05/21/1999 Erica Asks Vanessa About Her Husband's Suicide

"Down in Erica's basement, a weary David told Erica that his father took his own life and his mother was responsible. "You don't need to know anything more than that," he told Erica. She told him it's only his word against Vanessa's, and he's a proven liar. David bitterly told Erica that his mother never loved his father and wanted him dead. Erica told him he's not going to get any sympathy from her.

David said he was losing circulation in his fingers His right hand was still trapped in the vise. Erica replied that she wanted him to understand how she felt, to be there hoping the pain will stop, with no power to stop it, then he'll understand what he did to her. David told her she has everything to live for and while she is alive she has hope - which Vanessa took away from his father. Erica again demanded to know how Vanessa killed his father. Upstairs, Vanessa returned from Enchantment and called out for Erica.

Meanwhile, the wedding party and guests were assembling for Tad and Dixie's big day. It was a colorful scene at the Valley Inn, with the guests in their best, and colorful bouquets of flowers decorating the room. Hayley and Brooke entered as the Wedding March played, then Dixie, in a peach colored gown and flowers in her hair, entered escorted by Junior. He and Jamie exchange a "high-five" as Dixie stood beside Tad. As the wedding started, Adam and Liza sat smiling at the happy couple, while Gillian, seated beside Dimitri, glanced over at Ryan, who was watching her. As the minister was speaking, Opal angrily told Ruth, "That blasted Palmer didn't show!" Ruth comforts her. The minister then prompted Tad to say the vows, which the couple had written themselves. Dixie, giggling, thanked everyone for coming, and got off track until Tad reminded her, "The vows!" Continuing, Dixie giggled again, and said that she was reminded of a poem - the gist of which was that everyone was connected - stepfamilies, exes, etc.., and that was why they wanted everyone to be a part of the wedding vows. Tad told everyone that he promised to be sensible if they have a problem, and will ask for advice. "Will you stand by us?" Dixie asked. "We will!" everyone spoke out. There was a pause, then Dixie told Tad she had always lived him and always will, and that any decisions they will make will be in the best interests of their kids. As Tad continued with his vow to Dixie, Palmer arrived and stood quietly at the back, unnoticed by Opal or anyone else. "We're as right for each other as two people can be," Tad said. "All this does is make it official." He won't be perfect, he told Dixie, who laughs again. After they finished their promises to each other and exchanged rings, Joe and Ruth exchange a loving kiss, and Palmer quietly slipped away. Dixie and Tad kissed, the congregation cheered, and Liza gave Adam a loving glance.

Back in the basement, David said he has never told anyone how his father died. Erica persisted. Isn't this enough, imprisoning me and humiliating me, David asked Erica. She accused him of twisting things - a troubled childhood doesn't excuse the pain she feels, she told him as she paced the floor. She again accused him of being to blame for the accident that caused the damage to her face. As she harangued him, he grabbed at her with his left hand and she fell to the floor, but she recovered with a quick kick to David's mid-region and managed to get back on her feet. Erica told him all she wants is for him to take responsibility for what he's done.

At the wedding reception, Scott and Ryan caught up. Liza congratulated Tad. Dixie asked Adam if his wedding is coming up soon. He hopes so, and asked that they forget their past differences. Dixie agreed, but told him if he ever did anything to hurt Liza or Colby .... !! Liza said she had to leave to get back to Colby, Adam wanted to stay a while - for Junior's sake, he claimed. Adam casually asked Joe where David was, and Joe told him David is away for a few days. As Jake introduced Jamie to make the toast, Adam left. Janet told Myrtle that Vanessa's 48 hours is up, and Trevor suggested calling Erica's secretary to find out if Vanessa has left. While Janet was on the phone, the bride and groom had their first dance.

Erica came back upstairs and Vanessa pretended to be concerned when she couldn't find her. Erica asked about Vanessa's husband's suicide, saying she was curious. Vanessa said she also has had questions herself. She changed the conversation when she noticed some dirt on Erica's white pants. Erica laughingly explained it away by saying she was looking for a picnic basket in the garage, then promptly got back to the issue of the suicide. Vanessa seemed uncomfortable with Erica's probing and said she wished she could have prevented his death. David has never been able to accept it, she told Erica.

Erica asked if the audit of Enchantment books had started. Vanessa replied that her CPA, June Reiner, was doing it now, and added that once it's done they can go to the proper authorities about Janet's mismanagement of the finances, but Erica told her to hold her horses, at least until the audit s complete.

She sent Vanessa to go and check and give her a progress report. As Erica primped in front of a huge mirror, Adam banged on the door demanding to be let in. Erica denied knowing where David was. Adam told Erica he has to find the letters David left before they end up with Liza. Erica feigned indifference to Adam's problems. He pointed out she has pulled more scams than anyone, and he mistrusted her now. She swished out of the room, telling him he should tell Liza the truth. "The truth is not an option," he ranted at her as he stormed out of the house. At the wedding, Jake and Gillian danced, while Ryan tried to explain to Scott why their marriage ended. As the Tad and Dixie cut the cake, Mateo got a phone call. Hayley asked him what the problem was, he told her it was Max. They leave for home.

Janet arrived at Enchantment and saw her open books on a desk. June Reiner entered and told her she is auditing the books, authorized by Vanessa. Janet asked if she hadn't resigned, but is told that Miss Bennett seems to be running the place now.

Gillian and Ryan exchanged a few stilted words. A helicopter arrived to whisk away the honeymooners. Ruth reminded Tad to behave himself and trust Dixie. Tad and Dixie had a great send-off amid the cheers and laughter of their friends and family.

Mateo and Hayley arrived back at the condo to find an anxious Isabella pacing outside waiting for them. "He is usually so well-behaved," she said of Max. (with a straight face!) But this time, he was knocking over games, trying to jump on Raquel's bed and all sorts of mischief. She told them that she took Max to their place and calmed down for a while. She went to check on Raquel, and when she came back, a lamp was smashed and a picture of Mateo and Hayley, and food was all over the kitchen floor. Max has locked himself in his room now, she told them. Mateo and Hayley entered their condo - and looks of shock came over their faces.

Back in the basement, Erica told David she had talked to Vanessa, but learned nothing. She pushed David to tell her why his father killed himself. He asked her why it matters. "It matters a great deal," she said. At the top of the basement stairs, a curious Vanessa peeked down as she listened."

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