08/17/1999 Erica Says Goodbye To David Before Taking Her Trip

"A cup of morning tea failed to soothe Alexandra's still jangled nerves. She plopped down on the sofa and again reflected on her first date---a blind date---with Dimitri. To say that the two didn't get off to a good start is an understatement. The meeting, though, was not a typical date. "You might not meet me if you knew why I was here," Dimitri had said. The moment of reflection was shattered by another presence in the room. Alex shook away the cobwebs and looked up to see Jack standing a few feet away. Jack had dropped by to discuss the reading of Dimitri's will. He felt that the sooner the will was read the better. Alex protested the decision to read the will, one that had been filed over a year ago. Alex explained that she and Dimitri had drawn up new wills shortly after their wedding ceremony. Jack asked Alex for the name and number of the attorney that had worked with them so that he could ask to examine the will. Alex appeared caught off guard by Jack's request. Nevertheless, she rummaged around in her purse and found one of the attorney's business cards. Jack was set to leave when Alexandra called out to him and announced that she had a question for him. Jack slowly turned around to face Alex. Alex said that had some concerns about Edmund's reaction to the newly filed will. Jack surmised that Edmund would understand that Dimitri had filed a new will. That wasn't necessarily the problem. As Alex saw it, she was worried that Edmund would not take kindly to the way Dimitri's estate had been divided. Jack couldn't speak for Edmund's reaction, but he was sure that Edmund would accept the terms of the will---provided that everything was authentic. Jack said that he would be present at the read of the will and suggested that Alex be there as well. Alex had had no plans to be present, but now she was having second thoughts. After Jack left, Alexandra quickly shut the doors to the parlor. She raced to the phone and placed an urgent call to her friend, Sean. "Call out solicitor," she said nervously. "Tell him that under no circumstances is he to take a call from Jackson Montgomery."

Outside Dixie's room, Ruth looked on heavy-heartedly. Joe slowly approached from behind and pulled his wife into his comforting arms. Ruth took a deep sigh and shook her head. "Medically I know that this was probably inevitable," she said sorrowfully. "But [Tad and Dixie] didn't deserve this." Inside the room, Tad sat motionless by Dixie's side. He hadn't moved since Dixie was wheeled out of surgery. In her dreams, Dixie imagined a balloon-filled hospital room with "It's a Girl" signs everywhere. As she smiled proudly, Tad toted their daughter into the room. Tad looked on in shock as Dixie mumbled that their daughter looked just like him. Tad raced to his mother and told her that Dixie was carrying on like the baby was still alive. Ruth quickly explained that Dixie was still under the effects of the anesthesia. She urged Tad to go to the doctors' lounge and catch a few winks, but Tad knew that there was no way that he could get to sleep. Besides, he worried that Dixie would wake up alone. Tad returned to Dixie's room and continued his watch. "She looks like you," Dixie murmured again. "No, she looks like me---No, she looks like both of us." Tad shushed his wife and told her to try to get some more sleep. "Is she asleep?" Dixie asked quietly as she drifted back to sleep. Now more terrified than ever, Tad returned to the corridor and told Ruth that he doesn't think that Dixie has any recollection of the miscarriage. He wondered how he would tell Dixie about the miscarriage if she awoke and didn't remember what had happened. He knew that he could offer her no form of hope. There would be no next time because Tad would not subject his wife to the possible pain of another loss.

At The Valley Inn, David and Erica made love for the second time. "Again," Erica moaned sensually. "Well Miss Kane," David smiled sexily. "Didn't you say that nineteen was your lucky number?" From out of nowhere, Erica commented, "I don't love you." This was apparently not the first time that she had uttered these words during their lovemaking session. What Erica didn't understand was why being with David "felt so good." After another romantic session, David was called away by an urgent phone call from the hospital. Erica saw the phone call as a competitor and since David had taken the call, she felt shunned and unwanted. In her mind, Erica heard Myrtle's voice warning her that she could get her heart broken even if she was not in love with David. Erica leapt to her feet as David was concluding the call and headed to the bathroom to get dressed. After she was dressed, David tried to assured Erica that he had to take the call. Erica claimed that it didn't bother her and said that she would probably have been on the phone with Enchantment if she were not on vacation. The mention of the word vacation sent David's mind into overdrive. He told Erica that since she had the day off there was no need for her to run. Erica shook her head and said that she had a plane to catch; she was headed on a holiday with Bianca. David smiled and voiced his approval of the getaway---even though Erica wasn't looking for his approval. David asked for a phone number where Erica could be reached, but Erica saw no need to have David call. David assumed that Erica did not want Bianca to know about their relationship. Erica clarified that she was not sure how she'd find Bianca when her plane landed. Dimitri's death had hit the girl very hard---and she did not want to rock the boat by mentioning whatever it was that she and David had going on. And to be honest, neither one of them could figure out exactly what to call their relationship. Erica was sidetracked momentarily as she blasted Alex for refusing to give Maximillian, Dimitri's horse, to Bianca. All that the new Mrs. Marick wanted to do, according to Erica, was to push away and alienate all of Dimitri's loved ones. "I will never believe that [Dimitri] fell in love with this cold, heartless woman," she growled. Then the pair returned to trying to come up with a label for their relationship. David said that he would not give what they had a name, but rather he'd be grateful that they had a relationship. They kissed passionately yet again before Erica abruptly pulled away. She told David that she hopes that he'll miss her while she's gone. That way, she said, he'll appreciate her more. As Erica left, David received another phone call from the hospital.

At the hospital, Edmund dropped by Joe's office to see if he'd reviewed Seaview Hospital's explanation of Dimitri's death. Joe said that the report was "a very thorough, very concise, textbook case of a fatal aneurysm." After careful review, there was nothing in the report that signaled that anything out of the ordinary had taken place. Joe had done exactly as Edmund had requested---but still Edmund was not convinced that everything was on the up and up. He ceded that the medical report might very well be in order, but that did not change his belief that something about Alexandra's story just didn't add up. Edmund asked Joe if he'd have a talk with Alexandra and asked her about the events leading up to Dimitri's death. He said that he found it odd that Dimitri would have kept a wife from him. Joe cocked his head to one side and said that keeping a marriage a secret was "impetuous," a term that was applicable to Dimitri. Joe didn't really understand the reason for Edmund's concern, but he agreed to help him out.

When Alexandra arrived at the hospital, she found Edmund waiting for her inside Joe's office. Needles to say, she was surprised to see him. Edmund never explained why he was there. Joe filed into the office and apologized for running late. The doctor told Alex that Seaview's report was incredibly detailed. But as a friend of the family, Joe said that he felt obligated to learn more about what happened just before Dimitri fell so terribly ill. Alexandra agreed to recount her tale. She said that "all of a sudden" Dimitri's face had turned ghostly white. Complaining of a headache, Dimitri's face was horribly distorted from the pain. He grabbed onto her arm---so hard that it left bruises. Prior to the incident, Dimitri had never given any indication that he was ill. He had talked about their future and raising a family together. Alex's voice cracked and several tears escaped as she said that Dimitri had wanted their children to grow up with their cousins, Sam and Maddie. Dimitri was adamant about wanting the children to be close and not go through what he and Edmund had gone through as kids. Alex's sadness gave way to a wave of anger. She turned an icy glare towards Edmund. "Why do you keep making me go through this again and again?" she yelled. Alex took a deep breath and apologized to Joe for her outburst. She said that she hopes that they can meet again under happier circumstances. Alex stormed out of the office, but stopped just a few feet from the doorway. She put her hands to her face and sobbed for a few moments. As she did, David turned the corner. He did a double take and observed Alex carefully. By then, Alex had headed on her way and David said nothing. Back inside, Joe told Edmund that his professional feeling was that Alex was not hiding anything. Her account of what had happened was airtight. Again Edmund doubted Joe. He said that there was still something that he did not trust. "People die. Children die," Joe commented seemingly out of nowhere. He added that one could not get by by trying to rail against nature for the loss. Edmund wondered where Joe's anger was coming from. Joe took a deep breath and told him about Dixie's miscarriage. Of course Edmund---or anyone outside of the immediate family---knew that Dixie was expecting. Edmund apologized for dumping his problems on Joe. Joe, however, said that he was glad to have something else to occupy his mind. "I lost a grandchild last night," he said softly.

Back in Dixie's room, Dixie finally woke from her medically induced slumber. She saw Tad sitting beside her and struggled to sit up in bed. "Where am I?" she asked in confusion. Then her face formed a look of sudden understanding. She knew that she was in the hospital, but she wasn't sure why she was there. She first feared that she was having health problems, but Tad assured her that she was going to be fine. "There's something I have to tell you," Tad said in a voice barely above a whisper. The frown on his face refused to budge. "We lost her, didn't we?" Dixie said in a tiny, childlike voice. "We lost the baby." Dixie was too weak, too heartbroken to say anything more. She sobbed quietly as Tad gently cradled her head in his arms."

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