04/07/1999 Erica Visits Mona's Grave

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"When he woke from his sleep, Ryan placed an urgent call to Derek to warn him that Braden was on the verge of flying off the handle. There wasn't much that Derek could do, but he assured Ryan that he'd be on the lookout. After hanging up the phone, Ryan thanked Gillian for taking him in. Ryan said that he didn't know where else to go or what to do after his encounter with Braden. "You're always welcome," Gillian smiled warmly. "I love you." Ryan bowed his head upon hearing Gillian's expression of her feelings for him. Gillian told Ryan that her was not obligated to return the sentiment. Instead, she asked that he take care of himself. Ryan told his wife that he felt "like a failure" for not being able to control Braden. Gillian reminded Ryan that he had been willing to go to jail for his brother, a sure sign of his devotion. Ryan decided that he had to warn Tad and Dixie that Braden was on the loose. Gillian desperately wanted to go with Ryan, but she knew that it would be better if she stayed. As the door to her bedroom closed behind Ryan, Gillian's eyes filled with tears.

Following up on his own orders, David dropped by Erica's new house to see how she was doing. There was no response when he knocked on the door. David wanted to be sure that everything was okay, she he peeked through the windows to see if Erica was home. When David saw the shattered mirrors, he knew that something was wrong. He returned to the front door and, luckily, the door was unlocked. He let himself into the house and immediately called out to Erica. There was no response. David began fearing the worst, but his uneasiness was put to rest when Erica scampered down the staircase. She blasted David for "trespassing" in her home. David explained that he was making a house call to see how she was doing. Erica coldly looked at David and told him that she remembered what happened to her. David's voice cracked slightly as she asked her if she was referring to the accident. Erica nodded. Erica recalled that David was "driving like a bat out of hell." David agreed, reiterating that Erica had ordered him to get home for her television shoot. That's where the similarities in their stories ended. Erica told David that she'd called home to cancel the shoot. In fact, she'd made the call on David's cellular phone. Even though Erica was able to remember that David was the one who needed to get back to Pine Valley, she couldn't recall why he was in such a hurry. David stepped in to fill in the blanks, explaining that he had a patient that he had to visit. Erica didn't challenge his explanation, but the look on her face signaled that she was still searching for answers. David ordered Erica to stop feeling sorry for herself. "You're alive," he said encouragingly. "And you have a wonderful life ahead of you." Erica couldn't envision her future. "As a side show freak?" she snapped. Erica was convinced that her life as she knew it was over. She could not very well be a spokeswoman for Enchantment or a model with a disfigured face. David expressed optimism that Erica's injuries could one day be fixed. "You should've let me die," Erica yelled. In death, Erica stated that she would not have to see the looks of pity that people give her when she's talking to them. David said that it was his duty as a cardiologist to save her. He tried to sweeten things a bit by adding that he'd never had a patient that he wanted to save more than her. Erica rolled her eyes and chalked up David's remarks to his feelings of guilt. As for the damage to Erica's face, David called it a tool that Erica could use to inspire others; She'd overcome obstacles in the past and this was just another of the obstacles. For a moment, Erica appeared to have accepted her fate. She told David that she was angry and hurt because he'd never told her that he was sorry for what he'd done to her. David chimed in that he had apologized for the accident, but Erica swiftly noted that David had only apologized for smashing into the abandoned truck---not for being the cause of the accident. She ordered the doctor out of her house and told him never to come back. David agreed and left. Erica, meanwhile, walked over to a picture of Mona and pleaded with her mother for support and guidance. She gently placed the photograph down, grabbed her coat and purse, and headed out of the house.

Adam kept his promise to check in on Liza and Colby. After Liza and Adam finished their sentimental conversation and before Liza could head for the second level of Chandler mansion to scout out Colby's future nursery, the doorbell sounded. Liza called out to Winifred to say that she would answer the door since she was only a few yards away. When the door swung open, Jake was standing on the doorstep holding a bouquet of flowers. The flowers were sort of a peace offering. Jake was invited inside and immediately campaigned for Liza's forgiveness. He told Liza that he knew how much of a sacrifice she was making by placing his name on Colby's birth certificate. Liza nodded and said that she had planned for Adam to be the father of her child---quickly noting that Adam would still be a father to her daughter. Jake said that he didn't want to argue about their individual roles in the baby's life. Instead, he wanted to make a pledge that they would all be civil to each other when around Colby. Liza agreed that a "hassle free zone" was a necessity, explaining that this was the sole reason she and Adam had bowed to Jake's demands. Liza let Jake off the hook by saying that they were still friends, but the friendship had been strained. Jake asked Liza to make every effort to accept and understand why he'd taken the actions he'd taken and then headed on his way.

Dixie was unable to sleep, so she rolled out of bed and headed to the livingroom to read a book. Tad stumbled into the room and scolded Dixie for leaving their bed. Dixie told Tad that her sleep was filled with nightmares---but not of Braden, as he suspected. Dixie said that she'd had dreams about her brother, Will, and how she'd been unable to help him turn his life around. Ryan arrived at the house a short time later. Dixie and Tad were both concerned when they saw the cuts and bruises on Ryan's face, but Ryan assured them both that he was fine. Ryan asked Dixie if she was okay and apologized for what his brother had done to her. Dixie reassured Ryan that he was in no way responsible for Braden's actions. Tad agreed. Tad urged Ryan to file assault charges so that Braden could receive the help he needs. Ryan argued that his brother would get nothing out of being locked up in a jail cell. Dixie explained that Braden might be able to make a deal and receive counseling instead of jail time. "It's the only way to help," said Dixie softly. Dixie also had another piece of advice for Ryan. She urged him to move on with his life and stop dwelling on all of the "what ifs."

At the breakfast table, Eugenia> told Hayley and Mateo that they would be missed when the moved out of the castle. Her attempts to convince them to stay failed. Kit entered the room and announced that she was going to get a cup of coffee and leave. Hayley rose from her seat and walked towards Hayley. Hayley told Kit that she wanted to apologize for all the grief she'd given her. Kit, in turn, told Hayley that there was no reason for her to apologize. The two women agreed to make a fresh start and they sat down at the table to finish their breakfast. Edmund observed the exchange and smiled proudly. As he sat down at the table, Hayley offered an apology for the way she'd been acting. Edmund shushed Hayley mid-sentence and stated that he too has acted questionably during the ordeal. Now that everyone was once again speaking, Edmund asked Hayley and Mateo to stay at Wildwind. Mateo stepped in and thanked Edmund for allowing them to live under his roof (rent free), but said that he and Hayley needed to go out on their own. Raquel and Max entered the room and announced that they were ready to leave. Kit and Raquel stepped aside and Kit thanked Raquel for being her friend during a difficult time. Kit had also done the same for Raquel, which earned her a spaghetti dinner invitation at Raquel's new apartment. As Mateo, Hayley, Raquel, and Max left the room, Eugenia muttered that the house would be very empty once everyone left. Dimitri escorted Jack and Brooke into the room just as Kit was mentioning that she was going to be moving in with Jack. Under her breath, Eugenia sarcastically muttered that the idea of a woman living with her brother was "delightful." She may not mean to, but Eugenia's mealtime conversations have a tendency to stir things up. She asked Jack why Braden hadn't been arrested for assaulting Kit. Jack put down his knife and fork and bowed his head. He softly noted that he was the reason Braden was not behind bars. He said that if he had not "railroaded" Ryan, Braden would not a free man. Kit sighed deeply and asked if she could have some time alone with her brother. After everyone left, Kit scolded Jack for being so hard on himself. She said that by constantly thinking about the past, they would never be able to move forward. Dimitri was on his way back to the room when he overheard the discussion. He hovered outside the dining room and listened to what Kit was saying to her brother. Kit thanked Jack for having "rode to [her] rescue" because no one had ever done that before. Dimitri entered the room and told Jack that there was a call for him. Dimitri stuck around to tell Kit that he approved of what she's said, but Kit wanted nothing to do with Dimitri. Dimitri tried to make up for the hurtful things he'd said in the parking of The Pit, but Kit wouldn't let him. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the stash of cash that Dimitri had thrown at her. In the parlor area, Edmund was on the phone with Derek when Jack entered the room. Edmund briefed Jack on the discussion he'd had and asked him for his help in nabbing Braden. Jack took the phone from Edmund and proceeded to hang it up. Edmund reminded Jack that it was his job to go out and get the bad guys. "Not anymore," he said. "I resigned."

At the Valley Inn, David walked through the lobby and overheard an argument his mother was having with the front desk clerk. Vanessa raised her voice a few decibels and blasted the clerk for giving her suite to someone else. David walked over to see what all the fuss was about. Vanessa informed him that the hotel had removed all of her belongings from her suite and given the room to someone else. David remarked that the hotel was within its rights to evict her. David asked the clerk to give his mother another room---a small room---somewhere else in the hotel. The man nodded his head and said that all he would need is a valid credit card. Vanessa smiled slightly and urged her son to give the gentleman a credit card. David took his mother by the arm and walked her across the lobby. He then told her that he was done giving her handouts. If she wanted to stay at the hotel, she'd have to pay for it herself. Vanessa knew that David was aware that she did not have a job---he commented that she was allergic to labor. He suggested that Vanessa go to Myrtle's boarding house and see if she could strike up a deal to work for her room and board. Suddenly, David changed his mind. He told Vanessa that he would give her another chance. Vanessa held out her hand to take David's credit card, but what David had in mind was a little different. He told his mother that a one-way airline ticket to Florida was waiting for her at the airport. The non-refundable ticket would allow her to "sponge" off of one of her well-to-do friends.

Hayley, Raquel, Mateo, and Max carried boxes and bags to their new condos. Raquel stopped in her tracks when she spotted the faux fur rug on the floor. Glasses of sparkling cider and rose petals still littered the floor. She knew that Hayley and Mateo had made love on the rug and the idea horrified her. While Matt and Hayley were getting more boxes from the car, Raquel prepared to bid her son farewell. She was overcome with emotion when she had to tell him that she would not be able to tuck him in every night or eat breakfast with him every morning. She started to sob. Mac begged his mother not to cry, but Raquel couldn't help herself. She raced off to her condo leaving Mateo and Hayley to try to raise Max's spirits. No matter what they said, Max was unable to think of anything but his mother. "I don't like it here," he complained. "I'm going to live with my mommy."

Erica headed to the cemetery and knelt beside her mother's grave. She told her mother that she "feels like there's no fight" left in her. "I wish you could take my hand and lead me through this," Erica said softly. Several times she asked her mother why she had to leave her all alone. Erica slowly laid down on the gravesite and gently ran her hands over the grass. As her head rested on the ground, she started to sob."

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