05/12/1999 Erica Wants To Kill David

"Ryan and Gillian were at SOS (brave souls, no sunshades to protect them against the glare) recapping the previous night's events and Gillian's venture into Margaritaville and subsequent undressing and tucking-in by Ryan.

Brooke and Tad waved goodbye to Jamie heading off to school. Tad showed Brooke a giant card for baby Colby signed by the entire Martin clan. Brooke asked about Colby and Liza, and told Tad what a lucky little baby Colby is to have the Martins for grandparents. She started to leave, but Tad asked her to wait a minute, he needed her help with a kidnapping. He explained he is planning a trip for the whole family after the honeymoon - Jamie, Junior and Dixie. Brooke agreed to help. She asked Tad about the baby and Liza. Then he suggested they get moving on the kidnapping.

Vanessa answered the door to Adam at Erica's house. He demanded to see Erica. Vanessa saw he was upset and pretended to be solicitous of his heart condition. Erica was out, Vanessa said, to Adam's alarm. Erica finally came home and told Vanessa to take a package to Enchantment for her. She was at Mona's grave asking for advice, she told Adam. "Why? You never took any notice of her when she was alive, or is it that she can't answer back now? Adam asked sarcastically, then apologized. He tried to persuade Erica to help him stop David Hayward from spilling the beans on Colby.

Erica told Adam he had no one to blame but himself. Liza has a right to know, she said. "I know what I did was wrong," Adam said, "But let me try to explain it." He admits he is human and made a human error and now faces looking forward to losing all that he values, but said he will tell her when the time is right. I was desperate that night at the fertility clinic he told Erica. "I had no choice, I love her! Things are different now--ask Marian," he chirped. He told Erica the full story (except for Allie's involvement) and begs her to help him by letting him tell Liza when and how he decides the time is right. Erica asks him if invading Liza's body was him knowing what's best for Liza? Adam said yes, because Liza loves him now and wishes the baby were his.

Gillian showed Ryan the ad about the pouch - and had to jog his memory about its history. She told him "We have to answer this immediately!" But, "We're not going to answer this!" Ryan insisted. It's Hayward's money, he said, and "I don't want David Hayward's money. I want to work for it."

Gillian tried to convince him but he said, "That money was poison, like everything else Hayward touches." "Even me," Gillian said sadly. "Not you," he told her, "but the money is." He explained that the money was a reminder of all that had gone wrong in his life over the past few months. From his brother Braden to Gillian's affair with David---all were unpleasant memories that he wanted to forget. Gillian sadly asked him, "I suppose you hate me?" He said, "no, never!" They exchange more meaningful, longing glances and Gillian said it was good that they realized they should go their separate ways. Their lips keep saying "Let's split" but their eyes say "NOOOOO!!!! I love you"! Vanessa showed up at the hospital, and complimented David on delivering Colby in such difficult circumstances. Then he confronted her with the lurid newspaper headline about Erica, and wonders who could have encouraged her to go out. Erica was sitting on a park bench, disoriented and depressed, he told Vanessa. The she mentions Adam being at Erica's house and hearing David's name mentioned. She knows something is up but Erica sent her out of the house on an errand. She maintained she is always looking out for David's best interests. "I told you when I was 18, and I'm telling you now," he told her angrily, "Stay out of my life and my business." But after she left he looked concerned about what Adam and Erica could be up to.

Back at Erica's, Adam still tried to convince Erica that what he did was for the best. Brooke arrived to check on Erica and apologize for persuading her to go to SOS. Erica teased Adam by inviting Brooke to stay and join in the discussion, but Brooke declined and left Gillian sat at a desk at Myrtle's and Myrtle tried to cheer her up with the magical words, "Keep your mascara!" Gillian looked puzzled - wonder why? Meanwhile Ryan the bus boy was still clearing up the mess at SOS and flashing back to the fishing hut and Gillian explaining how and why she got the money, as Gillian went back to writing a reply to the ad about the pouch.

Then we saw Jake at the hospital, brooding over the biggest, ugliest doll I've ever seen, wondering if it was too big or scary for little Colby. Dr. David assured him it was perfect, muttering under his breath, "Enjoy it while you can!" When Tad showed up later, they commiserated about the impending Martin versus Chandler War of the Toys for Colby's affection. Jake rambled on about the joys of parenthood and how he would be doing battle with Adam.

Adam kept reminding Erica of David's part in her accident. He reiterated, "What I did, I did out of love, Hayward out of malevolence! "I want to kill him!" Erica declared! But Adam told Erica about David's provisions in case of death. "What's wrong with that?" asked Erica, "Him dead and you destroyed! It's perfect!" They ponder on what to do, as David approached Erica's front door with a bunch of flowers."

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