07/28/1999 Donald Has Been Poisoned

""How can you not trust me?" Adam asked in surprise. Liza reminded Adam that he had bribed Judge Charles to side with Mateo in his custody battle. Bribing a bank official was not, in Liza's mind, out of the question. Adam passionately argued that he "absolutely did not" have anything to do with Mateo being turned down for a loan. "Mateo did that all by himself," he muttered.

Adam also disputed Mateo's insinuation that Adam was mostly to blame for the troubles Mateo was having with Hayley. Liza nodded her head slightly and said that Mateo's lies had led to the relationship's downfall. "[Lies] grow and grow," Liza commented. She said that no marriage or relationship could possible survive if it was built on a foundation of lies. Adam shifted nervously next to Liza.

Adam offered to call Alfred to prove that he'd had nothing to do with the denied loan, but Liza assured her husband that she believed him. Adam reached for a telephone message that Skye had left. The note unimpressively mentioned that Skye would be moving to Llanview. Adam said that he was upset that he didn't have a closer bond to his daughter. The note, he sadly noted, didn't even offer an update on how she was doing.

Adam said that he never wanted to lose touch with Colby. Just for good measure, Adam reminded Liza that allowing Jake to be Colby's father was a testament to Adam's changed lifestyle. Liza giggled to herself and gently tapped Adam's hand. "Jake is Colby's father," she laughed. The doorbell rang, signaling an unexpected visit from, oddly enough, Jake.

Jake had dropped by to tell Adam and Liza that he would be out of town for a several days while he attended a medical conference. Jake said his goodbyes to Colby and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Adam mentioned that he, Liza, and Colby might be going to England for a few days. Jake offered no opposition to the trip, but he did asked Liza to be sure that Colby didn't return with "Austin Powers' teeth." He and Liza chuckled to themselves. Adam smiled cluelessly and noted, "I don't know who he is."

Derek's arrival at the airport surprised Alexandra. The detective explained that Edmund had filed an injunction to prevent her from taking Dimitri's body out of the country. Alexandra argued that as Dimitri's wife, she outranked Edmund and planned to return Dimitri to Budapest for "internment." There seemed little hope that legal action would halt her flight to Hungary. Alexandra asked to examine the injunction, but Derek was forced to admit that he didn't actually have the paperwork.

Haughtily, Alexandra grumbled that she would not hang around until the paperwork arrived. "You have no right to do this," Edmund said stepping forward. "I am his wife," Alexandra rebutted through clenched teeth. Edmund ceded that Alexandra was his brother's wife, but he argued that she was not closer to him that Edmund was. "Why does this have to be a contest?" Alexandra asked.

Suddenly, Alexandra was hit by a flashback of the events that had transpired thousands of feet above the ground. "Promise me," Dimitri said to her from a reclined position on the plane's sofa. "I don't want him to see me like this." Then, writhing in pain, Dimitri's body went limp.

Edmund said that he would not argue that Dimitri had loved Alexandra. He said that had he not been wrapped up in himself, he would have realized that Dimitri had not been "dark, private, or morose" any longer. In fact, he noted that in recent weeks, Dimitri had returned to provoking him. "He got a perverse thrill out of that, didn't he?" Alexandra said as she smiled.

Edmund wanted the woman to see why it was so important that Dimitri be at Wildwind. He explained that he'd lost his wife in a plane crash and that her body had never been recovered. Because her body hadn't been located, Edmund said that he felt a sense of emptiness when he visited her empty crypt.

Again, Alexandra's mind flew back into the past. "I can't!" Dimitri had said sternly. "Two years ago he lost his wife. He can't go through this no matter what the outcome," Dimitri had insisted. The pilot appeared before Alexandra and informed her that her plane had once again received clearance. The woman rose from her seat and headed toward the boarding gate. There she informed the pilot that she'd had a change of plans; she would not be flying to Budapest, and she wanted Dimitri's coffin removed from the plane.

Vanessa pleaded with David to give Donald his money so that they could get rid of him once and for all. Shaking his head, David said that he'd decided to move forward with another plan. Donald pressed his ear against the closet door and listened carefully to the conversation. Suddenly, David opened the door, and Donald toppled to the ground. Donald smiled timidly before rising to his feet.

When asked how much of the conversation he'd overheard, Donald said that he'd only heard enough to figure out that David, not Palmer, was bankrolling the operation. David nodded his head and said that he had paid for everything -- right down to the hors d'oeuvres. The doctor chattered on about the hors d'oeuvres for several minutes. He wondered aloud if the strychnine he'd added to the pâté had given the appetizers any additional flavor. Donald and Vanessa's eyes bulged simultaneously.

"David!" Vanessa gasped. "That's rat poison. This must be a joke," she said. David shook his head. He asked why the only food item served was also the only food that Vanessa was allergic to. Vanessa placed her hand over her mouth and muffled another gasp. For the first time, Vanessa realized that David was wearing latex gloves, presumably to keep his fingerprints from appearing on any items in the room.

Donald still did not believe that he'd been poisoned, but slowly he began to exhibit symptoms of strychnine poisoning. A tingling sensation hit his extremities, and his breathing became more labored. Vanessa headed to the phone to call the paramedics. David insisted she would never make that call. David noted that Vanessa would have a hard time explaining to the authorities how a dead man had ended up in her room. More importantly, she'd also be forced to explain why a bottle of rat poison was hidden in her room.

Vanessa knew that she'd been foiled. "I can't afford a scandal," Vanessa panicked, fretting, "Palmer is my first billionaire." Vanessa's frantic pleas revealed that she was more interested in her financial security than in Donald's life. The end nearing, Donald babbled on about the first book he'd ever been given. From there, he proceeded to apologize for gambling away his mother's house.

Vanessa begged her son to do something -- anything -- to save Donald's life. David pulled a small vial of clear liquid from his pocket. He announced that the vial contained an antidote to the poison. He next produced a handheld video camera. As film rolled, David told Donald that he would administer the antidote if and only if Donald told the truth about how he'd gotten the pictures of Erica's scarred face.

Vanessa jumped in front of the camera and angrily snarled that "Donald will not talk." Donald shook his head feverishly and insisted that he wanted to tell the truth. "Shut up, Donald! He won't let you die," Vanessa yelled. David asked Vanessa if she was absolutely certain. He reminded her that he'd stepped over her body when she'd collapsed of a heart attack in the parking lot of the Valley Inn.

Brooke paced around the parlor at Wildwind, clutching a white teddy bear. She caught sight of a picture of Dimitri and burst into tears. "My God, Dimitri. I can't believe it's true," she sobbed. She quickly dried her eyes when Erica and Gillian returned to the castle. Erica told Brooke that Jack and Edmund had gone to the airport to attempt to reclaim Dimitri's body.

"She stole the body and is trying to [fly] it out of the country," Erica said. Erica momentarily forgot that Brooke had not been present when Alexandra dropped her bombshell. "She," Erica explained, "is the woman claiming to be his wife." Brooke was stunned and wondered where Alexandra had been when Dimitri was wheeled off of the plane. Gillian broke her silence, tears still streaming down her face. She said that she imagined that Alexandra was too shocked to face Dimitri's family.

"She must be really scared," Gillian said. It was only then that Brooke realized that Dimitri's big surprise had to have been the news of his marriage. Erica disagreed, saying that Dimitri would not keep something like that a secret. Gillian and Brooke were both in agreement that Dimitri's happiness had to have been attributed to the new woman in his life. Erica mumbled that she and Edmund were the "only skeptics" to doubt the validity of Dimitri and Alexandra's marriage.

"This Alex person is not who she's pretending to be," Erica said worriedly. She used Alexandra's refusal to agree to an autopsy as proof that the woman was up to something. "This would not be the first time that Dimitri chose the wrong woman to marry," Erica chirped. Brooke puckered her lips, smiled slightly, and turned away from Erica. Only then did Erica realize that she'd inadvertently left the door open for Brooke to assume that Erica was one of those wrong women she'd mentioned.

"She's a gold-digger -- maybe even a murderer!" Erica added. Brooke accused Erica of being bitter that Dimitri had found happiness. The two women bickered back and forth before Gillian stepped between them and demanded that they stop arguing. Gillian raced out of the house in tears. Brooke stunned Erica by apologizing for the argument. Erica, however, did not return the sentiment.

The previous summer, said Brooke, Dimitri had asked her to be a part of his life. She had turned him down. Brooke remembered that Erica had called her a fool for pushing Dimitri aside -- and she admitted that she had been a fool. Nevertheless, it was possible that Dimitri had moved on and found someone else to make him happy. There was still one point that Brooke and Erica both agreed upon: Dimitri should be laid to rest at Wildwind.

The door opened, and a sober Jack entered the house. Brooke raced into his arms and sobbed. Seconds later, Edmund appeared in the doorway. He turned to look out into the front yard. Erica's mouth gaped as Alexandra appeared by his side. "I can't believe they brought her here," Erica whispered to Brooke.

After introducing Brooke and Alexandra to one another, Jack left the room to make some phone calls and Edmund went off by himself to have some time alone. Erica took a deep breath and started walking in Alexandra's direction. "Not now," Brooke said softly. Erica froze in place, bowed her head, and walked away. Alexandra looked to Brooke and said simply, "She loved him."

Brooke nodded and said that they all loved Dimitri. Brooke left the room to check on the children. While alone, Alexandra plucked a piece of paper from her purse. She quickly dialed a number and spoke to Dr. Silbert of Seaview Hospital. She said that she had a "big change of plans." She promised to "be in touch" with the doctor.

Alex hung up the phone and headed toward the sofa. She picked up Dimitri's reading glasses and gently caressed them. Brooke suddenly appeared in the doorway and called out to her. "Mrs. Marick," said Brooke, "I think there's something that you would want to see.""

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