08/02/1999 Gillian Finds Hayley At Ryan's

"Ryan awoke and straggled out of bed. In the livingroom, Hayley was still fast asleep. Ryan reached for the phone and dialed Mateo's cellular phone. Mateo took Ryan's call, but he was not at all happy to hear from him. "We need to talk," Ryan said urgently. Mateo shook his head and replied, "No, we don't." Ryan tried to explain that Hayley was "torn up" about her split with Mateo. Matt, however, didn't want to hear anything Ryan had to say. As Ryan continued to talk, Mateo hung up his phone. Ryan slowly approached the sofa and replaced the blanket that Hayley had wrestled off during the night. He then took a deep breath, scrawled something on a notepad, and left the loft. Sometime later, Hayley was roused from her sleep by a knock on the door. She labored off the sofa and scurried to the door. When the door swung open, a shocked Gillian stared back at her from the other side. Gillian turned and walked away, but Hayley chased after her and told her that she would not let her walk away from her again. Hayley explained that she had fallen asleep on the sofa while visiting Ryan. Gillian agreed to join Hayley inside the condo, but it was apparent that her mind was elsewhere. Hayley tried to explain everything that had happened, but it didn't seem like Gillian believed anything that she'd said. It was then that Gillian realized that Hayley must not have heard the news about Dimitri's death. The news hit Hayley hard; she sat Gillian down on the sofa and tried her best to comfort her. Gillian told Hayley that Dimitri had been more of a father to her than her real father had. She lamented that she'd never had the chance to tell Dimitri how much she'd loved him. Hayley took Gillian's hand and assured her that Dimitri knew. Gillian was sure that the bad news would devastate Ryan because he'd really liked Dimitri. Hayley instructed Gillian to stay put while she went to Wildwind to check on Edmund. Gillian shook her head and said that she did not want to be alone. Hayley nodded her head and the two women headed off to Wildwind together.

In the courtyard of the condominium complex, Max played with his new remote controlled racecar. Mateo hoped to make up for his son's spoiled birthday party by giving his son an even bigger gift---a new bicycle. Max, however, was unmoved by the gift and muttered that he likes his car better. Mateo joined Raquel inside her condo for a brief meeting to see how he could undo the damage that he'd done. Raquel explained that Max was hurting because he believed that his father didn't think his birthday was a special day. This was, after all, Max's very first birthday party (with friends). Raquel told Mateo that she'd spoken to her folks and that they'd invited her and Max to stay with them in Texas for a while. Mateo was surprised, but he thought that it might do his son some good to get a way for a little while. He took a deep breath and said that he would miss his son while he was gone. Just to make sure that they got settled, Mateo announced that he'd be traveling with them. That way, he said, he could make sure that he and Raquel's parents were "on the same page." If Mateo was going to be out of town, he knew that someone would have to look after the bar. That someone, of course, was Hayley.

Ryan arrived at the condo after Mateo had left to find Hayley. He told Raquel that he wanted to speak to Mateo to assure him that he and Hayley were not lovers. He claimed that Matt was "all geeked up" over nothing. Raquel wasn't so sure. She noted that he and Hayley had shared a kiss---and a kiss was not something to be taken lightly. Ryan did not understand why everyone was so worked up over a simple kiss. Raquel explained that Mateo is a "proud man" that loves Hayley very much. She bashfully admitted that she'd found that out the hard way when she'd tried to put the moves on Mateo. The kiss, she said, was "put and out disrespectful" of Mateo and Hayley's relationship. Ryan asked Raquel why she was packing her bags. She informed him that she and Max were headed to visit her parents. In passing, she mentioned that Mateo was going to be joining them. Ryan puckered his lips and asked Raquel if she was going to "make another play" for Mateo. Raquel did not attempt to deny Ryan's charges. Instead, she said that some time away might do them all some good---and perhaps time would also allow them to rekindle some of their former magic.

Amanda "prepared" a candlelight breakfast for her mother and father. After dining, Trevor joked that Amanda was a "romance vigilante." He told Janet that their daughter had accused them of being "fuddy duddies." To make a point, they went overboard with smooches and sweet talk. It didn't appear to convince Amanda of anything. Janet filed out of the room shortly before a knock sounded on the door. Amanda raced to answer the door. Trevor saw Mateo on the porch and quickly asked Amanda to check on the laundry. Before the conversation could swing into full gear, Trevor wanted Mateo to know that he wasn't playing favorites because he wanted him and Hayley to get back together. Mateo seemed almost disgusted by the idea. He shook his head and muttered that reconciliation was the furthest thing from his mind. Trevor told Matt that Ryan was not interested in Hayley because he still loved Gillian. If that was true, Mateo asked why Ryan and Gillian were not still married. Trevor countered that by asking Mateo why he and Hayley were not legally married. Mateo became silent as Trevor noted that Mateo's past marriage had interfered. Amanda returned to the room toting a basket of Hayley's laundry. She asked Mateo if her wanted her to put the clothing in a bag or in Hayley's suitcase. Mateo looked at her quizzically and asked her where she'd gotten the idea that he wanted Hayley's clothing. Amanda stated that Hayley had not slept at home the night before so she had naturally assumed that she and Mateo had spent the night together. Trevor's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and he quickly shooed his daughter from the room. Mateo blasted Trevor for not having told him that Hayley had spent the night elsewhere. Trevor said that it was possible that Hayley slept at Chandler Mansion, but Mateo didn't buy it. Janet suddenly burst into the room with the news of Dimitri's death. Trevor softly noted that Hayley might have gone to Wildwind. Mateo's face fell and he apologized for having yelled at Trevor. Mateo raced off leaving Janet and Trevor to mull over the latest batch of bad news. When the doorbell sounded, Janet prayed that more bad news was not waiting for them. As it turns out, a messenger had dropped by with a telegram from Tim. Trevor ripped open the telegram and read the message aloud. "Good news," Trevor paused and flashed a big smile to his wife. "I'm getting married." Trevor's smiled quickly faded away. In the corner, though, Amanda smiled merrily.

In the main house at Wildwind, Myrtle dropped by to pay her respects to Edmund. She and Peggy struck up a conversation about Dimitri's mysterious new wife. Myrtle explained that Erica had told her that she did not trust Alexandra. Peggy said that she was not sure that Erica's feelings could be trusted. "She's hurt," Peggy said. "And looking for someone to blame." As she'd done to Edmund, Peggy told Myrtle that she saw love in Alex's eyes---and that she did not doubt that Alexandra had strong feelings for Dimitri. Nevertheless, she was convinced that Alex was holding something back.

In the hunting lodge, Alex drifted to a place somewhere between consciousness and sleep. Her mind was filled with imagery from her wedding day. In the background, "Sean" and Alexandra's mother acted as witnesses to the ceremony. As the minister spoke, Dimitri suddenly interrupted. He became extremely giddy---to a level never before seen. "You are an extraordinary woman," Dimitri said happily. "I never want to take a single moment [with you] for granted." He went on to say that Alexandra had healed his soul and help him get back his life. Alex was speechless. At first she'd been perturbed that Dimitri had interrupted the ceremony, but now she was truly touched by his kinds words. Not wanting the sentiment to unreciprocated, Alexandra opened up her heart and said a few words about her feelings for her husband-to-be. "I think I was hiding," she said. "I didn't want to feel anything." She said that she looks forward to a "glorious, joyous, fragrant [and] full" life with Dimitri. As it came time for the vows, Dimitri recited the vows without the need for prompting from the minister. Likewise, Alexandra knew every word of the vows. However, her voice cracked and tears came to her eyes when she had to promise to love Dimitri through "sickness and health." After the minister pronounced them husband and wife, a moment of silence ensued. "I hardly thought that an American would need prompting," said the minister with a slight smile. Dimitri looked around in confusion before he realized that Alex was mouthing "Kiss me." Alexandra was still daydreaming when the door to the lodge swung open. "I didn't hear you knock," Alex stated when she returned to the present. "I didn't," Edmund replied angrily. "What did you do with my brother's body?" Alex explained that she'd had Dimitri's body transported to a local funeral home. Again Edmund expressed his desire to have an autopsy. It was again met with resistance from Alexandra, who explained that no autopsy was needed because she'd gotten the medical report from Seaview Hospital. "Cerebral incident" was the official cause of death. Alexandra explained that the term was just medical jargon for a brain aneurysm or stroke. She assured Edmund that aside from the headache his brother had not suffered. This comforted Edmund slightly and he backed down from his demand for an autopsy. As Alexandra was putting the medical papers into her purse, she accidentally knocked her purse to the ground thereby spilling its contents. Edmund bent over and plucked up one of the items: a gold watch that he'd given Dimitri. Edmund smiled slightly and said that he'd given the watch to his brother to replace the one he'd lost in the aqueduct. Edmund noted that Dimitri had saved his life. "I think you saved each other," Alexandra replied. Edmund sat down on the sofa next to Alexandra and asked her if she'd gotten any sleep the night before. She shook her head. Edmund smiled warmly and told his sister-in-law that he'd have Peggy send her some food and clothing. As Edmund made his way out, he asked Alex to contact the funeral home and arrange for a private viewing. He said that he was sure that many people would want to pay their last respects to Dimitri. Alexandra swallowed hard and nodded her head.

Back at the main house, Gillian and Hayley arrived. Gillian told Edmund that she'd phone Eugenia and that she'd be back in Pine Valley on the next flight from Newport. Hayley sat down next to Edmund and said, "There's never gonna be another one like him." Edmund nodded his head slightly. Edmund told Hayley that he was going to go upstairs and tell the kids that their Uncle Dimmie would never be coming home. Alone, Hayley sat and stared at a picture of Dimitri. "This wasn't supposed to happen to you," she sobbed. A noise from behind startled her. She turned and saw Mateo standing just a few feet away. She slowly rose from the sofa and walked towards Mateo. After some initial hesitation, Hayley buried her head on Mateo's shoulder and sobbed openly.

After Edmund left, Alex raced to the phone and called Dr. Silbert at Seaview Hospital. She told the doctor that Edmund desired an open casket viewing. "It is imperative that they follow our directions. The coffin can never be opened!""

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