07/30/1999 Erica Cries For Dimitri

"Alone at her uncle's house, Hayley hit the phone lines to find someone to talk to in her time of loneliness and need. She managed to reach Axel, but the aspiring actor was on his way out and unable to talk for very long. Shortly after she got off the phone with Axel, Amanda and Trevor returned home. Fresh from her camp counselor's wedding, Amanda was still wearing a beautiful bridesmaid gown.

The romance of the ceremony had sent Amanda's mind into a tizzy. She sat on the sofa next to Hayley and began asking a barrage of questions about Hayley's marriage to Mateo. "Was [your wedding] the most romantic time ever?" Amanda chattered. Hayley forced a smile and nodded her head. Amanda continued on, saying that when she got married, she and her husband would live happily ever after -- just like the fairytales.

Amanda's next question raised the eyebrows of both her father and Hayley. She asked Hayley to tell everything that Hayley and Mateo had done on their honeymoon so that Hayley could "inspire" Trevor and Janet. At Amanda's tender age, the request was surprising -- but it did not appear that Amanda was talking about the same thing that Hayley and Trevor were thinking about.

Amanda headed upstairs to take off her dress. While she was gone, Trevor asked Hayley for the details of her chat with Mateo. Hayley took a deep breath and stated that it had been a total disaster. She explained that Mateo had accused her and Ryan of having sex in the condo while Max and his pals partied in the courtyard. She also told Trevor about Mateo's plan to buy her out at the club.

Trevor shook his head and claimed that Mateo loved Hayley too much to want her out of his life. Hayley disagreed. She said that Mateo would never have said and done the things he'd done if he truly loved her. "You were the one kissing another guy," Trevor interjected.

Trevor's comment set off Hayley's temper. She flew off the handle, accusing her uncle of not being on her side. Trevor tried to explain that it was difficult for a man to forgive a woman for kissing another man, but everything he said just seemed to make things worse. Hayley stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind her.

Amanda heard the ruckus and raced downstairs to see what was wrong. Trevor said only that Hayley was "going through a tough time right now." He smiled rather meekly and told his daughter that he was confident that Hayley would pull through. Amanda headed to the kitchen and, presumably with some parental assistance, cooked spaghetti for dinner. She was disappointed when Janet called from work and said that she'd be working late and would not be home for dinner.

Amanda continued to grumble that her parents were a bit of a disappointment because they hadn't gone on a honeymoon. Trevor explained that he and Janet loved one another and that they did not need to travel to some exotic locale to show their love for each another. Amanda claimed to understand, but as soon as Trevor left the room, Amanda made a beeline for the telephone. She dialed Tim's number in Paris and frantically asked him for help to her fix Janet and Trevor's relationship.

"I can't let you do this," Alexandra bellowed from the entranceway to the crypt. Edmund was not about to let her get in the way. He yelled that he wanted to see his brother. The coffin had been sealed. Alexandra explained that it had been sealed for the trip back to Hungary. "I need to see him!" Edmund yelled.

Alexandra told Edmund that Dimitri had wanted to spare Edmund from having his last memory of his brother be of Dimitri in a coffin. The statement prompted Edmund to wonder if Dimitri had known that he was ill. After all, it didn't seem like something he would mention in passing that he did not want anyone to see him in the event of his death. "You'd better get your story straight, lady," Edmund snapped. He told her that he'd caught her slip of the tongue when she'd referred to both Vadzel and the hunting lodge as the place where Dimitri felt most at home.

Alex did not address her slip, saying only that "everything happened as [she] said it did." She took a deep breath and prepared to recount Dimitri's final moments. "It was dreadful," she said after noting that Dimitri had not shown any signs of being sick prior to his collapse. She said that Dimitri had not want Edmund to see him after his death because Edmund had already lost Maria. "That was different," Edmund replied.

Alexandra said that Dimitri had wanted Edmund to remember him as "strong and vital." A familiar voice called out to Edmund. Peggy slowly entered the crypt and was overcome by emotion. "How could the Lord take him?" she sobbed. Alex stepped forward and introduced herself as Dimitri's wife.

Peggy quickly looked to Edmund to see if Alexandra was telling the truth. Much to Edmund's chagrin, Peggy sympathized with Alex. She said that it was horrible for her to have become a widow so soon into the marriage. Peggy saw the shovel and scolded Edmund for trying to unseal Dimitri's casket. "My boy is gone," she said softly.

Edmund walked her back to the house, but Alexandra wanted a few minutes alone with Dimitri. "I'm so sorry," she said, "I have to do this. I didn't have any other choice."

Hayley headed for Liza's old loft, which had become home to Ryan -- and soon to Scott as well. Ryan had just gotten out of the shower and answered the door shirtless. They exchanged meager greetings. The uneasiness caused Hayley to wonder if dropping by was such a good idea. Ryan shook his head and welcomed Hayley into his home.

Hayley told Ryan that she'd just gotten into a verbal battle with Trevor. Ryan quietly replied that people always hurt the ones they loved and assured Hayley that Trevor would understand that she was upset. Ryan went to the kitchen and microwaved a package of popcorn. He marveled that he hadn't scorched any of the kernels. Hayley was not quite as impressed, musing that new-fangled microwaves have a popcorn button that made it easy to pop popcorn.

Ryan flipped around the television dial, looking for something to watch. There wasn't much to choose from -- mostly a bunch of cheap B flicks. While Ryan moved up and down the channel spectrum, Hayley fell asleep. Ryan watched her for just a moment before gently blanketing her with a cover. He flipped out the lights, took one last look at his slumbering friend, and headed to bed.

An exuberant David raced up the walkway to Erica's porch and could barely wait for Erica to answer the door before trumpeting his good news. He told Erica that he'd managed to retrieve all of her belongings from Donald Steele and at the same time prove that his mother had stolen her pictures from his office. One of the reasons David was so happy was because it let him of the hook by proving to Erica that he hadn't sold the pictures. "It doesn't matter anymore," Erica said sadly, "nothing matters anymore."

Moving inside the house, David asked Erica what was troubling her. "He's dead. Dimitri's dead," Erica said softly, her voice still showing disbelief. David listened carefully as Erica explained the bizarre circumstances behind her ex-husband's death. "Dimitri loved me more than any man has loved," Erica whispered. Erica blasted Alexandra, saying that she was certain that Alexandra was a "phony." She also doubted that Alex's accent was real.

"[Dimitri] said that no one would ever take my place in his heart," Erica continued. For just a moment, it seemed as though Erica was more upset that Dimitri had gotten married than she was mournful of his death. Erica wondered how she could tell her daughter that the man she had thought of as a father was gone.

David wanted to help Erica relive some of the happier times she and Dimitri had shared. He asked how she and the Count Andrassy had met. Erica laughed and said that they'd met under the worst of circumstances: Dimitri had been trying to take control of Enchantment. In a series of flashbacks, Erica recalled her first meeting with Dimitri and how he'd called her "the original ice maiden." Erica burst into tears, prompting David to take her in his arms.

"I think you should leave," Erica said after composing herself. David told Erica that he did not think that she should be alone. "I have my mother," Erica responded. Erica thanked David for getting her things back, but again told him that she wanted to be alone. David reluctantly agreed to leave. Once alone, Erica picked up the phone and phoned Bianca to tell her the bad news.

Edmund and Peggy walked down to the hunting lodge to give Alexandra some food. When they arrived, Alexandra was nowhere to be found. Peggy found the music box on a table and noted how beautiful it was. Edmund mentioned that it was probably the gift Brooke had told him about. Edmund told Peggy that he doubted Alex's sincerity.

Peggy shook her head and told Edmund that "she loved him" because Peggy had seen the love in Alexandra's eyes. "I'm not convinced she's on the level," Edmund replied. Edmund asked Peggy if she could find her way back to the house by herself. Peggy nodded, and Edmund raced back to the crypt. When he got there and stepped inside, Dimitri's coffin was gone."

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