06/10/1999 Vanessa Denies What She Told Erica

"The clickity-clack of an adding machine signaled that it was time to balance the first month's receipts at Sounds of Salsa. Mateo tallied the cash the club had taken in while Hayley had the more painful task of adding up the expenditures. She entered the backroom with a dismal expression on her face. Before she showed Mateo her total, she reminded him that they'd incurred many expenses from having to renovate the club and purchasing the supplies and fixtures. Matt looked at her bottom line and compared it to his total. "We're making money," he said in shock. Hayley snatched the adding machine tape away from Mateo and looked at the total. Mateo was right; they were making money. The two celebrated with a kiss. Ryan had entered the room, but quickly turned around when he saw the couple attached lip-to-lip. He was quickly called back and shown the good news. Ryan suggested that Mateo and Hayley take the morning off to celebrate. Hayley bowed her head and promptly left the room. Mateo explained that he had to spend time with Max so he'd be unable to spend time with Hayley.

With Edmund's approval, the herbs of Wildwind were at Becca's disposal. Dixie gave her young friend directions to the castle. Becca found it rather a musing that a Hungarian castle had been transported stone-by-stone to Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, she dashed off to replenish her supply of nature's goodies. After she left, Tad told Dixie that his back was feeling much better. Presumably, he didn't want to admit that he felt better in front of Becca. Jake entered the house through the back door. His face echoed the feeling of unhappiness that he harbored. He reminded Tad and Dixie that this was to be Adam and Liza's wedding day. "I gotta stop the wedding," Jake grumbled. Dixie looked towards her brother-in-law and said that she thought Jake had made peace with Adam and Liza's plans to get married. Jake shook his head and mentioned that there were "new developments." Using great restraint, Jake told Tad and Dixie that the police had dropped by Chandler Mansion to ask questions about the murder of David Hayward. Dixie was immediately shocked. Since David had helped nurse her back to health, she had a special place for him in her heart. Ahem, sorry about the unintentional pun. Jake quickly noted that Erica claimed to have spoken to David since his disappearance, but he hinted that he wasn't sure whether or not he could believe her. There had to be some way, Jake muttered, to prevent Liza from walking down the aisle. Short of a court order that took Colby away from Liza, Dixie saw no way to accomplish the feat. "Kidnapping?" Jake chirped. Tad liked the idea, but Dixie was strongly opposed. The three put their heads together to come up with some type of plan, but the ideas were few and far between. The summoned the wisdom of Tad's algebra teacher and Dixie's Uncle Palmer, but still nothing came to them. Jake realized that he'd spoken to everyone about Adam and David's rivalry except for one person---David. If he's still alive, Jake was sure that he held all the answers.

Videography for the wedding was to be done by Pine Valley's "next Steven Spielberg," Scott Chandler. As he set up the camera, Marian and Stuart returned from their wildflower gathering. Scott described how he planned to shoot the wedding. He also mentioned that he might use outtakes in his latest film project, an examination on relationship between men and women. Scott needed to go to WRCW to pick up some extra cables for the video camera. Stuart accompanied him while Marian worked on getting things in order. Everything was going smoothly until the caterer phoned and informed Marian that they'd gotten the dates for the reception mixed-up. They thought the reception was to be held the following day, so they were unable to keep their commitment to provide the food for Adam and Liza's post-wedding shindig. Marian threw a fit. She knew that there was no way that she could find a substitute on such short notice. Marian went back to organizing her floral arrangements. As she did, Becca entered through the back of the chapel and called out for Marian to "be careful." Marian turned towards the younger woman and asked her why she was creating such a stir. Becca informed Marian that one of the flowers she was holding, hogwhort, caused skin irritation. This was not the type of bouquet someone would want to give to the bride! Marian haughtily replied that she knows everything about botany. She held up her hands and noted that she hadn't developed a rash. Becca warned her that the rash would develop, but only served to get Marian more worked up. "You're fired," she grumbled, thinking that Becca was one of the decorators. Becca was quite confused since she'd never been hired in the first place. She threw her hands in the air and walked away. Scott and Stuart returned later and heard the details of Marian's encounters with a woman she called "a ninny." Stuart acknowledged that his wife knew a lot about plants, but she didn't know everything. Marian refused to believe that Becca had been right about the plant until her hands started itching. Scott asked Marian to describe the woman. Marian said that she was "very young" and "had hair that had never seen a comb." Scott wondered aloud if this was the mystery woman he'd bumped into by the lake.

Becca returned to Tad and Dixie's house and told them about her encounter at Wildwind. From the description, Tad knew that Becca had met Marian. Becca repeatedly questioned why someone would not want to admit that they were wrong about something---especially if that something caused an itchy rash! Tad and Dixie both chuckled, with Tad telling Becca that people in Pine Valley go to great lengths to avoid having to admit that they're wrong.

With the help of the chambermaid, Vanessa gained access to David's room at The Valley Inn. Once inside, Vanessa poked around to see if she could find a clue about David's whereabouts. Finding nothing, she picked up the phone and called the front desk to see if David had left a forwarding address or number. As she asked, David returned to his room. He looked angrily at his mother and demanded to know what she was doing in his room. Vanessa claimed that she'd been concerned that something terrible might have happened to him. Considering their rocky past, David didn't buy a word of his mother's tale. David told his mother that he knew that Erica had kicked her out. He then told her that Erica had told him about their discussion of his father's death. Vanessa denied that she'd ever told Erica that David had killed his father. Saying that they "share a tragedy," Vanessa tried to convince her son that Erica had concocted the lie because she was unstable. "If I killed my father, did it ever occur to you that I might as well kill you?" David growled. Vanessa became quite nervous. She tried to play off her nervousness by praising David's "flair for the dramatic." She blasted David for always having to get the last word. "Don't push me mother," he snapped back. "One of these days I'm gonna push you back." David answered a knock at his door. Janet was surprised to see David, but even more surprised to see that Vanessa was still hanging around. Janet looked at David and told him that she needs "a consult about a malignancy." David grinned and called Janet a "keen diagnostician" for recognizing the cancerous effects of his mother. The only thing to do, they agreed, was to operate and rid Pine Valley of the cancer known as Vanessa. Janet filled David in on how she and Trevor had foiled Vanessa's plans to write a tell-all book about Erica. David was quite pleased. To make his mother stew, he told Janet that he'd like to have dinner with her and Trevor one night. Vanessa was furious that her own son had befriended her "enemy." David booted his mother from his room and told her to leave town as quickly as possible. He then walked side-by-side with Janet and offered to give her a ride home.

Out of bed for the first time since the accident, Raquel sat in a chair by the window reflecting upon the conversation she'd had with Hayley about her decision to put off having a baby. Ryan dropped by to ask a favor of Raquel. He told her that he wanted to spend some time with Max. Raquel's face grew serious and she said that Max had to spend time with Mateo and would be unable to do anything with him. She forced a smile and asked him to try again another day. Ryan explained how important it was for Mateo and Hayley to have some time alone. Since he didn't know the whole story about Max's need for a set scheduled, Ryan wondered if Raquel was "using Max to stay in the game" with Mateo. The insinuation was clear; Ryan thought that Raquel might be arranging visitation so that she could be around Mateo more. Raquel then explained that Dr. Erle suggested that Max have a regimented daily routine to bring normalcy back to his life. But it might not be unwise to let Max pick and choose things for himself. Max puttered into the room and was rather happy to see Ryan. Ryan asked Max if he wanted to go to the firehouse. He gleefully accepted the offer, but turned to his mom to make sure that it was okay. Raquel seemed genuinely pleased that her son was going to be going out with someone other than a family member. Ryan phoned SOS and allowed Max to ask his father if it would be okay to go to the fire station instead of having their regularly scheduled visit. Mateo told his son that he always looks forward to the time they spend together, but said that it would be a great idea for him to go out with Ryan.

David sat in his office reviewing the stack of mail that had accumulated while he was away. Suddenly another batch of mail was flung through the air at him. He looked up and saw Jake towering over him. "You're not leaving here until you tell me what's going on with you and Adam Chandler," Jake said sternly."

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