08/18/1999 Tad Says The Miscarriage Was For The Best

"When Alexandra stormed back to Wildwind, she found Gillian sitting alone in the parlor. "What kind of man is your cousin Edmund?" snarled a still frustrated Alexandra. Gillian assured Alex that Edmund was not a cruel man. He was, however, a man who'd lost two people that he loved dearly. "He's a journalist," she added, saying that Edmund's instinct was to search for answers to everything---even if there were no questions to be answered. Alex referred to her trip to the hospital as an interrogation and said that Edmund had humiliated her by forcing her to relive Dimitri's death. Again Gillian mentioned that Edmund was still aching from his wife's death. "They really loved each other, huh?" Alexandra asked softly. Gillian nodded her head. She stated that Edmund and Maria were so in sync that they could often communicate without saying a word. Although she'd met Maria but once, Gillian said that he knew Maria was a very special person. "She was---whaddya call it---a neurotic," Gillian explained. Alexandra smiled slightly and offered the word "neurosurgeon." Gillian said that Edmund loved Maria so much that he had yet to get rid of any of her belongings. Alex said that people often hang in to a loved one's personal belongings to feel close to them. Gillian nodded enlightenedly and admitted that she'd slept with Ryan's shirt after they'd separated. Gillian dove into deep thought for a minute and said that she guessed that she'd observed the night before. She blurted out that she'd woke in the middle of the night and saw Edmund pouring over a lot of Maria's medical books while on her way to the kitchen. She was blissfully unaware that Edmund's late-night session had any hidden implications. Alex's face grew serious. She told Gillian that she hoped Edmund got the answers he was looking for in the books. Gillian headed on her way, but Alex remained behind. She walked to a nearby table and paged frantically through Maria's medical books. Stella, one of the housekeepers, entered the room and asked Alex what she was doing with Maria's books. Alex fidgeted nervously and said that she'd been drawn to the books by curiosity. Stella continued to hang around observing her. Finally, Alex asked Stella to work on locating one of her missing bags. The housekeeper bowed out of the room leaving Alex alone to resume paging through the books. One of the books was of particular interest to her. She carefully looked around to make sure that no one was around and then carefully tore out one of the pages of the book.

Dixie embraced Tad as she continued to sob openly. Dixie began second guessing everything that she'd done. In her grief, she determined that she must have somehow caused her miscarriage. As hard as Tad tried to convince her that she'd done everything in her power to take care of the baby, Dixie remained doubtful of her maternal capabilities. David entered the room and immediately offered his condolences to Dixie. "Why did this happen?" Dixie asked tearfully. The doctor asked Tad to give him a few moments with Dixie so that he could perform a checkup. David listened to Dixie's heart and determined that it was beating normally. David informed Dixie that there were "abnormalities in the fetus that [she] had no control over." Dixie feared that she'd somehow let Tad down by miscarrying. David assured her that that was not the case. He said that she was "one of the most selfless mothers" he's ever known, but he stopped short of telling Dixie that she would one day have another chance to conceive a child.

In the hallway, Joe joined Tad and asked him if Dixie was okay. Tad informed his father that David was giving Dixie a checkup. Edmund, who had tagged along with Joe, told Tad that he was very sorry for his loss. Joe was paged away on hospital business so Edmund sat down with Tad. Edmund told Tad that he was unaware that Dixie was having health problems. Tad shrugged slightly and said that they had tried to keep her problems under wraps. Tad confessed that he felt like a bit of a jerk for having reacted so coldly to the news that Dixie was pregnant. Edmund fondly recalled how Maria had carried on private conversations with Maddie even before Maddie was born. Edmund said that he often felt like he was eavesdropping. Tad shook his head and told Edmund that he didn't know how he'd survived Maria's death. "Just getting by is not the same thing as living," Edmund said. Suddenly Tad realized that he'd been carrying on about his troubles and had completely forgotten that Edmund was mourning a loss of his own. Joe returned and Tad expressed some concern that David was still examining Dixie. Edmund turned to the doctor and asked him if he thinks that he was too hard on Alex. Tad looked on in confusion; he had no idea who Alex was. Edmund briefly explained that Alex was Dimitri's widow. Tad, of course, was naturally stunned to learn that Dimitri had remarried. David exited Dixie's room as the men were discussing Alex. His ears perked up, but he said nothing. Edmund had to head off to work and Tad walked off with him. David seized the opportunity to ask Joe about Alex. Joe explained that Alex was Dimitri's wife. David blinked several times and said that he once knew an Alex and that he thought he saw her at the hospital the other day. But he was sure that it had to be a case of mistaken identity. Tad returned as David was leaving. He sat down with his father and contemplated the future. Tad was worried that Dixie's friends would inadvertently make things worse for Dixie by asking her about her due date. Since Dixie had blabbed about her pregnancy, she risked having people approach her and ask about the baby. "Be supportive," Joe responded when asked how best to help Dixie through this tough time. In time, said Joe, Dixie would realize that she'd done nothing to cause the death of her baby. Inside the room, Dixie's sleep was haunted by the sounds of infants wailing. She woke from her sleep panting hysterically. She called out to Tad, but he was nowhere to be found. Back outside in the hallway, Joe was trying to convince Tad that "sometimes God takes matters into his own hands." This may have been one of those times. Tad sighed and said that maybe in time he'll be able that "this miscarriage was for the best." Neither man knew that Dixie had poked her head out---and that she'd only heard the last part of Tad's statement.

Mateo dropped by Raquel's condo toting a large package. He was surprised that Raquel agreed to let him into her home. The gift box was for Max and contained a cowboy hat---a necessity for Texas living according to Mateo. Raquel paid him little mind and went back to packing her belongings. She reached for a sheet of newspaper and carefully wrapped his dishes. Mateo looked on curiously and asked Raquel why she was packing her dishes when she was only going on a brief vacation to Texas. Raquel stepped down from a stepstool and informed Mateo that she had decided to leave Pine Valley. "I thought you were happy here?" Mateo squawked. "It's time to move on," Raquel replied. She said that she and Max would be moving in with her cousin Angela. "I don't want to be the reason you leave," Mateo said almost apologetically. Raquel again expressed her frustration that Mateo still wanted to be with Hayley. "I love you Mateo, but it's not enough." She said that their dance the night before made her remember the good ole days when they were lovers. "It meant something to me." Mateo lowered his head and apologized for hurting Raquel. That only caused Raquel to grow more angry. She lashed out at him for repeatedly hurting her. "Do you understand that every time you go to get your mail or take your trash out I'm reminded of what I want most?" she yelled angrily. It was the first time that Raquel showed how badly she was hurting. "I need to get on with my life too," she added. Mateo looked like he felt terribly for sending Raquel mixed messaged. Gillian stopped by for a visit and learned that Raquel was leaving town. Rather than trying to talk her out of it, Gillian was surprisingly upbeat. " I think it's a great idea!" she chirped. Mateo decided to leave when it become apparent that his presence was no longer required. Gillian praised Raquel's decision to get on with her life. She said that she had been unable to do it when she and Ryan split. Gillian also knew that deep down Raquel had been hoping that Mateo would ask her to stay in town and give romance another try. That, of course, was not going to happen. Raquel gave Gillian her new address and the two women embraced. Gillian promised to keep in touch and headed on her way. In the courtyard, Gillian sat down on a bench next to Mateo and urged him to seize the opportunity to get back together with Hayley. Mateo said that it would not be that easy because he was no longer sure that he could trust Hayley. Unaware that Raquel was just a few feet away checking her mailbox, Gillian virtually pleaded with Mateo to "follow [his] heart" and get back together with the woman of his dreams---Hayley.

Edmund showed up at Tempo and told Brooke of his questions and answers session with Joe and Alex. Brooke wasn't thrilled that Edmund was still suspicious of Alexandra. Edmund realized that Brooke must not have known about Dixie's miscarriage. When he broke the news, Brooke braced herself against her desk for support. This tragedy coupled with Dimitri's death made it impossible for her to concentrate on work. She decided that she would go to the hospital to visit Dixie. Shortly after Brooke left, Edmund sat down at his desk to write thank you cards to some of the people who'd dropped by Dimitri's memorial service. Jack strolled into the office with news of the reading of Dimitri's will. Jack told Edmund that Dimitri had had another will filed after he married Alexandra. Edmund didn't argue that it was common for newlyweds to redraw their wills. But where Alexandra was involved, Edmund had his doubts. "What is Alex up to?" he asked himself."

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