07/27/1999 Dimitri's Wife Introduces Herself

"David arrived at Vanessa's luxurious hotel room. David and Vanessa were planning to meet with Donald Steele, the author to whom Vanessa had given the information about Erica, and pay him in return for the information and photos. There was a knock at the door; it was room service. "I didn't order anything," Vanessa told the waiter, but David said he was the one that had placed the order.

Vanessa didn't understand why David had bothered. She just wanted to get what they needed from that "horrid man" and to have him leave as soon as possible. There was another knock on the door, and it was Donald. David hid in the bathroom as Vanessa opened the door.

Donald made himself at home and even made a pass at Vanessa. In the bathroom, David made faces of disgust. Vanessa fended Donald off and started to make a deal with him, but there was yet another knock at the door. Donald headed to the bathroom to hide, but Vanessa steered him to the closet and closed him in there along with the room service cart. Palmer was there, in an amorous mood, wanting to spend some time with Vanessa before he left on his trip.

Palmer took off his jacket and opened the closet door to hang it up, but fortunately, he was looking toward Vanessa and didn't see Donald in the closet. Vanessa freaked out and practically jumped on Palmer, closing the closet door as she kissed him. She then switched gears and tried to get Palmer to leave. He mentioned that he had checked up on the friend she was supposed to be visiting in Argentina and he'd been dead since 1986. Vanessa was at a loss for words.

Fortunately for Vanessa, the phone rang, and she pretended it was her supposedly dead friend calling her, and she said she was relieved the rumor of his death wasn't true. It was really David calling from the bathroom to help her get rid of Palmer. Palmer finally left, and Vanessa had Donald step out of the closet and give her the documents. He was suspicious when she told him to wait while she went into the bathroom, but he finally agreed.

Vanessa took all the papers in to David, who was wearing surgical gloves as he looked through them. Vanessa told David to give her the money, but he refused. He had something else to give Mr. Steele.

Adam mentioned to Liza that his daughter, Skye, would be heading to Llanview in the near future (Robin Christopher joined One Life To Live in the role of Skye on August 3, 1999). Colby's crying interrupted their conversation, and Liza headed upstairs to take care of her. Adam called the Dillon house to check on Hayley and had to leave a message on the answering machine there. Suddenly, there was pounding at the door. Adam answered it and found Mateo standing there. Mateo was furious because he thought that Adam was behind Mateo getting turned down for a loan.

Mateo accused Adam of messing with his life. Liza returned downstairs in the middle of the conversation and, misunderstanding what Mateo was upset about, defended her husband for interfering in Max's custody case. Adam had just been trying to help them, she explained. That made Mateo even more furious than before, and he blamed Adam for ruining his marriage. Things got even worse when he realized that Hayley had known about it and hadn't told him. He and Hayley were over for good, he declared as he stormed out of Adam's house.

At the hospital, everyone was stunned over Dimitri's death. Edmund demanded an autopsy be performed when a strange woman stepped in and refused to allow it. "Mind your own business," Edmund told her, but she didn't back down. "Just who do you think you are?" he asked. "I'm Alexandra Marick, Dimitri's wife," she announced to the amazement of everyone there.

Erica immediately accused Alex of lying. She couldn't believe the woman had the nerve to claim such a thing. However, when Jack asked her for proof, she was able to show him her passport and her marriage license; she and Dimitri had been married four days earlier. Alex seemed to know a lot about each of them and their families. She knew Bianca was Erica's daughter, and she knew that Edmund's children were Maddie and Sam, even though he tried to trick her by referring to Sam as "Robert."

Alex told the people in the hospital how excited Dimitri had been on the plane to return home, see them all again, and share his good news. He had even shown her the presents he had gotten Maddie and Sam, a china doll and a sailboat. According to the new Mrs. Marick, Dimitri had gotten a terrible headache very suddenly, and all the color had drained out of his face as he had collapsed against her. "Then why didn't you order the plane to land here when you were so close?" Edmund asked, demanding, "Why did you turn the plane around?"

"Dimitri begged me to take him home," Alex explained. She had thought he had known he was dying and had wanted to go home to Budapest. Edmund continued to grill her about why she had thought "home" meant Budapest when she had just said that Dimitri was excited about going "home" to Pine Valley. Alex was offended and tired of his questions; she didn't have to justify herself or her actions to him. Gillian backed Alex up and said that Dimitri had said that he wanted to be buried near his relatives at Vadsil.

The doctors approached and asked again what should be done with the body. Edmund again insisted on an autopsy, but Alex refused. After the doctors saw her marriage certificate, they followed her orders. Alex left the hospital with Dimitri's body and headed to the airport. After they were gone, Erica remained suspicious and wondered aloud to Gillian why Alex was so determined that no autopsy be done and why she was in such a rush to get Dimitri's body out of the country. Erica wondered what Alex was hiding. She hoped that Edmund and Jack, who had left the hospital, could do something to stop Alex before it was too late.

At the airport, Alex was just about to board the plane when Derek Frye arrived with Jack and Edmund and informed her that she was not going anywhere."

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