06/14/1999 David Visits Liza Before The Wedding

"Did you think that I just materialized out of thin air like some dark spirit?" - David

"I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on in this town! What is all this talk of killing all the time?" - Erica

"Hayley was pining for Mateo on the beach where their interrupted picnic took place. Ryan sympathized with her, and reminisced about his unhappy childhood. Hayley bemoaned the loss of her "marriage." Ryan suggested they skip Adam and Liza's wedding. Ryan had memories of Gillian. Hayley commented that she needed to remember she's not alone - she has Ryan as a friend. She told Ryan she will go to Adam's wedding, so they left the beach.

Meanwhile, Raquel was receiving physical therapy from Nurse Kelly. Max burst in, all excited about his visit to the fire station. Mateo entered, much to Raquel's surprise. "We found daddy!" Max told his mom. Mateo told her that Max's day with Ryan was cut short. "His field trip didn't go too well, he called me on the cell phone every 15 minutes," Mateo explained to Raquel. "Let me talk to him," she asked. Max sat on Raquel's' bed as his mother explains that sometimes there is no reason to be scared, and said that she was wrong in being scared of Hayley. "We can all be friends," she told him, as Mateo opened the door ajar, then backed out, still listening to what Raquel said.

At Erica's house, Erica told Vanessa she can't do anything for her. Vanessa headed for the front door, then collapsed. Erica helped Vanessa back into the house and sat her down, offering her a drink of water. Vanessa said she would be all right after taking her pills. Erica hinted that Vanessa is putting on an act but Vanessa said it was fear - "David had threatened to kill me." Erica was shocked, and Vanessa explained how calm David was when he uttered the threat. But Erica didn't want to become involved, as she listened to Vanessa's complaining about how her son never loved her and was so spiteful and jealous. Although Erica didn't believe that David had made the threat , she advised Vanessa to go to the police. Vanessa said she couldn't go to the police about her own son. Then Vanessa spilled the tale of the crowbar scenario at the Valley Inn. Erica angrily asked why all the talk about killing, and people playing with her life. Vanessa rambled on - Erica's friends hate her, her son hates her, maybe she should leave. As she opened the door to leave, there stood Brooke. Erica questioned Brooke about the crowbar scam. Brooke told Erica, "If one or more of your oldest friends say they smell a rat, then you'd better believe it!" Vanessa protested her innocence and claimed she had been telling the truth. Erica insisted to Brooke that she isn't a victim. "I don't need a lecture," Brooke angrily replied. "What happened to the Erica Kane who owned the world? Who is this sorry woman who is standing here?" Meanwhile Vanessa and Brooke go at it in front of Erica. She demanded that they both leave. As they went, Brook warned Vanessa in an ominous tone, "You have made an enemy today!" Later, Erica left the house, and then Vanessa let herself in and made straight for Erica's desk where she started rummaging through papers. From a pile on top of the desk, a large envelope caught her eye and she picked it up.

Awaiting his bride at the chapel, Adam was confronted by an angry Jake, demanding to know what is going on between Adam and David Hayward. "It's none of your business," Adam angrily retorted. He assured Jake that Colby is safe under his roof. Jake continued his rant, "You hired a P.I. to investigate to follow me to dig up dirt on Hayward, who wrote to the police saying you'd had him murdered." Adam refused to discuss the matter any more and threatened to have Jake thrown out. At that point Marian showed up and tried to calm them both down, saying it was the most important day in her daughter's life.

At the Chandler mansion, Liza was surprised to see David enter her room as she prepared for her wedding. David told her he came in through the tunnels. "Did you think I materialized out of thin air, like some dark spirit?" he mockingly asked Liza. "I though you'd crawled out of the walls, like a rodent," she sneered at him. The same walls that witnessed her and Jake's taping of his confession on his attempt on Adam's life, he reminded her. She asked him to leave, but he said he will after he has what he came for.

Marian attempted to keep Jake and Adam from fighting. Tad and Stuart came in and demanded to talk to their respective brothers. Tad told Jake that he is right, BUT told him he'd forgotten all Tad had taught him about warfare. Stuart asked Adam why things can't ever be simple with him. "You know nothing," Adam replied. "Don't you wish," frowned Stuart. Tad told Jake he should keep some ammunition in reserve. Stuart told Adam that whatever was wrong, Adam did it. "You're right," Adam admitted. "I'm in this too deep to dig myself out now. I have to play it out or die trying." But who else will you take down with you, queried Stuart. Jake told Tad that David is coming to the wedding. Tad advised Jake to stay really cool, "absolutely frosty!"

As David moved closer to the crib where Colby lay, Liza angrily ordered him to move away. But David replied by saying that when he saves someone's life he has a right to decide how they live their lives. Liza conceded that David saved her and her daughter's life, but that it didn't give him the right to ruin her wedding day. She confronted him with the truth about him - as told to her by Adam - the letter to the attorney, the whole affair and aftermath with Gillian, and what he did to Erica. Liza warned him that if he has come to do any harm to Colby, she will stop him.

Dixie came running into Liza's room with the news that the limo was waiting to take her to the chapel. David greeted Dix, and told her how great she looked. He asked about her health and she told him she is fit as fiddle now. They chat as Liza fumed in the background. Liza told Dixie to take the limo and tell Adam she won't be long, then send the limo back and she'll be ready by then. After Dixie left, David reminded Liza that Dixie wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him. He admitted to Liza's charge that he has an ego, adding, "I came here because of my bruised ego." He was angry at Adam, he said, but seeing Liza with Colby .. Liza interrupted him and asked him to leave. "Do you think you can live your whole lives without knowing the truth?" he taunted a puzzled and angry Liza.

At the chapel, Tad tried to calm Jake, while Scott tried to calm Marian's nerves. She was suffering fro the effects of the infamous hogwort, and her hands were encased in white gloves. As she nervously paced, Barry Shire walked in with a drink in his hand. He told Marian he still thinks about her, but Marian said she doesn't think about him. He reminded her of their one night together, but she scampers back into the chapel, as Barry muttered to himself, "A remarkable woman." Becca brought Jamie and Adam Jr. to the chapel, where they persisted in repeating everything she said, until Tad picked up on it and said, "I promise I will never again see The Phantom Menace!" The boys started to repeat, then stopped - "OK, you win!" they said to Tad. Tad introduced Jake to Becca. She left as Marian came in. Adam rushed in and asked her, "Where's Liza?"

Liza quietly asked David, "What were the truths? That Gillian slept with you to get bail money for her husband?" David maintained he never lied to Gillian , but "I wanted to hurt her," he confessed. "And the truth will hurt you very much." Liza pressed him, "What is this truth that I can't live without knowing?" David just smiled enigmatically.

Raquel and Max hugged and Max trotted off to finish his picture. Mateo thanks Raquel for her words to Max. "I was afraid of the woman who was able to make you forget what you had with me," Raquel admitted to Mateo. "But I'm getting past that now." Mateo is hopeful that Max will come around and not be scared.

"I'm waiting," Liza told David, as he closed the door and came back into the room. "You really do have your daughter's well-being at heart, don't you?" "What kind of mother would I be if I didn't?" Liza replied. "My mother," was the cold response. Liza responded by saying she was sick of people blaming their lives on their bad childhood. "We get over it or we get run over," she told him. "What is this truth, that you're a mean controlling S.O.B.. because your mother was a bitch?" David looked angry, maybe Liza had struck a nerve.

Ryan and Hayley arrived at the chapel in their wedding finery, and both agreed, "We clean up good!" Dixie returned and explained that Liza wasn't ready yet. She dropped the fact that David was chatting with Liza. "Why did you leave her alone with that creep?" Adam yelled at a baffled Dixie. Adam left like a streak of lightning, followed closely by the brothers Martin.

"My mother will have to answer for what she's done, and I will too," David told Liza. "I am about to destroy a happy, safe world built on lies,""

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