04/29/1999 Erica Asks David To Be Her Doctor Again

"Since leaving his job meant that he'd no longer be forced to lug around heavy caseloads, Jack turned to a more conventional method of keeping in shape---pumping iron. Kit arrived at his door mid-workout, but Jack wasn't the least bit upset that he'd have to cut his exercise session a little short. Before Jack knew who was at his door, he called out Brooke's name. Kit was pleased that Jack had found someone special. Jack insisted that he and Brooke were "just friends," and teased his sister about the hassling he'd give her the first time she brings a date home. The brother-sister team was supposed to go house hunting, but Kit asked for an indefinite raincheck. From the looks of it, Kit was trying to find the right time to break some late breaking news to her brother. Kit showed Jack a letter from Travis, a letter that contained a plane ticket to Seattle. Jack wasn't opposed to the idea of having Kit travel to Washington to visit her other brother, but he was definitely going to miss her. Kit felt badly about leaving at a time when Jack was jobless and alone.

Shortly after David concluded a call on his cellular phone, Erica appeared before him. Erica's sizeable wad of bandages had been replaced by a svelte black facemask which Erica referred to as "kind of a Zorro thing." In actuality, the mask more resembled that of The Phantom of the Opera. Underneath the mask that covered half of her face, Erica still had a thin layer of bandages soaked in a special healing solution. During her visit with Dr. Eduardo, Erica was shown graphic before and after pictures of other patients he's treated. Unlike Dr. Weiss' conventional approach to plastic surgery, the South American-based physician was a revolutionary in the field. The doctor was unable to promise Erica one-hundred percent results, but he felt confident that Erica was "a very good candidate for complete recovery." Erica thanked David for referring her to the doctor. David downplayed his involvement, saying that he was certain that someone else would have come along to recommend Dr. Eduardo. "Thank you," Erica said sincerely. Erica reached into her purse and retrieve an information packet given to her by her new plastic surgeon. David reviewed the papers which gave specific instructions on how to clean and dress the wound on her face. To his surprise, Erica refused to let Dr. Weiss care for her. Even more shocking, Erica announced that she wanted David to take her on as a patient. "As you know, I don't think very much of you as a human being," Erica said matter-of-factly. But Erica knew that David was a "genius" when it came to medicine. David was flattered and agreed to help her, but he did admit that it might be a little awkward for both of them. Since he was back on the case, David felt the need to dispense some free medical advise. David warned Erica to free herself of his mother before it was too late. Erica didn't want to get into an argument over Vanessa and told David that they need to "agree to disagree" about his mother.

Brooke returned home to find Phoebe waiting for her. In the older woman's hands were several fliers that she wanted placed around the neighborhood. Some "hooligan," said Phoebe, had torn through the neighborhood on a motorcycle in the middle of the night. Brooke broke into laughter and confessed that she was the hooligan. Phoebe listened as Brooke explained that she and Jack had been riding around town. Phoebe badmouthed Jack for trying to ruin Brooke's reputation by having her ride on the back of a motorcycle. Again a broad smile returned to Brooke's face as she clarified that she was the one driving. Brooke told her aunt that she wanted to help Jack through a difficult time in his life. Of course Phoebe immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion. She insinuated that Brooke had designs on Jack, reminding her that a few years ago she's thought that Jack was "the perfect man." Phoebe asked Brooke about her budding romance with Dimitri, but Brooke declined to go into detail simply stating that "it didn't work." As if on cue, Jack and Kit arrived at the house so that Kit could bid farewell to Brooke. Before Kit could make her news known, Phoebe scolded Jack for being a bad influence on Brooke. Jack joked that Brooke was the only one who was putting her life on the line. Phoebe's eyes widened as she painfully asked what her niece had been up to. Jack and Brooke mentioned their one-night stand at the local comedy club. Phoebe wanted to invite Opal and Myrtle to join her at the club so that they could all watch Jack perform. Jack, however, claimed that he had no plans to go back on the stage. Kit finally told Brooke that she was going to be leaving town for a while to spend time with Travis and Barbara. Phoebe said that she understood why Kit was leaving because she has "lived in this town since the Earth cooled;" Kit, she figured, wanted to make a new start somewhere else. Kit assured the two women---and her big brother---that she was just going to Seattle for a few weeks and that she'd be back.

Later, Kit had to drop by The Valley Inn because she'd forgotten her plane ticket. While Jack was on the phone, Kit asked Brooke to keep an eye on her brother while she was gone.

Sitting at the desk in Erica's office, Vanessa carried on like she'd been at Enchantment for years. She fielded a call from Jerry Reeves, the reporter that had interviewed Erica at the high school. The two worked hand-in-hand as they tried to unearth the latest gossip about Erica's condition. Janet entered the office in the middle of the conversation and Vanessa was forced to hang up. Janet was surprised to see Vanessa working at Erica's desk. She was more concerned, though, with several peculiar expenditures that had shown up in the books. Vanessa claimed that she'd been authorized to run Enchantment while Erica was out of town. The phone rang and Vanessa had to leave the room to tend to a problem in the reception area. Opal entered the office a few moments later to invite Janet out for a bite to eat. Janet ordered Opal to close the door and filled her new friend in on what Vanessa has been up to. Opal countered by telling Janet that she believe that Vanessa had alerted the media to Erica's interview at the high school. When Vanessa finally returned, she said that she was glad to see Opal because she could use an extra pair of hands around the office. Opal shook her head defiantly and announced that she was not there to help Vanessa. "Not so fast, Queenie," she snapped. Opal blasted Vanessa for pretending to be Erica's friend. Vanessa chuckled nervously and claimed that Opal was misinterpreting things. Janet vowed to go over every item in the expense log to see if there was anything that Vanessa should not have purchased. Opal and Janet filed out of the office, but Janet returned some time later. While Janet was there, a man arrived and announced that there were several models waiting for her downstairs. Janet questioned Vanessa's authority to interview models. Vanessa explained that she was interviewing candidates for the "Return to Glamour" campaign. Janet reminded Vanessa that Erica wanted to be the star of the publicity campaign. "Let's face it," Vanessa said coldly. "Her modeling days are over." Janet's eyes grew wide and she stormed out of the office intent on tracking down Erica. Vanessa narrowed the field down to two models. As she told the two women that she'd decided to hire both of them for the campaign, Erica entered the office.

Back at Brooke's house, Opal met with Phoebe and alerted her to the town's latest menace---Vanessa Bennett. Phoebe listened carefully and agreed that Vanessa sounded like a troublemaker. She decided that she'd phone Dimitri and enlist his help in getting to the bottom of the situation.

Liza was hit by another craving---lemonade. Adam phoned room service and asked them to send up a pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade. When it arrived, Liza's lips puckered and she claimed that she could use the lemonade to "clean [her] bathtub." She reached for the accompanying bowl of sugar and dumped in all of the sugar. Liza was pleased with her concoction, but it was just a little too sweet for Adam. The pair set aside their drinking glasses and focused on something a little more productive: their wedding vows. Adam wanted to recite the traditional vows, but Liza thought it would be better if they wrote their own vows. In her vow, Liza told Adam that "it doesn't get any better than this: to love and be loved." Suddenly a knock sounded on the door. Liza licked her lips as she anticipated a dessert delivery from the private chef Adam had hired. She opened the door and her face fell. "You're not apple pie," Liza groaned upon seeing David. "I'm not even true, blue American," David smirked. Adam raced to the door and demanded to know what David was doing there. David grinned and explained that he wanted to give Liza her wedding present a little early."

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