08/05/1999 Amanda Tricks Her Parents Into A Honeymoon

"On the other end of the line---calling all the way from Paris---was Monsieur Quelquechose [pronounced KEL kuh shows] , Tim's father-in-law-to-be. Trevor asked for a little bit of information about Tim's girlfriend. The two pieces of information offered struck panic in Trevor's heart. Mr. Quelquechose said that in France a woman doesn't reach her prime until she's about forty years of age. If that wasn't enough to scare Trevor, the man also noted that Tim was interacting very well with Jean-Pierre and Chloe---his daughter's two children from two previous marriages! Trevor took the phone away from his ear for a second and flashed a faint look in Janet's direction. "We're gonna be grandparents," he gasped. Brooke and Amanda did the best they could to stifle their brewing laughter. Meanwhile at the Pine Valley airport, a man with a beret and fake moustache used an equally fake French accent while talking on a payphone. That man was Axel Green. Trevor put the call on speakerphone and demanded that the man on the other end stop "this mess" from getting any worse. "Mr. Quelquechose" was offended that Trevor did not see the beauty in Tim and his daughter's relationship. In the morning, he announced, the two would be married. In the background, a voice came over the loudspeaker---in English. Axel was forced to come up with an explanation for the noise. He claimed that his wife was watching an English program on television. When the voice sounded again, Axel said that the connection was bad and abruptly hung up. "This isn't right," Janet said shaking her head. Trevor headed back to the phone and frantically called Tim's private number. Like before, he connected with Tim's answering machine. Trevor's face dropped when he heard the newly recorded message on the machine. He quickly handed of the phone to his wife. Janet listened to the message and gasped, "Oh my God. He's singing I'm Getting Married in the Morning." Janet and Trevor looked at one another in horror. "What are we going to do?" Janet asked. Brooke finally spoke up, telling the pair that they were going to hop on the first flight to Paris and stop the wedding. Trevor shook his head and said that he could not go because Belinda had just given him some additional cases. Brooke reminded Trevor that since he'd made partner at the firm, he could delegate authority and have someone else handle the workload. There was also no need to worry about ticketing arrangements. Brooke said that she knew of someone who could get a flight to anywhere at any time within five minutes. Still Trevor and Janet were not convinced that flying off to Paris was the way to go. "If Tim marries this woman with kids, I'll be their Auntie Amanda," chirped Amanda. Trevor turned green and Janet moaned softly. That was all they needed to hear. After the couple headed upstairs to pack, Amanda and Brooke celebrated their coup with a high-five.

Still in tears, Hayley apologized for crying on Ryan's shoulder. She told Ryan of her latest encounter with Mateo. Not knowing that Ryan already knew of Mateo's getaway plans, she told him that Mateo and Raquel were going to Texas on what she believed to be a romantic getaway. Ryan shook his head and assured Hayley that the reason behind the trip was not romantic at all. The only reason Mateo was going, said Ryan, was so he could help Max settle in. Another part of the trip was also to make Hayley insanely jealous---and it was working. Ryan urged Hayley not to let Mateo get to her. Hayley wasn't so optimistic. She told Ryan that when Mateo had whisked her off to Mexico for a romantic getaway, he'd taken her to the very spot where he and Raquel had spent their honeymoon. "Your first love never lets you go," Hayley sighed. Ryan tried to downplay the attachment one has to their first love, but Hayley silenced him by asking him if he'd ever really be over Gillian. Ryan opted to take another route to lessen Hayley's fears. He told Hayley that she was a remarkable woman, a woman with "room in [her] heart for lost souls." He paused momentarily before adding, "On top of everything else, you are so beautiful." Hayley was caught of guard. "Am I?" she asked, seemingly forgetting how attractive she is. "Have you looked in a mirror lately?" Ryan asked. He told Hayley that he thought she was beautiful from the first moment he laid eyes on her. Hayley laughed to herself and muttered that she had a miserable life. She admitted to ordering a pizza at two in the morning solely for the purpose of having someone to talk to. And talk she did. When the deliveryman arrived, she convinced the man to talk about and show pictures of his family. "You should've called me," Ryan replied softly. Hayley shook her head and stated that she didn't want to always trouble him. "There has to be a limit to your endurance," she grumbled. Ryan told Hayley that he would always be there for her---just like she'd been there for him in his time of need. Before either one of them knew what was happening, they were lunging towards one another. Their lips met in a passionate frenzy, their hands groping and feeling the other's body. Ryan gently hoisted Hayley into the air and placed her on a table. The passions flared even more, but somehow Ryan managed to pull himself away. "We can't do this," he said softly. "Don't you want me?" Hayley asked in shock. "I'm about to rip your clothes off and through you on my bed," responded Ryan, who was still out of breath. This was just not right. "It feels right," Hayley smiled. Ryan said that having sex would be the same thing as Hayley taking a drink. Hayley took the remark to be a crack about her alcoholism. She accused Ryan of thinking of he as a "pathetic drunk, a desperate loser, [and] a slut." Ryan was amazed that Hayley had twisted his words into something so horrible. Hayley raced towards the door promising to find another method to soothe her pain. Ryan told Hayley that he would follow her and stop her from taking a drink. "Only I can do that," Hayley replied curtly. "And I don't want to."

Alexandra rested her head on the arm of a sofa at Wildwind. She reflected briefly on a romantic encounter she and Dimitri had shared. After she finished daydreaming, she sat up and looked tenderly at a picture of Edmund and Maria. A few seconds later, Edmund and Peggy entered the parlor. Both were somewhat surprised to see Alex. Alex cleared her throat and explained that Gillian had asked her to come to the house and meet Eugenia. Peggy wasn't sure that Alex would get a chance to meet her just yet because Eugenia was terribly upset about Dimitri's death. Peggy started to sob as she tried to accept the fact that "her boy" was dead. Edmund told Peggy that she would have a chance to see Dimitri one day---and that day was tomorrow when the viewing would be held. Alexandra shifted nervously in her chair. Without looking at either Edmund or Peggy, Alexandra announced that she'd decided to hold a closed-casket viewing. Peggy was bewildered by Alexandra's decision. She said that it was a family tradition to have the casket open at the viewing. Even Hugo, who Peggy said was "not much to look at," had an open viewing. Alex explained that it was Dimitri's request to keep the casket closed. Edmund clenched his teeth and reminded the woman that he'd been extremely patient and agreed to let her handle all of the funeral arrangements. Gillian suddenly appeared in the doorway and announced that she agreed with Alex---the casket should be kept closed. Edmund explained that he'd been denied a chance to see Maria after her death and that he had no way of knowing if she was truly resting in peace. Gillian argued that Dimitri had chosen Alexandra as his "life partner" and that Edmund should respect her wishes. Gillian told Alex that Eugenia was ready to receive her. After Alex left the room, Gillian expressed why she was so opposed to having an open casket. When he mother died, no one told her. She was left waiting in her bedroom for her mother to tuck her in for the night. Her father, in a drunken stupor, wandered into her room and told her to go downstairs. There, he lifted her tiny body into the air and forced her to look at her mother's lifeless body lying sprawled in a coffin. Gillian pleaded to be released, but her father would not relent. He then ordered her to kiss her mother on the lips. Gillian wriggled and tried to get away, but it did no good. She said that her mother's lips were the coldest thing she's ever felt. "That wasn't my mother," Gillian proclaimed defiantly. "She was worm and soft." Peggy reached out and took the sobbing princess into her arms. Edmund told Gillian that he was sorry that she'd had to endure such a horrible trauma and an early age. Gillian wiped her eyes and told Edmund that she would not attend the funeral service if he insisted in having the casket open. The person in the casket was not Dimitri, Gillian commented. "It's just his body... not his soul, not his laugh, nor his passion nor his wisdom. If you want to see Dimitri, close your eyes and pick your fondest memories of him and wrap them around you." The doorbell sounded and Peggy allowed Joe Martin into the house. Peggy took a container of food that Ruth had sent over to the kitchen. Gillian tagged along to get a glass of warm milk before going to bed. In the foyer, Gillian asked Peggy if Ryan had called to check on her. Peggy shook her head and said that Ryan should be by her side. Gillian didn't think that it was that important because she and Ryan were now divorced. Back in the parlor, Joe offered his sincere condolences to Edmund. Edmund asked Joe if he knew of anything in Dimitri's medical file that may have hinted at a health problem. Joe thought for several moments before recalling that Dimitri's most recent physical---about a year ago---showed that he was in perfect health. He asked Edmund what the results of the autopsy had shown. Edmund shrugged and said that no autopsy had been performed. Joe was puzzled by the decision not to perform an autopsy and asked Edmund if he knew the official determination for the cause of Dimitri's death. "Cerebral incident," Edmund replied. Joe said that the term was rather wide in its definition. Alexandra walked down the steps and listened quietly to the conversation. Joe told Edmund that he would gladly give the death certificate the once-over if he wanted. Edmund nodded, but said that Alexandra had the certificate.

At the airport, Janet feared that she'd forgotten to pack her toothbrush. Brooke assured her that she could buy anything that she'd forgotten once she landed in Paris. A voice sounded over the loudspeaker instructing Trevor to pick up one of the courtesy phones. Trevor was surprised that anyone knew where to reach him. On the other end of the line, Monsieur Quelquechose, said that he had a feeling that Trevor would try to fly to France to stop the wedding. Trevor became a bit angry and referred to the man as "Mr. Something." The joke behind that being that "quelquechose" literally means "something" in French. Continuing onward, Janet detected a man's voice a little ways off---and it sounded awfully familiar. She turned and started hunting around the airport for the voice. She yanked off Axel's beret and demanded to know what he was up to. Janet snatched the phone away from him and told Trevor that he could hang up the phone. Understandably, Trevor was confused about how his wife could have gotten to France in only a few seconds. Janet told Trevor to turn around. When he did, Axel waved meekly in his direction. Amanda stepped forward to explain everything. Tim was not getting married nor was he engaged. It was all a plan to get Trevor and Janet to take their honeymoon. Every time they'd wanted to have their much overdue honeymoon, something came up. So Amanda felt that the only way to convince them to take one was to trick them. In Amanda's mind the only way a couple could live happily ever after was to have a honeymoon. Janet assured her daughter that she and Trevor would grow old together. That wasn't enough of an assurance for the littlest Dillon. "I worked so hard to get you two together," Amanda grinned. She said that she was not going to take any chances that their lack of a honeymoon would doom their relationship. It didn't take too much convincing for Janet and Trevor to agree to head off to the City of Lights. They raced towards the gate to the applause of onlookers who had gathered around them.

Crying and feeling rejected, Hayley returned to the Dillon house. She laid down on the sofa, tears streaming down her face. Arlene's voice haunted her mind. "Deep down we don't believe that we deserve to be loved," said her mother. The comment was in reference to their uncanny ability to chase away all of the good men in their lives. "You will always be your mother's daughter---unloved and alone." In the background, the phone rang and rang. Ryan paced back and forth at the loft praying for Hayley to pick up the phone. He hung up the phone when he cellular phone began ringing. "Hayley?" he said as he picked up the phone. On the other end, Peggy apologized for calling so late. She said that she wanted to know if Ryan was going to attend the funeral services. "Who died?" Ryan gasped. The news of Dimitri's death shocked Ryan into silence. He asked Peggy if Gillian was holding up okay. Peggy shook her head slightly and said that the Gillian might have a chance of getting through the ordeal if he was by her side. Ryan vowed to bee at the service in the morning. Ryan hung up the phone and ran his fingers through his hair."

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