10/21/1994 Janet Contemplates Sleeping With Palmer

"Don't bite the hand that stirs the slush fund." - Adam

"A man who carries a big gun is out to compensate for smaller caliber something else." - Opal

"After all, your sympathies lie, as you once did, with Edmund." Adam to Brooke

"Yes, I support Edmund. Yes, we were once involved, And yes, he was a far better lover than Adam ever was." - Brooke

"You ruffled the old bird's tail-feathers, now go and pluck him." - Janet's Reflection

"I just hope there aren't mirrors on the ceiling in the honeymoon suite." - Janet's Reflection

"Everyone alive belongs to some special interest group. There's nothing wrong or illegal with supporting the candidate of your choice. That's what makes politics so political. The American way." - Adam