden he'd ever seen. Liza was awed by Adam's newest asset and said that she couldn't wait to visit it. Adam smiled broadly and told Liza that he'd make arrangements for them to leave next week. Liza shook her head and said that she wouldn't be able to work that into the schedule. Adam flew off the handle and blasted Jake for staking his claim to Colby's time. Liza took a deep breath and said that the scheduling conflict had nothing to do with Jake. It did, however, have everything to do with work. Liza had a big weeklong affiliates meeting and Colby was scheduled for her second batch of immunizations. Adam smiled bashfully and confessed that he might be acting "overly proprietary" of Colby's time. The couple embraced and promised to take a getaway just as soon as they could.

A stunned Dixie straggled back to her hospital bed. She curled up and buried her head in one of her pillows. Tad entered the room a little while later and returned to the seat he'd sat in for so many hours. "I know you're hurting," he said softly to Dixie, unaware that she'd overheard his discussion with Joe. "That's easy for you to say," Dixie grumbled. "I heard what you said to Joe." Tad tried to explain that Dixie had only heard a portion of the conversation, but she refused to listen to him. She pointedly reminded Tad that he was opposed to her having a baby from day one. Tad admitted that he was initially opposed to the idea, but said that he had come around when he saw how much the baby meant to Dixie. To bolster her claim that Tad didn't care about the baby, Dixie recalled how Tad had reacted to the news that the baby had died. "I was bawling my eyes out and you didn't shed a tear," Dixie sobbed. She accused Tad of treating the death the same way that he'd take the news that his show's ratings had declined. Tad shook his head and told Dixie that she didn't understand. "Sometimes it's hard for me," he started to say. "To pretend to feel something you don't?" Dixie snapped. Tad begged Dixie to let him explain, but Dixie would not let him get a word in edgewise. Brooke appeared in the doorway and listened as Dixie asked Tad to leave. Tad refused. "Get out! Get out!" Dixie screamed at the top of her lungs. Totally distressed, Tad bowed his head and walked out of the room. Brooke told Dixie that she'd return later, but Dixie asked her to stick around. "You'll understand. You're a mother," Dixie said softly. Brooke sat down next to Dixie and told her that she was sure that Tad was also hurting. Dixie shook her head and told Brooke about the conversation she'd overheard. Brooke reminded Dixie of the bizarre way she'd behaved when she learned that she had an ectopic pregnancy. She's kidnapped Jamie and fled Pine Valley. Dixie nodded her head understandingly and said that she should have run away the moment she learned that she was pregnant. She said that getting away would have spared her from the stress and aggravation that she'd been put through. "This is not about what you did or didn't do," Brooke explained. Dixie pursed her lips together and told Brooke something that she hadn't told anyone else; she had given her baby a name. Dixie stated that she wanted to call her daughter Bess after her mother. Brooke urged Dixie to talk to Tad, but Dixie didn't think that there was anything to discuss. Dixie was still furious that her baby had been referred to as "a fetus." Brooke came up with an idea to help Dixie cope with the loss of her child. She told Dixie that she would help her set up a memorial service if it would help her with her grief. Dixie was moved by Brooke's concern. Tears welled in her eyes as she sadly said, "I don't wanna say goodbye." Brooke nodded slightly and gave Dixie a comforting embraced.

Tad sat alone on a park bench lost in thought. Jake approached from behind and gently offered brotherly teasing to his older brother. Tad did not respond and Jake instantly knew that something was wrong. Tad told Jake that Dixie miscarried. Jake was obviously concerned about Dixie's health, but Tad assured her that physically she was doing fine. Mentally, though, was another issue. Jake wondered if Dixie was suffering from "some sort of postpartum depression." The discussion was cut short when Jake's pager sounded. Since he'd forgotten his cellular phone at home, Jake had to head off to find a payphone. Tad asked his brother if it would be okay if he looked after Colby. Jake smiled and happily agreed. Tad held the baby in his arms and spoke very candidly told her. He softly said that he had picked out a name for their daughter---Bess. Tad said that he knew that Dixie would have loved the child and admitted that it hurt to know that their child had died.

Raquel dropped by Wildwind to pick up some of Max's toys. Stella was disappointed to learn that Raquel was leaving town and said that she'd hoped that she'd find happiness wherever she settled. From around the corner, Hayley listened in awe. She slowly entered the room and asked Raquel what she was talking about. "Isn't it obvious?" asked Raquel snidely. "You won." Hayley's eyebrows rose slowly. She was a bit concerned that Raquel was out of her mind. "Mateo doesn't want me and Max around." Hayley looked on in mild concern and asked Raquel if she and Mateo had had a fight. Raquel sighed deeply. "I want you to know that I feel for you," Hayley said softly. She told Raquel that she knows that it is not easy to lose her first love---let alone the father of her child. This offering of compassion didn't sit well with Raquel. In fact, he maddened her. "You wish it was [over between me and Mateo] but it's not," Raquel growled angrily. She reminded Hayley about her hot and steamy dance session with Mateo. "It didn't end there. Mateo took me home and made love to me," Raquel said. Hayley did everything she could to keep from laughing. "That's an awful lie and you know it," she chuckled. It made no sense for Raquel to want to flee town if she and Mateo had just made love. Raquel said that Mateo had used her to get back at Hayley. There was no love. "I guess we all look the same in the dark," Raquel noted sadly. She said that this was not the first time that Mateo had made her feel cheap. She claimed that when they were first going out, Mateo would show up at her house smelling of other women's perfume. Hayley refused to believe that Mateo could act that way. "He lied about being married," interjected Raquel. Hayley had a look of disbelief on her face up until that point. Now, though, her confidence was beginning to waver. Raquel noticed that she'd gotten to Hayley and decided that her work was done. She faked a sobbing session and raced out of the house. When the door closed behind her, she smiled sinisterly. "There," she said snidely. "You got what you deserve." Back inside, Hayley was haunted by Raquel's words. When a knock sounded on the door, Hayley quietly called out to Stella. Stella was nowhere in sight, so Hayley grudgingly accepted the fact that she'd have to answer the door herself. As she opened the door, she found Mateo standing outside on the veranda."

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