07/06/1999 Erica Reconsiders Her Vote

"Nuzzled up in the dark room, Belinda and Adrian used smooching as a way to pass time while they waited for their photographs to develop. At first glance the photos failed to produce anything that could be used to topple Palmer. Just as they were about to give up, Adrian noticed something in one of the pictures that roused his curiosity. Belinda moved closer to get a better look. Her face lit up as she growled, "Palmer, you're busted!"

A bouquet of flowers in hand, Janet dropped by Erica's house to see how her friend was doing post surgery. Erica's house was already filled with freshly cut flowers. Erica informed Janet that she'd been in the garden and picked the flowers herself. "Oh, you mean Coral picked them," said Janet with a smile, hinting that Erica never does any manual labor herself. Erica's eyes widened slightly and she held out her hands. "Stop the presses," Janet exclaimed upon seeing Erica's soiled hands. "Erica Kane has dirt under her fingernails!" The two women exchanged laughs before the conversation took a serious turn. Erica told Janet that she was in a good mood because her surgery was a complete success. Naturally, Janet was elated for her friend. She gave Erica a big hug and told her how happy she was for her. That covered the first reason for Janet's visit. However, there was still another topic that Janet felt a need to discuss. Janet asked Erica if she knew about the big vote at Cortlandt Electronics. Erica nodded her head and mentioned that Palmer had briefed her on their flight back from Rio. Janet feared that Palmer had filled Erica's mind with skewed viewpoints. It wasn't so much that Erica believed everything that Palmer said. Erica felt a certain level of obligation to Palmer. She told Janet that Palmer had saved her financially and she wanted to be there for him. Ordinarily Janet wouldn't argue against loyalty, but this was a different situation. Janet warned Erica that Palmer would use his position as CEO to stick it to Opal where it mattered most---her financial security. Erica's clear-cut decision was suddenly muddied with options. While Palmer has saved her company, Opal had always been there for her. Janet pressed Erica for an announcement about how she'd vote, but Erica stated that she'd need more time to vote. She told Janet that she needed to freshen up and headed upstairs.

At Pine Valley Hospital, David snuck behind Vanessa and demanded that she return Erica's note to him. Vanessa, who had been sitting in a chair, quickly jumped to her feet and turned to face her son. She professed that she had no idea what David was talking about. David, however, knew his mother far too well to be taken in by her innocent act. David blasted his mother for having had Palmer fly her to Brazil. Vanessa claimed that the trip was entirely Palmer's idea. She also noted that she could get used to the millionaire's generous and caring nature. The remarks prompted an angry backlash from David. He accused his mother of using Palmer for her own personal gain. To bolster his accusation, David pointed to the trail of broken hearts and empty bank accounts that Vanessa has left in her wake. "I have never chased after a man!" Vanessa gasped. David rolled his eyes. "It's your best event," he mused coldly. "The million dollar marathon." David worried that Vanessa would continue to wreak havoc on men and decided that he should warn Palmer about his mother before it was too late. "You're lethal, but unfortunately you don't come with a warning label," he grumbled. Vanessa accused David of trying to sabotage her happiness. She had to remind David that he once loved her. David admitted having feelings for his mother at one time, but that, he said, was before he knew what type of woman she really was. David thought to himself for a few moments before announcing that he might not warn Palmer after all. Perhaps, he chuckled, Vanessa will finally meet her match.

While cleaning up behind the bar at Sounds of Salsa, Ryan's wallet suddenly flung across the bar and landed with an audible thud on top of the bar. Ryan looked up and realized that he hadn't even noticed that his wallet was missing. Jake stood on the other side of the bar with an icy expression on his face. He informed Ryan that he'd found the wallet on the beach. "So you saw me.... with her," Ryan said nervously. Jake shook his head and said that he hadn't seen Ryan, but someone else had. Using the powers of deduction, Ryan realized that Gillian must have seen him with Hayley. Jake informed Ryan that Gillian hadn't mentioned a thing about what she'd seen because she was too much a lady to do that. Ryan's mind flashed back to the kiss that he and Hayley shared. Beads of sweat formed on his brow. Jake lashed out at Ryan for playing "red light, green light" with Gillian. "You ended the marriage," Jake said. "Let her go." Ryan softly replied that he was trying to let go of Gillian. Jake wanted Ryan to release Gillian so that she could find love elsewhere. And, before leaving, Jake warned Ryan to be a little more discreet about his public displays of affection in the future.

Dixie and Tad met with Dr. Clader and received mixed news. A second round of tests verified that Dixie was really pregnant. By his estimate, the obstetrician surmised that Dixie was about eight weeks into the pregnancy. Dixie's face brightened with optimism. Joe slowly walked into the room. Dixie immediately hit him with the news that the baby was doing fine. Joe failed to match Dixie's enthusiasm. Tad told his wife that his father had been called in to consult with them on the pregnancy. Joe reminded Dixie that the baby was not the only factor to consider. "I feel fine," Dixie sighed. Joe nodded slightly and told his daughter-in-law that he wanted to keep her that way. As much as he wanted to have another grandchild, Joe didn't want to risk losing Dixie. All signs led Dixie to believe that she was being advised to terminate the pregnancy. "Ending this pregnancy," she replied sternly, "is not an option." Tad stepped in and sympathized with his wife's feelings for the baby. Dixie angrily snapped that Tad didn't feel the same way because he would not let himself feel love for the baby. "I've tried," Tad assured her. Dixie continued to talk in colorful terms about the miracle surrounding the conception of this new life. Dr. Clader fidgeted nervously in the back of the room. Dr. Clader had to leave to meet with other patients. On his way out, Dixie asked him what he would tell his wife to do if she were in a similar situation. The doctor took a deep breath and said that he is thankful that he's never had to be in that situation. Joe warned Dixie that even under the closest supervision she could still put herself at risk; She might have to spend the rest of her life on dialysis. And that was not the worst case scenario. "I know. I could die," Dixie babbled effortlessly. She announced that she was sure that she would not die. "This baby is the best part of you and me," Dixie said softly as she took Tad's hand. "And I am not going to give it up." Dixie threw her hands into the air and said that she'd stay in bed for the next seven months if she had to. Unfortunately, Joe said that even that wouldn't prevent the worst from happening. Joe ordered another series of tests to determine exactly how far along Dixie was in the pregnancy. Tad wanted to escort Dixie to the lab, but Dixie brushed him off and agreed to let Gillian walk her to the lab. On their way to the lab, Dixie became extremely upset and ended up crying on Gillian's shoulder. "I don't think I'll ever be okay," she sobbed. After the blood was drawn, Dixie and Gillian sat on the sun porch. Dixie thanked Gillian for being there for her, but she never revealed why she was so upset. As the conversation wound on, Gillian ended up on the receiving end of good-natured advice. Gillian was nearly moved to tears when she thought about Tad and Dixie's romantic wedding. Dixie knew that Gillian still had feelings for Ryan. Surprisingly, Dixie urged Gillian to hold on to her love for Ryan. Gillian felt otherwise. She asked Dixie for help in finding a way to let go of Ryan for good. Dixie didn't have the answer that Gillian was seeking. Dixie headed off to return to the examining room. Shortly after she left, Gillian broke down in tears. As she sat with her head in her hands, Ryan strolled into the solarium. "Princess?" he called out softly.

Back in the examining room, Joe told Tad that the chances of both Dixie and the baby coming through the pregnancy in perfect health were slim----a twenty- percent chance was called optimistic. Tad wondered if he should contact David to try to enlist his help in talking some sense into Dixie. Jake happened by the door and announced that he didn't want David anywhere near Dixie. Jake and Tad squabbled back and forth over the pros and cons of involving David. As the argument continued, Dixie returned to the room. "This is my life not yours," she snarled. "And I will decide what to do with it."

Alone in the conference room at Cortlandt Electronics, Palmer pledged to himself that he would see victory in the CEO election. Opal entered a little while later and took a few shots at Palmer's "skimpy" prospectus. Palmer made an emotional plea to Opal requesting that she call off her hostile takeover bid. At the same time, however, he managed to remind Opal that he'd come out victorious no matter what. Opal told her former husband that she did not want a showdown with him and promised him that she'd back off if he agreed to done one thing: step down as CEO. Palmer implied that his financial security rided on his spot atop of the company. Opal made a similar argument. One by one the board members filed into the room. Palmer rose from his seat and presented a well-thought, organized proposal and explanation of his prospectus. The main plank of his platform was tradition. In short, Cortlandt Electronics had done well under his reign and it would continue to do so. After Palmer was finished speaking, he turned the floor over to Opal. Opal swallowed hard and nervously rose to her feet. She was not supposed to be in this situation because Adrian was supposed to be there. Opal fumbled over her own words and more than one board member was seen growing antsier and antsier with each passing word. Opal said that she was not prejudice towards her son because he was her son. She then thought about her usage of the word "prejudiced" and felt the need to clarify that she was not a racist. Luckily, Adrian stormed into the room and saved her before she did any permanent damage. Adrian proclaimed that he was there to help the members realize that there was only one choice for CEO---him, naturally. Adrian accused Palmer of being a "common, low-down thief." Palmer warned Adrian that he'd sue him for slander if he continue to damage his reputation. Adrian placed an enlarged photo on an easel in the front of the room. He explained that he'd obtained the photograph through surveillance of Palmer's hotel room. The image clearly showed a screen snapshot from Palmer's personal computer. Adrian explained that the image proved that Palmer had not only planted a virus in Stuart's computer but also downloaded all of the gallery's financial records. Palmer denied the charges, claiming that he had the information on his computer because Marian had asked him to design a web page for the gallery. Adrian held up the phone and announced that Marian was waiting on the other line. Palmer quickly backed down from his claims and agreed to start the voting process. The votes were cast, but the outcome was nothing short of stunning. The vote was deadlocked---Adrian and Palmer each had the same number of voters. "How are we gonna break the tie?" Opal asked. Palmer suddenly perked up as he cast a glance towards the doorway. Erica, sporting an oversized black hat, walked into the room and announced, "I will cast the deciding vote." A huge grin emerged on Palmer's face."

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