04/12/1999 David Warns Erica About Vanessa

"In the first sign that she might truly be ready to let go of Mateo, Raquel didn't snap at Hayley for questioning her willingness to grant Mateo a divorce. "You want me to convince you," Raquel said, her voice almost asking a question. "I don't even know if I can convince myself." This did not, however, mean that Raquel was going to renege on her promise. Hayley listened sadly as Raquel explained that she had to grant Mateo a divorce---for Max's sake. Hayley looked towards Raquel and told her that she was sorry for what she was going through. "I believe you," Raquel replied. She asked Hayley to try to imagine her pain by envisioning what it would feel like to lose Mateo. Hayley headed to the kitchen and made two cups of tea. Raquel knew that Hayley must believe her story or she never would have continued talking to her---let along make a cup of tea. Raquel worried that Max would react negatively when he learned of the divorce. Hayley announced that she would help do whatever she could to help Max get used to the new arrangement. Raquel's eyes started to well with tears. She blinked several times and told Hayley that she still had some unpacking to do. Raquel headed across the courtyard to her apartment. Hayley looked out her window and saw Raquel leaning against a column with tears in her eyes. Raquel eventually composed herself and went inside her new home. "She'll be okay," Hayley told herself unconvincingly.

Tad left messages for Jake and Joe to meet him on the sun porch at the hospital. The two doctors took time out from their rounds and went to the scheduled meeting place. Tad and Dixie arrived a short time later and finally explained the nature of the Martin family meeting. Dixie was about to get the results of her latest tests from David and she and Tad wanted everyone to be present for the news. Ruth, however, was conspicuous by her absence. A nurse filed into the room and informed Joe that David had left a message for him. The cardiologist said that other business had popped up and he was unable to meet with Dixie. Instead, he left a file for Joe to review so that he could give Dixie her prognosis. Joe and Jake sat down at a nearby table and scanned every paper and x-ray in the file folder. Tad and Dixie watched nervously as the two doctors spouted a bunch of medical jargon. Finally, the waiting game was too much for Dixie to handle and she demanded to know what was going on. Joe rose from his chair and told Dixie that it appeared that her pericarditis had disappeared. In essence, she was cured. The good news was just what the doctor ordered. Dixie thanked Joe and Jake for giving her the results of her test. Nothing against David, but somehow the news seemed even better coming from a loved one. The four had a big Martin family group hug. Tad pulled away and asked his father if it was safe for Dixie to travel. Joe thought for a few moments and said that he saw no reason why Dixie couldn't head off on a vacation. Tad took Dixie in his arms and told her that he wanted to take her to a "love spa." Joe and Jake looked at each other and smiled as Tad leaned forward and gave his fiancée a passionate kiss.

Ryan claimed that he was "just walking," and Gillian immediately apologized for interrupting his stroll. Before Ryan could leave, Gillian told him that she had something to give him to mark "the occasion." Ryan looked down at Gillian, who was still sitting on the edge of the sandbox, and asked her what occasion she was referring to. "Our anniversary," Gillian said softly. She told Ryan that she would understand if he forgot. Ryan shook his head and tenderly told Gillian that he'd just been thinking about it. Gillian reached into her purse and pulled out a framed photo of her and Ryan---together. Since the first wedding anniversary is the "paper anniversary," Gillian thought that the picture was the perfect gift. Ryan said that he had something for Gillian, too. He carefully removed a chain from around his neck. Gillian's eyes widened. This was Ryan's "lucky medallion" and Gillian felt that she could not accept the present. Ryan, though, insisted that Gillian take the medal because it was all he had to give. Like a schoolgirl getting a varsity jacket from her boyfriend, Gillian shifted nervously. She asked Ryan if he could put the chain on her. Ryan agreed. As he placed the chain around her neck, he fought the urge to kiss the back of Gillian's neck. Gillian didn't want Ryan to feel obligated to stay and talk to her. She told him that she'd let him get on his way and slowly started walking away. Ryan took a deep breath and called out to Gillian. "Don't go," he said sheepishly. Gillian slowly walked back towards Ryan and the pair sat down on a park bench. Ryan told Gillian that he does still love her. Gillian's face flushed with optimism. She was relieved to hear that there was still hope for patching up their relationship. Surprisingly, Ryan claimed that Gillian's affair with David was not the reason he was unable to get back together with her. The true reason, according to Ryan, was that his heart had been torn to pieces by what Braden had done. Now, Ryan was not sure that he had "enough heart left" to love anyone ever again. Gillian stated that her love could help piece Ryan's heart back together---but Ryan wasn't holding on to any hope. Gillian had gotten good as her non-pressuring approach to dealing with Ryan. She told him that she respected his feelings, but asked that he remember the happy times they shared together when he looks at the photograph she'd given him.

"I told you to stay away!" Erica growled. David countered by stating that had also asked Vanessa to stay away from Erica. Vanessa spoke timidly, explaining that she was just "visiting a friend." David insisted that Erica needed rest, not social calls. The doctor turned to Erica and ordered her to "get rid of this woman." Erica was appalled by the way David spoke to and about his mother. She blasted David for putting Vanessa on the streets and asked if he would enjoy seeing her living in a cardboard box. "One preferably without a view," Vanessa interjected. Erica announced that she planned on asking Vanessa to move in with her. "You really do manage to land on your feet," David scowled at his mother. David told Erica that she should not feel forced to take in Vanessa because he had already purchased his mother a one-way ticket to Florida where she could stay with "Bunny," one of her best friends. David asked if he could speak to Erica in private. Vanessa dipped her head and said that she'd go into the kitchen and make some tea. David was growing tired of being thought of as a hateful and unappreciative son. "Let me tell you how I got that way," David said sternly. Erica wasn't sure that she could believe anything David told her. After all, he'd been telling her for weeks that the accident was partially her fault because she wanted to get back to Pine Valley for a television shoot. David started off with a vague comparison between his mother and Mona. David surmised that Mona gave Erica unconditional love. Erica nodded and said that all mothers give that kind of love. David disagreed. He told Erica he needed her to understand "the jaundice way Vanessa sees motherhood." David claimed that he'd been brought into the room to "serve and adore" his mother. The same, he added, was true of his father. But when David caught on to his mother's "money hungry" ways, things changed. Erica remarked that David made his mother sound like a monster. In David's mind, there was no exaggeration---it was all true. Vanessa, he said, "enjoys destroying people." He asserted that Vanessa seeks out people who she envies---and then turns their life upside-down. Vanessa pressed her ear against the wall and listened in on the conversation. Before leaving, David gave Erica an important warning. He told Erica that she needs to find out why Vanessa envies her before it's too late. Seconds after David left, Vanessa entered the room wearing a broad smile and toting a tray with three tea cups. She feigned surprised that David had left, claiming that she'd looked forward to the three of them sharing tea time. Erica told her new friend that David had made some serious allegations about her. Vanessa nervously asked Erica if she believed what David had said. "Where there's smoke there's fire," Erica replied vaguely. Vanessa told Erica that she needed to tell her something. Vanessa struggled over and over to find the words to relate her story to Erica. "David's father committed suicide," she finally blurted out. She explained that David blames her for his father's death. Vanessa, however, claimed that a "chemical imbalance" and lengthy battle with depression sent her husband over the edge. Erica felt very sorry for Vanessa and agreed to let her stay with her while she attempted to get her life back on track.

At the new club, Max celebrated that he, his father, and mother would all be spending the night together. Mateo quickly moved to explain that only Max would be joining Raquel; He would be staying with Hayley. Max didn't take the news well, but Mateo managed to distract his son with some games around the construction site. Max used a whisk broom, which he adorably mistook for a "witch broom," to brush some sawdust into a pile. Max watched his father saw a piece of plywood. From across the room, he mimicked every move that he father made. It was obvious that Max adored his dad and wanted to be just like him. Hayley arrived a short time later and told Mateo that her chat with Raquel had been a success. She said that for the first time in quite some time, she believed that things were finally looking up for them. The pair decided that it would be a good time to call Trevor and give him the good news. Trevor, of course, was on his way to the airport with Tim. Mateo and Hayley took turns on the phone telling Trevor the good news. While they had their backs turned to Max, he continued sweeping the floors. Raquel entered the club in what seemed like a pretty good mood. As she did, Max's broom knocked out one of the support beams of nearby scaffolding. Raquel shrieked in horror and quickly pulled her son out of the way of the tumbling structure. Hayley put down the phone and quickly wrapped her arms around Max. Raquel, however, wasn't as lucky. She was unable to get out of the way of the falling scaffolding. Buckets of paint and pieces of wood crashed atop her before the entire structure fell on her."

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