06/03/1999 Adam Writes Gillian A Check

"No longer a part of WRCW's advertising and sales department, Ryan found himself on the other end of the advertising deal. He'd dropped by the television station with the hopes of inking a deal to have ads for Sounds of Salsa appear on the station. His initial meeting with the new sales representative, Tracy Johnson, didn't go so well. He made an off-color implication that Tracy had been hired simply because she was a female. Tracy was noticeably offended and snapped that she was going to send all of the male clients a picture of herself in a bikini to help boost sales. The more Ryan tried to explain himself, the further his foot became lodged in his mouth. Fortunately for Ryan, Scott happened by the office and asked to speak to him in private. Tracy was more than happy to leave. After she left, Scott warned Ryan that Gillian had somehow found herself "in the line of fire" between David and Adam. Ryan wanted to walk out of the office to help Gillian, but he stopped at the threshold of the room. He turned and closed the door to the office behind him. Ryan told Scott that he "can't run every time [Gillian] needs help." It wasn't that Ryan wanted to see Gillian get hurt, but he knew that running to her aid would only complicate their relationship more.

Tad and Dixie returned home to Pine Valley and found the house in near-spotless condition. The sat down on the sofa and engaged in a little post-honeymoon kissing, but their romantic moment was thwarted by Junior and Jamie's appearance. The two boys were overjoyed to see that Tad and Dixie were home partly because they knew that they would once again be living together as brothers. Jamie mentioned that he'd already cleared out space in his drawers for Junior's belongings. Junior wondered if his things would be moved up from Pigeon Hollow soon. Dixie nodded her head and mentioned that Becca, Junior's former babysitter, was en route to Pine Valley even as they spoke. The boys ran off to play the latest video game and Tad and Dixie once again tried for a little romance. Again they were interrupted, but this was also a welcomed interruption. Liza brought Colby by on what she called their "first outing." Dixie and Tad took turns explaining what happened on their honeymoon. Well, at least the parts that were suitable to tell. Dixie mentioned that she was pretty sure that she'd suffered a case of food poisoning, but just to be on the safe side she didn't want to get too close to Colby. The outing had a purpose: Liza wanted to hand-deliver a wedding invitation to the newlyweds. Tad and Dixie exchanged concerned glances, but Tad assured Liza that he and Dixie would be there to support her. Liza thanked them for being able to put aside their differences with Adam. After Liza and Colby left, Dixie and Tad tried for the third time to enjoy a little wedded bliss---but this time they were interrupted when the boys returned to the room playing with mechanical airplanes.

In her office, Leslie placed yet another phone call to Pine Valley Hospital in an attempt to locate David. She was told that David had not reported to the hospital in several days. Under her breath, Leslie asked David where he'd gone.

Erica strolled into her parlor dismayed to see that Vanessa still hadn't left. Vanessa lamely explained that she'd acquired more belongings than she'd thought and needed to round up another bag in which to pack her things. Vanessa asked Erica if she'd heard from David recently. Erica shook her head. This period of silence worried Vanessa greatly. "You did let him go, right?" Vanessa asked. Erica shook her head and swore that David had "left on his own steam." Vanessa feared that David's disappearance was just the calm before the storm. She was certain that David was planning some way of enacting revenge on Erica. "Dire predictions are totally unnecessary," Erica sighed. Outside, a taxicab honked its horn. Erica raced to the door with a broad smile on her face; she could hardly wait to have her house back. Before she let Vanessa walk out the door, Erica handed her now former houseguest the rough draft of the book she'd been given. Erica looked sternly at Vanessa and told her that she did not want any books written about her. Vanessa smiled proudly and said that, "Everyone should know [Erica's] story." As has become customary, Vanessa's remarked hinted at a certain level of sincerity---but the true nature of the remark was anything but caring. Shortly after Vanessa left, Erica's phone rang. She picked up the phone, but there was no one on the other end. "David?" Erica asked quietly. There was no response. Again, the phone line clicked. On the other end, David looked coldly at the phone. He gently flexed his hand, showing some signs that it was still causing him pain. Back at her house, Erica dialed *69 to reconnect with the number that had last called her house. Unfortunately, the service was not available because the call had come in from a pay phone. Erica then called The Valley Inn and asked to be connected to David's room. She was informed that David was not-and had not been---in his room. Erica declined the offer to leave a message. She scurried across the room, grabbed her purse, and raced out the front door.

Scott took a walk past the boathouse. In the distance he heard a woman's voice singing the lyrics to Faith Hill's song "This Kiss." He followed the pleasant tune and carefully watched the young woman from a patch of shrubs. Slowly he approached the woman and knelt down beside her.

Adam insisted that his business was with Gillian, not Jake. Jake, however, told Adam that he already knew why he was there. He accused Adam of trying to dig up dirt that would prove that he was an "unfit father." Adam denied the charges, reminding Jake that he was the one who'd convinced Liza to agree to put Jake's name on Colby's birth certificate. Jake suggested that Adam had only done that to throw everyone off. As Adam insisted that he only wanted to speak to Gillian, Jake wondered if Adam was trying to stick it David again. Adam confessed that he wanted to find something that he could use to run David out of town. To that, Gillian remarked that she hated David because he'd ruined her life. Jake urged Gillian to let go of her anger before it consumed her. Jake told Adam that it was time for him to go. Adam bowed his head and apologized for having bothered them. Jake went upstairs and got dressed. When he returned downstairs, he told Gillian that he was glad that she'd agreed to forget about what David had done. Jake headed off for parts unknown. Shortly afterwards, Gillian grabbed her belongings and headed for the door. When she opened the front door, she found Adam standing outside. Adam told Gillian that he wanted a chance to talk to her without any outside interruptions. Gillian agreed and allowed Adam back into the house. Adam again praised Gillian's devotion to Ryan. He did, however, question why Gillian and Ryan were not still together. Before Gillian said a word, Adam dropped the bait, saying that he knew that David had something to do with it. Gillian nodded her head. She explained how she'd turned to David for attention and had had an affair with him. She also clued Adam in on how David had given her one hundred thousand dollars to flee the country with Ryan. This was what Adam had been searching for. Adam reached into his pocket and pulled out his checkbook. He made out a check for two hundred thousand dollars. He said that Hayley had turned to him while she was in jail and asked him to finance Ryan and Gillian's flight from the law. He said that he now felt guilty for having "blatantly refused" the request. All he wanted in return was the money that David had given Gillian. This, he said, would free Gillian from the guilt she was feeling. Gillian went upstairs and retrieved the pouch that contained the money. Gillian bashfully admitted that she'd spent some of the money. Adam chuckled and told her not to worry. Pouch in hand, Adam left the boarding house. "I've finally got you," Adam growled to himself.

Liza returned to Chandler Mansion and put Colby down for a nap. The doorbell rang and Liza quickly raced to the front door. On the other side was Leslie Coulson. Leslie informed Liza that she was David's attorney and that she'd been asked to give Liza a letter on David's behalf. Liza rolled her eyes and told the lawyer that she was not at all interested in corresponding with David. Leslie urged Liza to accept the letter because she "might think differently" after reading its contents. Liza snatched the letter and big farewell to Leslie. Liza looked down at the letter and slowly began tearing it open."

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