06/30/1999 Erica Leaves With Palmer

"Smiles formed on the doctors' faces as Erica's bandages were removed. Almost immediately, Erica asked for a mirror. Rather than supplying Erica with a mirror, David proceeded to describe what he saw before him. He said that there was "slight swelling," but otherwise Erica's face was "flawless." In short, there was sign that Erica had ever been involved in an accident. Erica was overjoyed, but obviously a bit reserved since she still had not been allowed to see her own face. Eduoarde explained that it was the hospital's policy to not let patients view their faces immediately after surgery. David looked at his colleague and said that he believes an exception should be made. The plastic surgeon nodded and reached for a small mirror. Upon seeing her reflection, Erica knew that the doctors had not been embellishing the truth; her face had been restored. So elated was Erica that she announced that she would write a generous check to one of the local clinics. After the nurse and Eduoarde filed out of the room, Erica sat up in bed and gave David a big hug. "It's over!" she chirped. David suddenly leaned close and his lips met with Erica's lips. The two kissed very passionately until Erica pulled away. "Oh! I didn't expect to do that," she said bashfully. David smiled and admitted that the kiss was not on his agenda either. David told Erica that he wanted to take her to a nearby inn for a few days. The inn, he said, was on the edge of the rainforest and just a mile or so from a beautiful waterfall. Erica was initially reluctant to go, but she decided that a little fun would be good for her. David left the room to make the reservations. While he was gone, Erica drifted off to sleep. Her dreams were once again filled with painful visions. This time she saw herself as a young girl shortly after her father abandoned her. "Daddy!?" the young Erica shouted. "Why did you leave me?" Erica woke from her dream breathing heavily, her arms flailing. As she sat up in bed, she accidentally knocked over the vase that had been by her bedside.

Elsewhere in Rio, Palmer and Vanessa rested comfortably in the limousine that he picked them up at the airport. Palmer gave orders to be taken to the hospital, but the car didn't move. As Palmer was inquiring about the delay, a man opened the door and slinked inside the passenger cabin. "Good afternoon," he said with a heavy accent. "May I see your passports." Palmer complained about the procedure since he'd already shown the customs agents his passport. The man confiscated Palmer and Vanessa's passports, but assured them that they'd be returned at a later time. "Your agenda has been changed," he said coldly. Palmer complained that the man's intrusion was "outrageous." The man frowned and pulled back his suit jacket to reveal the shining silver handle of a pistol. Palmer and Vanessa sat nervously in their leather seats and listened to the man's words very carefully. The man explained that "Adrian Sword" had gone to great lengths to arrange a stay at a nearby ranch for the couple. The car took off down the road. Palmer made a cryptic remark to Vanessa about her "condition." Vanessa astutely picked up on Palmer's hint and called upon her acting skills to turn the tables. Vanessa started panting and clutching her chest. Before long, she keeled over into the stranger's lap. The display distracted the man long enough for Palmer to step in and play his hand. He reached into his pocket and grabbed a stun gun. The apparatus did its job and the intruder was quickly disposed of. Palmer picked up the intercom and informed the driver that their plans had changed once again. That said, the car returned on its course towards the hospital.

At the Glamorama, Opal, Belinda, and Adrian discussed their plans to oust Palmer as CEO of Cortlandt Electronics. Adrian broke the news that Palmer was in Brazil trying to court Erica's vote. He smiled sinisterly and told the women that they should not worry because he had a strong hunch that Palmer would never see the inside of Erica's hospital room. Sven, the masseur, entered the room and informed Belinda that he was ready to give her her massage. After Belinda left the room, Adrian flashed a smile at his mother and asked if he could be a Glamorama employee for about an hour. Opal knew what Adrian was up to and whispered something into his ear.

In the massage room, Belinda laid stomach-down awaiting Sven's magical fingers. When the masseuse entered the room, he went right to work. Belinda was immediately thrust into a world of ecstasy. Something about the gentle kneading seemed familiar. It was as if they had an "instinctive touch." It was then that Belinda knew that Sven had been replaced. She turned with a broad smile and greeted Adrian.

Back in the beauty parlor area, Becca popped in to inform Opal that she'd decided to take her up on her employment offer. Opal was positively giddy over the news that Becca was going to stay in Pine Valley. Becca did, however, admit that she'd sorely miss the late nights talking to her grandmother. Becca told Opal about her grandmother's magical potions and the people who'd sought her help to mend their tattered lovelives. That prompted Opal to open about her fallout with Palmer. Becca instantly recognized the possibilities the story held for Scott's document and convinced Opal to appear before Scott's camera. After Becca went on her way, Adrian and Belinda returned from their massage session. The afterglow was short-lived. Adrian received a phone call from his acquaintance in Brazil and learned that Palmer had gotten away. Opal feared that it would be only a matter of time before Palmer put his claws into Erica and convinced her to vote for him in the CEO election. Adrian tried his best to calm his mother, assuring her that he still had plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

Erica was resting in her bed when Palmer entered the room. Obviously she was quite surprised to see him. Palmer calmly told Erica that she needed to check out of the hospital immediately. When he realized that he'd forgotten to ask how she was feeling, Palmer glossed over the niceties by telling Erica that he was sure that her operation was a success. Erica didn't seem frazzled by Palmer's apparent lack of concern, but she was puzzled by his remark about her need to leave the hospital. Palmer explained that he'd nearly been kidnapped on his way to visit her and said that he feared the same thing could happen to her. Palmer then carefully slid into the real reason he'd flown to Rio. He explained that he needed her vote to foil an attempt to oust him from the helm of Cortlandt Electronics. Erica replied that Palmer's name was "synonymous with Cortlandt Electronics" and pledged to help him out. She told Palmer that he could have called her rather than flying all the way to Rio to speak with her. Palmer let it be known that Vanessa had accompanied him because she was likewise concerned about Erica's well being. Erica again was surprised, but she couldn't help but wonder why Vanessa hadn't stopped by to visit with her. Palmer explained that Vanessa was afraid that she would not be well received. Palmer again stated that he feared for Erica's safety and convinced her to fly back to Pine Valley with him.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Vanessa approached David and asked him how he was doing. David was stunned. He demanded to know why his mother---and how his mother---had gotten to Brazil. Vanessa didn't offer a reply, instead saying that she wanted to check up on her son because he'd become smitten with Erica. David denied the claim and ordered his mother to stay as far away from Erica was possible. Vanessa followed David down the corridor to Erica's room. There, David instantly realized that Erica was gone. Vanessa noticed a note addressed to David on Erica's bed and covertly slipped into her purse before David noticed it. Vanessa told her son that she was sure that Palmer would send his private jet back for them. David was furious that Palmer had been there and blasted his mother for masterminding Erica's abduction.

In the limo, Palmer praised Erica's decision to return with him. He referred to David as a "philanderer" and "trophy hunter" who only wanted to add Erica's name to the list of women that he'd seduced. Erica flashed back to the kiss she and David had shared and couldn't help but wonder if Palmer was right.

"You're sick again, aren't you?" Tad asked. Dixie denied that she was ill, but Tad's questions continued fast and furiously. Dixie became frustrated by Tad's accusations that she was keeping something from him and blurted out that she was pregnant. This definitely was not the way Dixie had planned to tell him the news. Before Tad could react, a technician approached him with dire news about the "northeast corridor's" status. Tad had to excuse himself to tend to the problem even though he didn't want to leave. While Tad was gone, Dixie told Jake that she did not want Tad to think that she was keeping things from him. Instead she wanted him to see that they had beaten the odds. When Tad returned, he asked Dixie if she was absolutely certain that she was pregnant. Dixie nodded and noted that Jake had run a blood test. Tad then became furious that Dixie had gone to the hospital without first alerting him. The next question Tad had was about how Dixie had gotten pregnant. "Did you forget to take your birth control pills?" he asked coldly, almost accusatorily. Dixie was hurt by the tone in Tad's voice. She assured Tad that she felt fine. On cue, Dixie was hut by a wave of nausea and had to run off to the ladies' room. The two Martin boys were left to discuss the seriousness of the situation. Jake told Tad that nothing about Dixie's health had changed. Yes, she was still in good health, but that didn't change the fact that the pregnancy was still considered high risk. Jake didn't feel it was his place to offer advice. Instead he instructed Tad to speak to Dr. Clader---and to Dixie---before rushing to any decision. Tad remained in a state of shock. Dixie returned from the restroom and lashed out at Tad for the way he'd accused her of planning to get pregnant. Dixie saw her pregnancy as a blessing and couldn't understand why Tad was less than thrilled by the news. "I could lose you!" Tad said worriedly. Dixie begged Tad to stop focusing on the negative and think about how fortunate they were to have a chance to have a child together. Tad closed his eyes for several seconds and let out a deep breath. Tad told his wife that it broke his heart to know that she could not have everything that she wanted, but he said that he'd wait until he speaks to Dr. Clader before deciding what to do. Dixie was devastated by Tad's comment and walked away."

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