05/19/1999 Tad's Bachelor Party

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"Taking Janet's advice, the women donned black leotards and engaged in some serious physical activity. At this time, no one said exactly what it was that they were doing. The beads of sweat of aching muscles told the tale; this was one tough workout. In the corner, a forlorn Dixie looked out the window. Belinda pulled up next to her and asked her if she was getting a case of cold feet. Dixie shook her head. She explained that she was thinking about her life. One year ago, she was convinced that her life would be perfect without Tad. Now, however, she couldn't picture her life without him. Dixie wondered how to differentiate between true feelings and what was right at this particular moment. The other women took turns gently ribbing Dixie about her jitters. Opal, however, delivered the coup de grace saying that any woman planning to marry one of her sons is one very lucky woman.

At the Martin home, Tad clutched his stomach as he searched the cabinets for an antacid. As the women had done to Dixie, Jake and Joe took turns teasing Tad about his case of "pedus frigiditis." That's cold feet in the real world. Joe reached into his pocket and forked over a wad of cash to his son. Tad watched the exchange curiously and demanded to know what it was all about. The doctors explained that they'd made a bet to see who could most closely guess when Tad would first exhibit pre-wedding jitters. Joe thought Tad wouldn't show signs of jitters until closer to the start of the wedding. He lost the bet. Tad plopped down on the sofa and announced that he did not want to attend his bachelor party. Joe and Jake were upset that he was trying to take away their fun. Tad only agreed to head to the party when Jake swore that there would be no strippers. Jake was surprised that "Mr. Funster" wasn't up for a good time and that at one time Tad would keep the strippers' tassels as a trophy. Joe chuckled and said that he was glad that Tad had changed.

With a little stretch of the imagination, Chandler Mansion could sort of double for Tara. But at the Gate House, Marian and Stuart were busy partaking in their own version of Gone With the Wind. Stuart sat in a chair and sketched a picture of his new wife. Across the room, Marian was dressed in a lime green hoopskirt. The heat of the moment overcame the newlyweds and quite frankly they didn't give a damn. Unfortunately, their smooching was interrupted by the surprise return of Scott (now being played by Forbes March). The pair knew that Scott was coming back to Pine Valley, but they didn't expect him 'til morning. Marian and Stuart headed to the bedroom so that Marian could get out of her costume. While they were gone, Gillian knocked on the door. She was surprised to see her old friend. Scott wondered how Gillian knew that he was back in town. Gillian lowered her head slightly and explained that she was actually there to see Marian and Stuart. Marian reentered the room and got right to the matter at hand---identifying the contents of the pouch she's caught. Gillian described the pouch and correctly stated that it contained one hundred thousand dollars. Stuart was ready to hand over the pouch until Scott asked Gillian how she'd gotten her hands on so much money. Last he knew, Gillian and Ryan were broke. Marian agreed and said that she would not hand over the money unless Gillian could prove that she hadn't obtained it illegally. Gillian didn't want to tell the full tale about what had happened, so she offered a condensed---and edited---version. The only thing she left out of her explanation was her affair with David; she said that a friend had given them the money to help them flee the country. Everyone was content with the explanation and Gillian was given the pouch. Gillian thought that she could give Marian "an award" for finding the money. "Oh, you mean a reward," Marian beamed. "I'd love one." Stuart nudged Marian with his elbow and she quickly realized that it was not right to accept Gillian's money. Gillian and Scott spent a few minutes alone to catch up on life. Scott was puzzled by Gillian's decision to divorce Ryan. He was sure that Gillian loved Ryan---yet she was the one who had initiated the divorce proceedings. "That is not the Gillian I left behind," he noted. The Gillian he'd left behind, said Gillian, had also never been in love.

Hayley dropped by Sounds of Salsa for a few moments to make sure that the club was in order for the bachelor party. While she was there, she thought that the time had come to tell Mateo that she was not pregnant. She sat her soon-to-be husband down and prepared to break the news. Before she could say anything, Dimitri and "the meathead brigade" burst into the club. The brigade included the likes of Jack, Trevor, Adrian, Edmund, and, of course, Dimitri. Dimitri asked Mateo and Hayley when they were going to move back to Wildwind. Edmund added that he also missed having the Laveries around the castle. There was something about the sound of breaking glass that made the castle feel alive. Mateo announced that he'd hired "designed for men only." Edmund voiced his opposition, saying that it was "tacky" to have strippers at the party. Tad, Edmund, and Joe arrived a little later. Tad was still somewhat dejected and lacked his usual witty remarks. Instead, he thanked the men for wanting to share in his happiness. Tad was ticked off at Jake when Mateo called for the strippers to make their presence known. All the men took up seats facing the dance floor. The music started and six women strutted into the club wearing blue Rockette-styled outfits. Their faces shielded by black top hats, Tad continued to voice his opposition to the spectacle. He changed his tune, however, when the women lowered their hats. While some of what the women were showing was unfamiliar, Tad recognized the women's face---Belinda, Brooke, Hayley, Janet, Opal, and Dixie. The woman swished, swayed, and can-canned around the dance floor, putting on quite a show. After all was done, Tad told all the women that they were welcome to stay---everyone except for his mother! Tad, of course, was just teasing. Dimitri, still goofing around, booed loudly and announced that he wanted the real entertainment to start. Jake sat down at the bar and told Ryan that he wanted to talk about Gillian for a few minutes. Ryan claimed that he and Gillian were history and that he did not want to talk about her. That made it difficult for Jake to tell him that he'd asked Gillian to be his date at Tad and Dixie's wedding. Ryan snapped that Jake didn't need to ask his permission and said that he should feel free to do whatever he wants. Brooke tried to toss a new idea Edmund's way, but Edmund said that he could not think about business with the way Brooke was dressed! Belinda taught Adrian the basics of a tropical dance step, but she couldn't help being surprised that Adrian had learned the steps during his days undercover. Mateo sensed from Hayley's little than happy mood that something was wrong. He correctly deduced that she was not pregnant. Mateo admitted that he was disappointed, but said that he was sure that one day they would have a gaggle of kids running through the house. Hayley had assumed that Mateo wouldn't be upset because he already had a child. Tad and Dixie, meanwhile, excused themselves from the festivities. In the alleyway behind the club, they thanked their "wish" star for reuniting them. As the star-crossed lovers looked deeply into one another's eyes, they leaned forward and shared a passionate kiss."

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